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Final: Conversations with Jesse

It’s hard to believe that if you flip this chick sunny side over, you’re gonna find 10 inches of active man bag.

But this is what makes Jesse,, one of the top TS’s in the industry so popular, if not making her the best top in the business and one of the highest paid girls as well.

She’s fully functional, doesn’t require Viagra and Jesse just did a movie for Steve Volponi’s Goodfellas – – which is America’s Next Top Tranny Season 4. And she has another big project coming up with them.

Volponi who’s seen Jesse’s dick in action laughs about how she probably could cut diamonds with it.

“Steve had called me to see if I wanted to shoot for him,” Jesse explains.

“Which was a big surprise because I shot for Devil’s, a partner company, many times, probably 10 or 15 movies for them. But I had never shot for Steve’s line. He always wanted me but it never happened. Finally he got me for America’s Top Tranny. I did my scene [a solo masturbation] and I’ll be doing his Up Close and Virtual DVD pretty soon.”

“This is going to be an elaborate project. I told him I want to do as much work as I can. I want to put as much into it as possible because this will be my first movie starring only me. And I have a second starring only me coming out from Groovy but that one hasn’t been shot.”

Besides all that, Jesse’s in production to make her own DVDs for her website. She’ll write her own stories, avoiding, she hopes, “boring porn.”

“I want something cool to look at that is also hot and sexy,” she adds.

“One of the projects is I’m doing movie recreations,” she explains. “It’s very tongue-in-cheek and very original.”

She talks about her attempt to remake Nightmare on Elm Street.

“That’s the first one to go on my site. I play a female Freddy Krueger. I directed the movie and wrote it. I’m also going to do Basic Instinct, The Godfather, Tomb Raider and Catwoman. And I’m going to host the whole thing dressed as Elvira.”

Jesse feels she’s got the ideas but that it’s hard to find someone to help her realize them.

“I’m doing as well as I can on them, but it’s not a gigantic budget,” Jesse reflects.

“But I think they’re turning out really good. I’m trying to be really creative with them. I worked hard on them.”

Jesse, who’s been in the business about three years, was also nominated last year for AVN’s TS Performer of the Year, but she didn’t win and was very disappointed about that.

“I cried,” she reveals.

“A lot of directors told me I was going to win. A lot. Then when I didn’t, I was devastated. I worked hard for it. It actually meant something to me. It meant accomplishment and recognition.”

With the fact that she’s got the rep for being the top-top, Jesse says there’s really no specific male performers she likes to work with.

“Every guy I’ve worked with has been great, and I’d work with any of them over again,” she says.

“Usually most of the directors know what kind of guy I like so they will go and cast somebody that I’ve been pleased to work with. I’ve never had anybody I was disappointed with.”

Although none of this is to suggest that Jesse works exclusively as a top. That great ass of hers also gets its share of work.

“I’m versatile,” she laughs. “I try to mix things up- especially on my site so all my fans are happy. I’ve worked with other girls and other TS’. So whatever the fans want to see that’s what I try to do. I always try to make myself available to everybody.”

Oddly enough, Jesse’s been dying to have someone ask her to sign for them at a trade show.

“I was very surprised- especially at AVN when no one asked me to sign, even though I was nominated. Girls who weren’t were asked to sign. I thought that’s kind of weird. But I’ve always liked promotion-stuff, signing and club appearances. I’m hoping to do more of them and told Steve that I would like to do some for his tranny movies.”

Jesse’s career took off when she began doing webcam shoots for an amateur company out of New York.

“I was their only transsexual model,” she recalls.

“Beyond that I had a few contacts that asked me to do porn. But I had a boyfriend and he didn’t want me to do it, so I declined. Then one of my cats got really sick and needed expensive surgery. Me? I’m usually helping other people and taking care of my parents. So that cost a lot of money and I didn’t have the money to pay for my cat so I finally said yes to doing porn. My very first movie paid for my cat surgery.”

According to Jesse, the movie was made for a she-male website but she’s not sure if it ever wound up on DVD. I also asked Jesse why she’s one of the highest paid of her genre.

“There’s not very many good looking [TS] white girls, and there’s not many that can do what I can do,” she answers frankly.

“And I don’t take any hormones, either,” she adds.

And, aside from a boob job, Jesse claims she hasn’t had any major surgery of note except for some subtle touches.

“I’m all natural and pretty much considered the go-to girl.”

Because Jesse never considered herself a guy, the word “change” isn’t found in her vocabulary.

“I always looked like this and pretty much grew up as a girl,” she says.

