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Felicia Fox on Being Dragged into The Sweets’ Drama

Tick…tick…tick…tick. 6 pm, no call from The Sweets. 7:30 PM, no call from the Sweets. In fact Thursday night was defined by no call from the Sweets. They were supposed to when they got to Felicia Fox’s. They didn’t get to Felicia Fox’s.

But Fox had called earlier in the day regarding comments allegedly made by The Sweets to the Sports Swami that she had “dogged” Steve Seidman and Steve Banan.

“They’re two very good friends of mine,” Fox said of Banan and Seidman. “Don’t even say that kind of shit. They were my friends before I even broke into porn and they really helped me get into porn. And they’re going to be my friends after I leave porn. I would never in a million years talk bad about either one of them.”

Fox said she also had a talk with Sports Swami. “I’m trying to figure out how the hell we got dragged into this. I’ve been in 3 1/2 years and never had drama.” According to Fox, what ticks her off is the fact that when she first met the Sweets she gave them the benefit of her experience when she first broke into the business. “She was going to give up anal, and I told her that I think you’re a pretty enough girl; I’d hold up off your anal, make people want it and you’ll get more money later. I told her the kinds of rates to ask for because she knew nothing about the business.” Fox said the Sweets were going to come out to L.A. on $800. Asked what Fox thought the Sweets should bring with them, Fox told them 15. They thought she meant fifteen hundred. Fox said, no, $15,000. The Sweets blanched.

“I told them you come out to L.A., your money’s going to go so fast. You need to save up more.” Fox said she was also asked her opinion about agents. “To be honest, I never really had them. I told her Steve’s one of my best friends and he’ll do the best job he can do for you.” Summer Sweet asked Fox what if Seidman didn’t get her work. “I said what most people do- move on to someone else.” Fox said the Sweets were out of their mind with the comments allegedly made to the Swami. “They made a comment that Steve stuck them in a drug hotel? The first night they came in they came to our place and Steve came here to get them. We made jokes about because they were staying in Sylmar. And they were all upset because they wanted to stay in a big three bedroom suite. They wanted a place for them and a place for their kid.” Fox hasted to point out to them what the enormous overhead in L.A. would be for such digs. Fox remembered staying in a Motel 6 until the porn money started rolling in and she had her feet on the ground.

“The thing about the shitty hotel was a joke with Steve here,” said Fox. “He was standing right here when I was cracking on him. But this is getting so ugly. I’ve had enough of this petty, Ohio fucking bullshit. The thing is I don’t know who’s lying when it comes to the ordeal where I got brought into this. The Sports Swami and I have had a couple of go-rounds of course with Kiki D’Aire and Samantha Sterlyng which all got blown out of proportion. I finally got to meet Samantha and she’s as sweet as can be.”

Fox also relates how she got a frantic phone call from Stormy Waters a couple of weeks ago. “She’s at a club and is afraid that the club is going to stiff her for her money. It was a club that I featured at before and would definitely go back to again.” Waters who was in Boston at the time said she heard something from “this radio guy” that Fox had gotten stiffed at the club.

Waters revealed that it was the Sports Swami. Fox said she got on the phone with the Swami telling him never to poke his nose in her business. “I’ve never been stiffed in my life for a feature show. And this is a club that I would go back to again.” Fox said she told Swami that if it cost her a booking for the lies he was making up, she’d take it out of his ass. “I was pissed, and he said I didn’t really say it like that. I said that’s not what Stormy told me.” Fox said Swami’s always getting shit second-hand because he’s not in the business and not out in L.A.

On another note, Fox had invited the Sweets over to her house for dinner Thursday night to talk things out, and, in turn make a conference call to to again clear the air. But the Sweets, who have a way of turning the innocent face when everyone knows they swiped the salami in the butcher store window, never showed.

But, Wayne Lewis of got calls last night both from Kevin Rubio and Ryan Sweet. Rubio said he would make Ryan Sweet’s audition tape available where Sweet couldn’t get it up. About an hour later, Ryan Sweet left a message noting that adultfyiwas giving him a hammering and that he was new in the business, etc. “He was saying he didn’t understand how the business works can I help him out. He was trying to play me,” said Lewis who didn’t call Sweet back last night but hopes to connect with him today. Good luck.


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