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Eve Laurence on Sports Swami

Porn Valley- The Sports Swami talked to Eve Lawrence, queen of the bazombas on Friday. Swami said he had been trying to line Lawrence up for some time but she had been sick. There were some jokes about the competition trying to poison Laurence with Swami saying there were reports that Laurence had been on her death bed.

Laurence explained that she had stomach flu and went to the hospital for it. “They helped me out- it was stomach flu, that’s all. They gave me some fluids. I had been dehydrated.”

Laurence said everything’s fine now and she’s back to work. Swami also heard that Laurence was interested in getting into the music business. Laurence said it depends on who you know and that she got into the porn industry through a music producer, a record label owner. Laurence mentioned that she writes music on the side. Laurence said when she gets out of adult she’ll be focusing on music and branding.

“The music I like to do is hip-hop type stuff like Li’ Kim,” she explained. “But I can hit notes like Christine Aguilera.” Laurence was asked which manner of dress between those two stars would she adopt. “I think causing a bunch of chaos would be good,” Laurence states. “That’s how you make more money. The more trouble you cause, the more money you make. But I have my own style. It’s not necessarily like flaunting my assets. It’s dressing in a conservative sexy way that leaves a little to the imagination. I come from a tasteful family so I definitely wouldn’t wear a pastie on my chest and just a pair of pants. I wouldn’t do that.”

Swami didn’t think that one pastie in Laurence’s case would do the trick.

“I’m very lucky- I had a very nice boob job,” Laurence said. Laurence got into the business fresh out of high school, explaining the reason she went with LA Direct is that she’s a career-oriented person with plans and goals.

“Derek is the same way,” she said. “He’s great, he’s always on point. If I have any questions or concerns, he always has a quick, fast answer. That’s what I love about him.”

Laurence said it takes the stress off her to have someone like that take charge and handle her schedule. “I like to be able to know what time I’m being picked up and stuff like that. He gives you all the attention you need. There’s a lot of support there. It’s great.”

Laurence said the agency always keeps things on the positive. “You have to have a serious problem to get sympathy from him [Derek],” says Laurence. “If he sees some girls who are having a bad day and they want to complain, he’s like, you have opportunities that are placed in front of you that no one your age has in front of them. And Hannah’s good if you want someone to tell you that things are going to be okay. And Derek’s usually pretty straight forward with you. That’s what I like about him. With what we’re doing you can either handle it or you can’t. There’s a certain mindset that you have to have that it’s work and it’s business and you have to be professional. If you can’t handle it and just whine and complain all the time, you shouldn’t be in it. Derek will probably be the first one to tell you that.”

Swami asked what it was like working for Platinum X. “You have the ferocious Jewel and the laid back Michael Steffano. What was it like on the set of Platinum X?”

Laurence said she did a scene with Julian for Lipstick and Lingerie 2. “That’s probably my best scene. I think everyone should buy that. I think it’s one of my best.” Laurence said she liked working for the company. “The whole cast and crew is really great.” Laurence said Cherry Boxx is another company she enjoys shooting for. “I shoot for them every day of the week. K. Beech, Alan Gold and Rick Davis and their whole crew is fantastic. I love working for them.”

Laurence was asked how her family reacted to her porn career. She said she was pretty upfront and honest with them about it. “I have a pretty open relationship with my parents. I told them this is what I’m going to do. You might as well accept me or love me as your daughter. Because I’m not what I do.”

Laurence admits that she’s only using the industry as a stepping stone to get her face out there. Laurence went on to say that we’re dealing with a puritan society. “Were led to believe that sex and love are the same thing,” she says. “They’re not. People should be able to enjoy sex without feeling guilty about it. My family- it was hard for them at first. And it’s going to be hard for any family. They come from a small town but they love me and accept me for who I am.”

Laurence said it doesn’t bother her parents so much now, particularly after the initial shock of her announcement.

“I was on Entertainment Tonight and they did a special on me and two other girls from L.A. Direct,” Laurence continued. “I don’t know. I think it’s part of what the government [does] to keep everything under control. And they view our industry to be, oh my God, look at what they’re doing…it’s all ways of manipulating society.”

It was noted that Laurence makes her home in Maryland so she’s like a hop, skip and jump away from John Ashcroft, according to The Swami. “John Cheney will not be sending you Christmas cards,” Swami said. John Cheney might not, but who’s to say Dick Cheney won’t.

“John Ashcroft will have his eye on you,” Swami also told Laurence. “He’ll probably send swarms of FBI agents storming through the door. Wait, that’s Jewel De’Nyle.” Swami thought that Laurence and John Ashcroft in the same room was a scary proposition.

“I believe in what I believe and it’s all part of being an American,” Laurence said. “If they want to take my rights away, go ahead and try. Then I’ll cause even more of a stink.”

Laurence explains that she comes from a very liberal family.

“I have cousins and stuff who are involved in the government,” she laughed as if that were an immediate threat to Ashcroft. “They have international friends. No one really knows who you know or who you talk to until they press your buttons. And you know what? It’s all about being an American and standing up for what you believe in.”

Laurence said her brother’s a Marine. “I care about him. I don’t want him to be sent for a cause that isn’t worthy. Whatever. They should worry more about their security and who they have working for them than a little 18 year-old porn talent. Oh goodness, it’s so crazy.”

Laurence’s theory was that the government releases all the war news on Friday. “So then the people have all weekend not to think about it because on the weekends you’re busy. On Mondays they have all the trials to try the United States’ mind off all the wars that’s going on. Even if Bush wasn’t incompetent- and I really don’t know how I feel about that- they have to blame it on him. Because, if not, we’d be open game for all the other countries because our security administration would be total shit and it wouldn’t be worth anything. And they would be just like here come attack us. That’s just how I feel. It could be totally wrong. It’s just information that I’ve read and heard. A little 18 year-old.”

Laurence explained that she likes being in porn for the empowerment. “When you’re in adult, millions of guys are fantasizing about me. That way it gives me empowerment.” Laurence said she has a long term plan in that she’s working as hard as she can and saving as much money. “Because I only want to work until I’m 26 or 28. Then I don’t ever want to work again. I want to have a family and not be in the light any more and not have to worry about any of those things I did in the past. I want to have a family and a nice house- what every girl wants. I don’t want to work. I want to be home, in the house with my kids, having dinner on the table for my husband. That’s the problem with our society- there’s no morals in the home. And I guess I’m contradicting myself being that I’m doing adult. My parents weren’t home. They were working their asses off to give me the material things they thought I needed. It took me until now to learn and appreciate that.”

Swami went to his standby romance rumors and hooked up Laurence to the quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens. She got a big kick out of that. Laurence said she loves the city. “I lived on Charles Street and then I lived on St. Paul.” Laurence also said she was seeing someone in a whatever relationship.

“It’s me being a girl in the industry. It’s hard to find a guy that will take you serious,” she went on to say. “Because, no, I’m not a stupid girl and I have a mind of my own.” Laurence is also of the opinion that she comes off a bit overwhelming to most people.

“I’m talking to one guy here. It’s great but no celebrities.”

Laurence said her website, when it’s ready to launch will emphasize more pinup style photos. “Nothing too outrageous. I’m into more of the glamour of this business, not the creampies and stuff like that. I want to keep my stuff tasteful.” Laurence thinks the site will take another month. “I’m still working on that. It’s all in negotiations and stuff like that because I want to own all my own content.”


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