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Chatsworth, CA – I recently had the opportunity to sit down with LéWood Productions producer, director and whore wrangler extraordinaire Francesca Lé to discuss her new release Cum Swallowing Whores 3, the next installment in the popular 3 guys on 1 girl throatfucking and cum eating series. Here’s a transcript of that session.

Malice: The “art of cum eating,” as I’ve heard you refer to this increasingly popular phenomenon, is considered by some to be unsanitary, distasteful, and possibly even unsafe. How do you respond to this criticism? Does this belief make it more difficult to find whores willing to participate?

Lé: First, I’d like to say that I’ve been eating cum for most of my adult life, and look at me, I’m completely normal and healthy. Most whores today know that the myths about the dangers of cum eating simply aren’t true. This is why I’ve been able to put together one of the hottest casts yet for CSW #3, including Katja Kassin, Nicki Hunter, Tyla Wynn, Gia Paloma, Heather Gables, Katrina Kraven, and Kristal Summers.

Malice: Those certainly are some of the hottest cum eaters in the business right now. In the past you have incorporated interesting cum eating finales into the sex scenes, did you continue that trend in this new volume?

Lé: Oh yes, we find that using clever props makes the cum eating a little easier for the girls and helps them choke back their puke. As for the props, Katja Kassin drinks 3 gigantic loads from a martini glass, and she loves every drop. In Tyla Wynn’s scene, we tied her up and released her only after she promised to behave and allow her mouth to be stretched open as each of the cum dispensers deposited their stinky loads directly into her gullet. It’s priceless!

Malice: Did any of the whores give you problems when it came time to eat the jizz?

Lé: Kristal Summers is new to gonzo and is so used to working in all those crappy cable movies that she can’t seem to remember to swallow the cum and not just let it dribble down her chest. She almost fucked up the scene but I made her scoop it all up and eat every last drop or she would have been severely punished.

Malice: Is it true that you shot Gia Paloma’s scene on her 20th birthday?

Lé: Yep, she celebrated her birthday with a piece of cum soaked chocolate cake. It’s an ending that simply must be seen to be believed. And just a warning to you other porn folks, don’t go to your local Vons and ask then to write the word “whore” on a birthday cake. They won’t do it, so the cake instead says “Cum Swallowing Gia.” I guess it’s okay to write the word “cum.”

Malice: I heard a rumor that Gia’s scene was so rough that one of the male actors wanted to walk out right in the middle of filming. Is that true?

Lé: It is true. I won’t say who it was, but at one point the rough throatfucking, slapping, and choking got so intense that he stormed off. I spoke to him off camera and he told me, “This isn’t right. She’s a real person! Whores are people too!” Then, I pointed to her and said, “Look, she’s not a person, she’s Gia Paloma!”

So, as you can see Cum Swallowing Whores 3 promises to be one of the most intense oral movies of the year. It hits the streets on August 30th simultaneously on VHS & DVD and is available to distributors exclusively through JM Productions. Consumers may order this title and many other LéWood videos on and, or by calling us toll free at (800) 550-3659.



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