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Rising Star Tanner Mayes Address Her Infamous Blowup; “Dogs Treated Better Than Female Talent”

Los Angeles, CA) Tanner Mayes has decided to finally publicly address her side of her now famous “blowup” video that has made the rounds on each and every gossip site. As always, there are three sides to every story: their side, her side, and the truth. This is Tanner’s story:

“I met Jim Lane and Dan Leal (Porno Dan) in Florida, about April of 08. They shot me a few times for my regular rate.

It was my boyfriend who asked me to accept their cheap wages in order for him to get more shoots… Devious? He is now out of the industry, I guess, he rarely shoots.

Everyone knows I drink. Everyone knows Immoral Productions has shoots where alcohol is provided. Granted, you don’t have to drink it.

Upon arrival, I asked ‘Am I okay?? Did I miss anything?’ The girls replied with ‘No’. I made a drink as I announced that I have chafing on my legs from wearing short shorts with no underwear in hot weather. There was no reply.( I later read on a blog that I missed the pretty girls and had some funny rash on my thighs. That’s called chafing).

I hurried on set, untold what to do (this is my first bukkake ever, not only for female). I, of course, am funny, so I hop on set and just start masturbating and oohing and ahhing with the rest of them, being cute and funny and playing with my pussy. I was close to being the last one to squirt on the girl upon arrival, so next thing you know I’m laying with my pussy over this chicks face, chafed legs and all, masturbating. From the distance of the camera-man and us, you wouldn’t have been able to notice any chafing, it was on my the inside of my upper thighs, where short shorts belong.

This continued for about 10 seconds before the girl said ‘Wait’… (I don’t know exactly what she said to the photographers, something along the lines of not working with me because of the chafing, she probably thought I had something. The scene was cut because the female talent didn’t want any crisscrossings of our vaginas (i.e., me touch her pussy and then play with mine). That was alright, everyone has the right to a clean working environment, granted she was laying with her back on a wet, muddy, douched warehouse floor.

However, I was upset, surprised, and was embarrassed because she’d mentioned this and/or was offended when we all had tests and it was clearly chafing, including, I mentioned it when I arrived at the filthy warehouse. If she didn’t check my test results it shouldn’t affect a production I’m in. Either the company makes sure everyone sees everyones tests, or you have the right to ask for it. She obviously didn’t care to ask for mine.

I don’t trust editors because in the editor didn’t edit out my tampon string. I was so embarrassed.

Anyway, I told them I really didn’t want to do this anymore, started to leave, because now I think that my fans will assume I have something, and there were more squirt shots to do, so I told him I was done. Considering I already missed ‘pretty-girls’ I figured they’d manage.

Jim Lane was persistent on me staying.’ I’m a doormat and he’s given me a lot of work and alcohol, so I agreed to finish. He offered for our scenes not to be put together, that we wouldn’t be on the same set. I stood by my refusal. After awhile he kept pleading with me to stay. I finally agreed. I was more offended at the girl and Jim Powers.

Not long after, I have the pride of sitting down and awaiting to be squirted with pussy cum, or douche-water, which was really probably just the douche rinsed out and filled with water, because I could still taste it.

Once the scene started, I played with myself, I touched others around me, I said how hot it was that all this pussy juice would be on me, or whatever I said. I wanted it to be a good scene. I always want it to be a good scene.

And so the line went, and I was told prior you had the choice to pee on, really squirt on, or use the douches and fake it…. Most faked it. Then one girl squirted on me, really, and as dirty and filty as the floor already was, he told me to get down even lower, so that my asshole was literally touching the dirty, wet, douche-y warehouse floor, where all the dirty feet have been walking, just so he could get another shot of it. After Jim asked this, I stood up politely and said I really don’t feel like doing this. Let’s just stop. There was a commotion of ‘Tanner…..Tanner…’ yadda yadda’.

I have a right to a clean work environment and little patience when it comes to my health. That’s why I get pap smears AND AIM Tests.

BTS ‘reverend Sandy)followed me like my dog, Daisy. I’m sure I used fowl language, like, ‘quit fucking following me!’ If you saw what the guy filming looks like, you’d know why, aside from the fact I was ticked at Jim, the female talent, and the New Sensations shoot the day before.

Reverend Sandy tried to make me sound mental by claiming I kept talking about walking off New Sensations set that day when it was the day prior. I said it once only because I messed it up after the drinks they served us on set, BTS. What surprises me is what BTS DOESN’T catch.

Anyway, BTS caught me standing up for myself and their disrespect towards me for over a year, and I snapped. I’ve been cheated out of a lot of money from them, at my own fault, it escalated, and now I’m a methwhore? I’ve done nothing but favors for them. Free blowjobs and fuck scenes for Tanner Tuesdays (fuck-a-fan), signed for them at Erotica LA for free, free blowjobs usually every encounter with Porno Dan because they’re almost forced. Then they edit it to make it seem like it’s not their fault my speech was blurred. Stop buying vodka for minors. Especially college students who enjoy drinking and fucking.

About my phone, while this was all going on, I was in the bathroom peeing and texting, I dropped my phone in the toilet. It’s a 400 phone, the G1. I always lose phones. Follow me on Twitter @TurkeyMayonaise for the previous lost 3.

I came out of the bathroom like, OMG! My phone fell in the toilet. I hear ‘I’ll fix it, just go jump in the scene’.

That’s how that came in.

Johnny Thrust claims that’s his office but wouldn’t give me any of the footage from me yelling at the camera guy to get out of my ass. So who’s company was it? I got an envelope from ‘Multimedia’ for a $200 check that I’d rather piss on than deposit into my bank account. I treat my dogs better than they treat female talent.

I’ll be working with Jeff Mullen for Not the Brady’s XXX #3 tomorrow. I’ll bet that $200 check that All Media Play, nor any of their producers or directors even ASK me things that JM Productions/Immoral Productions has made me feel obligated to do.”

Tanner Mayes can be booked for photo and video via Adult Talent Managers (818) 825-1239 and can be reached on MySpace at and on Twitter at For press inquiries, contact [email protected].


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