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Final: Conversations with Anita Blue

Porn Valley- Anita Blue has been seeing Chris Charming, and I suggest with the kind of practice she gets at home she must have no fear when it comes to cock or cock size.

Blue has to laugh, noting that when she first got into business, she’d blanch at the simplest sexual ideas or suggestions. She doesn’t do that any more, in fact, you might consider Blue, who’s now been exploring every fetish known to man, quite the daring young lady on the flying trapeze of sex.

But the funniest story Blue tells me is when she’s 10 years old. She’s jacking off- or thinks she is [“I touched myself’] – to a picture of Peter North in her mom’s Playgirl magazine, not realizing who North was.

Years later she’s doing one of her first boy-girl shoots and it’s with North, realizing, hey, I know this guy from some place.

“I don’t know if I came or not,” states Blue recalling the masturbation episodes. I ask Blue what was it about North that compelled her towards forbidden pleasure.

“I was 10, I didn’t know!” she laughs.

“Did you start looking for guys who reminded you of Peter North?” I then ask her.

“No,” replies Blue.

“I’m making a psychological inquiry,” I assure her.

Blue doesn’t think there was anything psychological about it but says now that she’s in the business she’s become a male talent groupie.

“I’m a total porn groupie and everyone involved,” she comments.

Blue got into the business when she was 20 but it was only a year before that that she had watched her first porn movie. She recalls that it was an Andrew Blake film with Dahlia Gray but can’t remember the name of it.

“But I thought, oooooooh, that’s hot, I want to do that. After I watched that one, I put a Jenna Haze film on and was, alllllllright.”

Not that she was entirely sheltered, but Blue just had never been exposed to porn in that sense, not counting the North episodes.

The next year she went to AVN and met Montana Gunn and hung out with her.

“Then I came out to California to work. I put an ad up on Sexy Jobs and hooked up with a photographer from Homegrown Videos who flew me out here.”

Blue, who was in Porn Valley for a couple of weeks to see if she’d like things, also shot for Scott Hancock who introduced her to North.

“Apparently I was Peter North’s type from what Scott was explaining to me,” says Blue.

I tell her this is fascinating because when I was young I used to jack off to a lot of women who are probably dead by now. At least she got to meet North when he was still alive.

“It was a great scene and I loved every second of it,” Blue recalls.

“And he’s big and shoots across the room,” I add.

“I didn’t know all that at the time!!!!” Blue exclaims.

“But after we got done shooting the scene I looked at him and I said where do I know you from? I didn’t make the connection and I was reaching in the back of my mind. The face and the body looked familiar and afterwards I go, oh shit! You’re the first person I ever touched myself to. He started laughing.”

I tell Blue we have some weird connection because North once played me in a porn movie. She acts impressed but I think it’s only to be polite.

Blue, who’s porn name comes from the fact that Anita’s her first name, adopted Blue because it had a French flavor. But instead of spelling it Bleu as in cheese, or as in Bunny [Bleu], she went with the conventional spelling. She’s been in the business about four years.

“I’m here to do the best I can, and I don’t plan on leaving any time soon,” she informs.

But during that time in the business, Blue thought she had found love and left it. Although she’s no longer with that guy.

“I had every little girl’s fantasy,” explains Blue. “I thought I was going to get my happy ending.”

I tell Blue that usually comes at a jack shack, not in a relationship.

Blue had been in that particular relationship six years. Asked if it was a bitter disappointment, Blue admits she was upset when it ended.

“And it took me a good year to get over it,” she says.

Describing herself as a late bloomer, Blue had her first sexual experience at the age of 16.

“I figured everyone was having sex, I might as well start too. It wasn’t a boyfriend. It wasn’t a friend of mine. It was a football player. I’m, like, okay, let’s fuck. I approached him. We were talking and one of my acquaintances at the time already had sex and we were talking about it with these people- a couple of football players. I said I had never done it. So I asked this guy, will you fuck me? That way there’s no drama. A lot of my sex stories started out with the fact that I was horny and they were there.”

