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Final: Tanner Mayes Says New Sensations Treats Talent Like Dogs

Nothing beats a porn dispute like the existence of video tape. Back in July, AdultFYI was the first to report on the Tanner Mayes meltdown on a Jim Powers reverse bukkake shoot for JM Productions.

The issue subsequently went back and forth on the porn gossip sites with Mayes also offering her rendition of events. Gets so with these things, though, you never know who to believe.

But, now, for the first time, JM releases an interview with Mayes which was shot before and during her meltdown on that set. As incontrovertible, prima facie evidence of spoiled brat, unprofessional behavior, it’s pretty incriminating and offers little to justify a Mayes rebuttal. Plain and simple, she fucked up big time.

It is what it is. Sure, we all have our bad days, but not all of us need an exorcism, a priest and holy water after one. Which is an impression hard to walk away from after viewing about an hour of provocative footage featuring Mayes ranting and raving about her cell phone, New Sensations and maybe why she shouldn’t be in porn.

Personally, in my over 25 years of being in the business, I’ve never seen anything quite like this on a porn set.

[Okay you had Ava Vincent duking it out with Dillan Lauren on an Uncle Stevie shoot one time, but this takes the cake.]

Apologists for Mayes [and there are a few], word-of-mouth and whispered rumor is another thing, but now everyone can watch Mayes in action thanks to the release of Porn’s Most Outrageous Out Takes #4 from JM Productions. [Please, let’s have more of these!!!]

Director Jim Powers, Porno Dan and cameraman “The Colonel” [not to be confused with Rob Schaffner who’s also known as The Colonel] set up the storyline and provide the background leading up to Mayes’ diva antics. While Powers, to a fault, always handles his shoots in a controlled, easygoing, laid back manner, you can’t help draw the conclusion that he paints himself into an inexorable corner by allowing Mayes to work for him on this particular day. And who is Tanner Mayes any way? She’s cute but hardly has a figure to write home about.

For another thing, Mayes shows up four hours late having partied till the wee hours. Which would have been enough to give her the boot anywhere.
Sensing the Titanic about to strike an iceberg, Powers has The Colonel shadowing Mayes around the set.

The situation begins to unravel when Lacy Lane decides not to work with Mayes because of questionable lesions on the inside of Mayes’ thighs. Upon closeup, they look pretty ugly, and Lane makes a reasonable call. Mayes, however, explains the “chapping” by claiming it to be a result of her wearing shorts.

In her defense, Mayes draws the analogy of being on a wet ride at Universal or peeing one’s pants and walking around in wet clothes.

“Anyone who’s done that knows what chafing mean,” states Mayes. Of course. We’ve all been there and know what it’s like to pee ourselves.

By now Mayes is behaving pretty erratically and she knows it, but the train is already off the tracks. She’s also blaming New Sensations and says they treat talent like dogs. Yet she offers little to support her ramblings. [Just try following Mayes’ sense of logic on this issue, and you want a stiff rum drink.]

According to Mayes, the lighting man for New Sensations apparently didn’t want her smoking and then she was required to shoot 35 minutes of softcore footage and eventually told her she was “too fucked up” in the video.”

Yeah, New Sensations is a real sonofabitch. Nonetheless, Mayes is of the belief they owed her a kill fee.

“I hate New Sensations” she continues to say. “I’m not going to put up with companies who take advantage of me.”

Mayes next blames her inexcusable tardiness on the JM set claiming something about some party, her agent, Shy Love; a taxi, being naked on a couch, and cops. I think I needed the stiff rum drink trying to translate this mush. One can almost take sadistic delight in watching Mayes work herself into a froth, but Powers does his best to quell the beast within. Then and there he should have called it a day and given her the heave-ho, but Mayes continues to shoot after assurances that Lane won’t be anywhere near her.

Act 2 of the Mayes drama ensues when she faults everyone on the set for the disappearance of her cellphone, informing The Colonel how one of the porn chicks once stole her money and purse on yet another shoot. Next, Mayes is holding her “assistant” accountable for something and swears the assistant will be fired.

“I want my cellphone or I’m leaving for real,” Mayes threatens in a snit. “I don’t need the money.”

Watch as Mayes continually holds her walking off as some invisible axe over Powers’ neck. However, in a sheepish moment, Mayes discovers the phone under a pile of her own strewn clothing.

By 4:30 in the afternoon all hell breaks loose. Mayes wants to know what time it is, and Powers in his introduction to the footage explains how this is a lose-lose situation when that occurs. No one’s cooperating by giving her the time, and Mayes again threatens to walk. Powers makes last ditch attempts to mollify her.

“I’m never going to work for you again,” she tells him, knowing full well she’s got the director over a barrel.

“I’m not finishing the scene- I’m tired of you guys.”

Mayes goes back to blaming New Sensations claiming how the same thing happened on their set.

Exasperated as you would be, Porno Dan says he’s going to report all this on the Internet. Mayes insists she now wants her kill fee.

“What? For quitting? How about we bill you?” Powers suggests mildly.

“I could give a fuck less about porn,” Mayes is heard to mutter. Some other girl on the shoot also says something sarcastically under her breath about how Mayes’ leaving would be “a helluva loss.”

While Mayes continues to yell about not needing the money, a taxi has arrived to take her home. Only now, Mayes discovers that her phone is again missing. I think something’s mentioned in the intro about it having fallen in the toilet. In any event, Mayes is holding Johnny Thrust- for whatever reasons- accountable for fixing it and begins screaming at the top of her lungs at him, calling him a piece of shit.

She’s also seen knocking the studio’s computer off a desk- a move which doesn’t exactly ingratiate herself with house management though Mayes is under the curious impression that this is JM’s building.

“Get the fuck away from me!!! I’ll break your fucking camera!” Mayes threatens The Colonel as she storms again out of the building.

“I hope I quit porn because of you,” she adds.

If this is her norm, we sincerely hope Tanner Mayes gets her wish.


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