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Ford Going to Vancouver?

Porn Valley- AVN spent today sending out e-mails attempting to contradict an earlier story posted here about how Lensman of threatened to pull advertising after a run-in with the mag over a story which adultbeat finally pulled under threats of attorneys. Meanwhile, Luke Ford, the center of the brouhaha will, in all likelihood, be going to Vancouver to spend some chill-out time.

This isn’t the first time that Ford has taken a sabbatical. He sold at a time when he had gotten sick of being in the porn industry and the price it had exacted on his social life and family. Ford had various offers, but when the opportunity arose, Ford sold his site to Anthony of believing that Anthony was the most amiable guy to deal with under the circumstances. Ford lived off his earnings for about the next year and a half while working on his memoirs along with a book about Hollywood.

Ford never went to Israel as he had originally planned and advertised. He backed out of that. Instead, he took a couple of weeks off and drove to Vancouver, falling in love with the California-Oregon coastline in the process. But after having given it some lengthy thought, Ford, never one to accept the conformity of standard journalism, decided that the adult business was the one arena which afforded him the most freedom of expression and where he could make a decent living.

Yet Ford, surprisingly, has never been able to watch a porn movie all the way through. However it’s the funny stories and the unique day-to-day material which holds the most allure for him and to which he’ll undoubtedly return.

Also, from what we’re hearing, a movie producer has approached Ford to write a treatment of his memoirs. Ford has always fancied himself as the Woody Allen character in the Woody Allen film Take The Money and Run. Only in this case it would be about a nerdy guy who falls into the porn industry with the idea of writing a scholarly book only to end up as a gossip columnist.


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