“So you kept it as casual as a dance request?”

“Pretty much!” laughs Blue who adds the fact that she didn’t like having sex with the football player.

“So then I found another football player and another football player.”

“You have to go through the roster to put points on the board,” I advise Blue. Because it would be either me or Joe Theismann telling her that.

“I actually banged half the football team!” Blue roars.

And, as one might imagine, Blue garnered a reputation for being a “slut” and a “whore”. Blue’s words. And as far as school was concerned, Blue liked it until she got into high school.

“Then it started sucking,” she laughs. “I just didn’t want to do it anymore. It was boring to me.”

If it weren’t for porn, Blue honestly couldn’t picture herself doing anything else.

“When I saw that movie it was something I wanted to get into. I love being in the industry. I love being in front of the camera.”

Her folks know that she’s in the business. They weren’t okay with it at first, but, according to Blue, they’re adopting the idea.

“What was their first reaction? Get out of the house, shut-whore?”

“I led them gently with it,” is Blue’s reply. “I go, yeah, I’m going to be a model. By the way, I posed naked. Then I’m like, mom, guess who showed up on set today? Then I finally told her, yeah, mom, I’m shooting porn.”

Bearing in mind, this is the same mom whose Playgirl magazine Blue was going through at the age of ten. But mom had an answer for that one. She told Anita it was a bachelorette party gag gift.

We touch a little more on that earlier comment she made about being a groupie. Among her idols are North, obviously; Lee Stone, Herschel Savage, and Jack Napier.

“I actually got to shoot with him,” says Blue. “I’m like oh God, yeah.”

“Was his bigness intimidating to you?”

“The bigness wasn’t that intimidating because Chris Charming and I are dating,” replies Blue. “Put it this way, it hurt so good.”

Blue and Charming met at a birthday party last November. They’ve been seeing one another about seven months.

I promised Blue that I would do my Chris Charming impersonation for her but that I would need a couple of German beers and an Octoberfest to get me in the mood.

With their respective schedules, Blue said they try to maximize their time together.

Blue’s also asked if the business has been slow for her. She says it was slow when she was with her previous agency, but not now.

“Lee Bang is getting me a lot of work,” she says.

Blue’s also been working to get her website, together. She also keeps a blog on her site and updates it as often as time will allow.

“It’s up and running and is a fan site,” she explains. “I’ve got some great scenes going on it. Because I’m doing what I always wanted to do- fetish mixed with sex- because I think it’s so hot.”

Blue explains that she has a fetish for fetish.

“I’m a fetishist in my personal life,” she continues. “And every day I find new ones. Like heels- on my site there’s some fucking with shoes. I have a stocking fetish. I like being spanked. I like my mouth being spit in. And every day I find out more and more how I’m into this. And my fetishes are very extreme and illegal to put on a site in America. I’ve been footed, I’ve been fisted.”

Blue’s telling me about a scene she did with Lee Stone a couple of months ago that has some fairly edgy stuff in it. But Blue’s pretty sure some of it might have to be edited.

“Is the porn Anita Blue now shocking the young, jacking off Anita?”

“When I first got into the industry there was a lot of stuff I didn’t want to do,” Blue answers.

“I don’t think I would have done the nasty and dirty stuff some women did. I just did regular stuff like boy-girl and girl-girl. I wouldn’t do anal when I first got in but I did my first d.p, a couple of days ago and I fuckin’ loved it. It was a five-guy gangbang. I was so nervous about the d.p. I called Chris: baby I don’t know, I’m scared. He’s like, no, Anita, you like being rammed in the pussy, you’re going to like it.”

“You’re calling Chris Charming, the man you’re dating- that means you’re beyond fear.”

“Well I was nervous,” answers Blue. “Let’s just put it that way. It was something I never, ever experienced before in my life and I didn’t know if it was going to hurt or what was going to happen. But it was great. I enjoyed every second of it.”

Now that she’s doing anal, Blue feels this has been the best career move she could make.

“And interracial- I would never have done that when I first got into the industry,” she adds.


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