“Everyone thought I was a girl when I was little; they would tell my mom what a beautiful daughter you have, and my mom was, like, what? So finally I told them I’d rather be the beautiful daughter than the weird son. I pretty much grew up like that.”

It’s when she turned 18 that Jesse got a boob job. And because she grew up as “a pretty boy,” Jesse had a deal with a lot of cruelties.

“I grew up with no friends and was always alone,” she sighs.

“School was hard because of that,” she says.

“Nobody knew what to think of me. The boys would make fun of me and call me names. But in private they would think I was hot. It was weird because I would have to be in the boys locker room with everyone going what are you doing here?”

Nonetheless she excelled in high school and graduated with high honors.

“It was a very lonely time, and no one would ask me to do anything after school,” she says. Outside of boyfriends- those dating daredevils who looked past her obvious jockstrap.

“A guy looking at you is not even going to think twice that there might be something going on downstairs. Do you forewarn them? she’s asked.

“I do now,” she laughs.

“Now I only look for a guy who knows already and is specifically looking for a transsexual girlfriend. Before when I was in high school I was so lonely that I would go on a date with whoever asked me, whether they knew or not. I would tell them, and most of them didn’t care, actually. If at first they didn’t know, then when I’d tell them, it didn’t matter. They were just in love with me and wanted to be with me. I’d never play a trick on anyone. At the same time, though, I wouldn’t start off a conversation, hey, I’m a transsexual.”

Jesse’s first romantic experience was in high school in her senior year when she had her first boyfriend.

“I used to walk a lot, so I’d put on my little CD player and I’d occasionally bring out my camera and take pictures for my photography class,” she recalls.

“I was walking home and I walked past an auto body place, and this guy saw me. He chased me and asked me out. I said okay not thinking anything of it. The relationship developed really fast, so when I told him he didn’t care. And I was with him for three years.”

According to Jesse, the relationship ended when that boyfriend fell into the drug spiral and began changing on her.

“He was very preoccupied with drugs and was not paying attention to me,” she goes on to say.

“I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do any of that stuff. That’s not the kind of environment I wanted around me, so I left him.”

Within a week Jesse found another guy to replace him and doesn’t seem to have problems coming up with replacements for replacements. Asked if she was seeing someone now, she laughs, “I always have a boyfriend!” Though Jesse stresses that all her relationships are monogamous.

Jesse’s favorite subject in school besides photography was art, and she was in an advanced class for both.

“I even had my own show,” she adds. Jesse’s even posted some of her high school work on the Internet.

“And I love to paint my favorite celebrities.”

Although friends told her she was good enough to try making a living in that field, Jesse says she was never able to because she grew up dirt poor and didn’t know the options that were available to her.

“I didn’t know if I was going to be able to get a scholarship- there was no information, so I let it go on the back burner. But I’ve always been active in it. For the original layout of my site I drew an animated cartoon of myself and that went over quite well. A lot of people like that.”

Porn was something Jesse always figured she’d wind up doing.

“Growing up I always knew it,” she says.

“The world isn’t very nice to transsexuals or gays or lesbian people. I grew up having regular jobs and occasionally I’d get made fun of because there would be that one person who would question me.”

“No one would actually confront me,” she continues.

“But I’d hear whispers or people would talk behind my back. I didn’t want that kind of environment because I didn’t deserve it. I worked hard. I did a good job and was so nice to everyone. But that didn’t matter. Everyone would still treat me like crap so I figured adult would be easier because everyone was a lot more understanding.”

As have been her boyfriends regarding her adult industry career.

“They’ve all been pretty good about that, but I usually keep that life separate,” she stresses.

“We treat it like a job, like I’m going to work in an office. I don’t show any pictures of me with guys. The only time, maybe, is a solo. It’s a quiet job. I don’t discuss it and they don’t think about it. They know I’m not doing anything after work or with anybody on the side so it all works out good.”

Jesse also like to read and considers herself a nerd.

“I love comic books and a lot of my fans know about that,” she says, noting that she’ll be at the Comic-Con convention this July.

“And I’m a big movie buff, too,” she adds.

“I like all kinds of movies. I have thousands and thousands of DVDs at home. I love horror movies and I love comedies. I love to laugh. I love silly movies and romantic comedies.”

Jesse mentions that she isn’t a partier, and when she does go out, it’s too promote herself for work. Otherwise she stays out of the gossip network.

“I like to stay under the radar and be the good girl that everyone talks nice about,” she states. “So I stay out of the drama. That makes it a lot easier.”

A question fans ask her a lot is if she’s escorting.

“I don’t,” she answers.

“I’m pretty sure I’m pretty much the only girl in the industry that’s not escorting. Seriously, I don’t know a single girl who doesn’t.”


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