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Extreme Associates makes Satanic Pact- update

Porn Valley- Society 1’s Matt Zane is my Rod Serling through the Twilight Zone of Extreme Associates. I didn’t recognize Matt without a hook in his neck and asked him how the music career was going. Zane tells a story I’m sure other recording artists have told since the dawn of the harmonica- that his record company screwed him, basically, and he’s now picking up the pieces.

The fact that the new Extreme building is located next to a costume warehouse is pretty delicious irony, too, since Extreme used to be an all-day costume party. I remember when, without straight jackets or other restraints, Kid Vegas, Wanker Wang and August Arkham had free rein of a building in North Hollywood. Matt remembers that building and rolls his eyes. He likes the new one on Canoga a lot better.

All I can say is, this one is vast and you need GPS to get from one room to the next. We’re sitting in the company lounge, and Matt’s giving me the rundown of Extreme’s latest venture. Besides the fact that Extreme plans to open a video store on the premises stocked with 20,000 adult titles, it’s apparently made a pact with the Devil, and Matt was the Henry Kissinger putting it altogether.

He shows me a thunder and lightning-enriched clip of a movie Extreme’s got coming out. It’s titled Club Satan: The Witches Sabbath. It reminds you a little of a WWE promo and I could swear The Undertaker is narrating it. Or someone that sounds like him. Matt, on a stack of bibles, tells me that all of what I’m seeing is on the up and up, and that this promo is going to start running on MySpace Friday.

It’s all part of a two-month campaign to promote the film which is going to have a premier, as I understand it, at some Hollywood theater before it goes into distribution.

“It’s the first Satanic porno film,” Matt states, mentioning the fact that it stars Paris Gables who’s doing her first gangbang in it. Or Satanic gangbang. Tomorrow also launches a website to promote it,

“It’s the first legitimate melding of porn and Satanism,” Matt goes on to say. “We’re opening a new genre.”

Dropping such names as Cradle of Filth, Matt talks about the popularity of the Black Metal movement, and Extreme’s intention to break into that market including the release of a CD from the movie.

“There’s a market for this,” Zane insists in all earnestness. “We hope this explodes and opens a whole new distribution network. That’s the key element.”

Matt, of course, doesn’t mind mentioning that he was way ahead of his time when he similarly crossed over music with porn some time ago.

“Now they’re calling it alt-porn,” he smiles. “It’s exactly what I was doing.” To embellish his point, Zane brings up the appearances of Dave Navarro and Gene Simmons at the AVN awards last week, indicating that none of that would have been possible ten years ago.

Next Zane explains who Shane Bugbee is. Bugbee’s the director and apparently the last ordained priest in the Church of Satan. I guess Bugbee was some kind of close personal friend of the late Anton Szandor LaVey who was for want of a better term, the pope of this church. I remind Matt that all of this smacks of something his father, Chuck, [who’s also now with Extreme] did years ago with Zane Entertainment.

“Damien Helix,” beams Matt. “That was a farce and made up. It was a hoax.”

Matt tells me something I didn’t know- that it was Steve Hatcher in silhouette on the ads. Then, again, everyone pretty much figured out it was Jonathan Morgan who was actually directing the movies.

“Where that fell short, this comes through,” indicates Matt Zane. “This is endorsed by The Church of Satan, This is not some marketing ploy. This is a satanic-inspired movie. Every scene has a desecration of a cross.” He lets this sink in.

Matt is also expecting me to buy the fact that photographers walked off the set so appalled, that porn chicks refused to take part in it and that the in-house editor wouldn’t touch it.

I bring up what I thought was an obvious point- with all this notoriety and squeamishness and Rob Black’s trial coming up in 2007 why pinch the nose of the bull even more.

Matt says that’s because Rob is who he is and believes in what he does.

“Even though he’s facing 50 years, he’s not backing down,” Matt adds. And he tells me this project is only the beginning, that he’s got another one that’s really going to blow my mind.

Matt’s taking me on a tour of the set where this was shot. There’s a Jesus head with its back blown out. I guess it blew Jesus’ mind as well.

“They came on Jesus and bashed his brains in,” Matt explains casually.

“And we did a communion of piss- it was a helluva scene. There was a real vibe when we were doing it.”

I ask Matt if he isn’t afraid of possibly going to hell.

“If I was going to hell, I would have before this,” he answers quietly.


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