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Free Speech Coalition Candidate Mike Kulich’s Plan To Cover Talent Testing

Mike Kulich. I know you listen to the show.

Mike Kulich mentioned me in his letter to the industry that he would like to speak with me. Since you have all the money, I would like you to take me to dinner to discuss these issues. You are actually very close to my shithole office on Lankershim, you are on Coldwater Canyon at your beautiful offices at Caballero.

Mike Kulich made his bones at IVD under the tutelage of Jason Park, who I’ve never heard of. Coming from IVD, can’t get any better than that. Learning the system that has strategically bankrupted the entire industry by stringing people along on getting paid. Great credentials.

You have an idea to give all of the talent 15 movies to sell and pay for their testing. What you’re saying is that all the producers don’t have any money. So instead of paying for your tests, which we’re required to do by law, we’re gonna give you DVD’s so you can go sell them so you can make the money that we’re supposed to pay for your tests with.

So I would like you to take me and Tom Byron to dinner so we can hear this genius plan.

The State of California has come up with rules and regulations and one of the people who want to lead this business says we’re gonna barter. We’re gonna barter. There are laws that say producers have to cover the testing, but we’re gonna barter with DVD’s.

Mike Kulich, set up the appointment so we can get together and discuss your genius plan. Especially when you’re talking about something that costs 50 cents packaged. Kulich sells compilation product. We all know that. He has movies with Sasha Grey in them.

Kulich takes this footage that has already been paid for 50 times over and replicates it and that’s what he’s gonna give talent. He’s gonna give you $7.50. There you go. You owe the talent the money for testing, but you’re gonna pay them with DVD’s so they can set up a store and sell them and promote your company Monarchy in the process.

You think Axel Braun is gonna give you 15 copies of Spiderman vs. Superman? If you think Brad Armstrong is gonna give you 15 copies of his awesome movies you are so sadly mistaken.

They spend tens of thousands of dollars on their productions. They have a much higher pricing structure than compilations. Why would they want all those pieces out there floating around that talent could turn around and sell back to somebody like Kulich for half price or lower? Then they wouldn’t be able to get the higher price that their productions deserve and they couldn’t recoup their money. It’s a losing proposition for them any way you look at it, so why would they do it? It would be cheaper for them just to pay for testing, which they’re required by law to do anyway.

How is it that a comp company owner tells everyone that his plan to help the business isn’t changing anything or going after LATATA, it’s giving talent 15 DVD’s. You put out comp movies!

It’s a symptom of this business when you have people that think that there is nothing wrong with what’s going on, except some gray haired lady named Diane Duke, and if you get on the board with her and 12 other people and you say, “I’m Mike Kulich, and what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna give talent 15 DVD’s in lieu of testing fees.”

So that’s what we should tell Cal/OSHA that instead of paying for testing, which we’re required to do according to their regulations, that we’re gonna give them free DVD’s? Him and Charity Bangs should get together and compare notes. The President and First Lady of Geniusland. It’s like all these people live with their heads in the sand.

Mike Kulich, I want my fucking dinner so I can sit down with you and you can tell me about your genius plan to change the business by giving talent 15 copies of comped DVD’s instead of paying for their tests.

I’m been thinking about adopting an African baby. Actually one that’s about 20-21 would be better. Perhaps one that works in a diamond mine. I don’t know what the process of that would be. I would have to go through the channels that Angeline Jolie uses. We can call her Zamunda.

I think we could work out a deal to pay for Zamunda’s passage to America with DVD’s. What do you think? Thank you Mike Kulich for this grand idea.

It’s amazing that we have people in our business who think we can actually change things by not changing the system. They think by showing their smiling face and saying we’re gonna barter with people that things are gonna change.

They think everything is awesome. The agents are cool, everything’s groovy baby. The system is not broken. The state, the city, they’re all evil bastards, so we’re gonna just ignore them. So here you go talent, take these DVD’s and create your own commerce and that’s how we’re paying for your testing.

So these people who want to come in and change things seem to think we can do it by staying with the status quo. You can’t change things with the same people who’s dicks you’re sucking on who are part of the corrupt system.

This guy talks in reverence of IVD, and the reason the business is in the shitter is because they are a company that strings you out for 3-4 months and basically waits for you to go out of business.

But what do expect from a guy who barters with the talent something that is required by law.

These agents, who take 20% of their client’s money, why do the agents not pay for testing? Any pimp, and let’s face it, that’s what they are, any pimp who makes his money off of a woman, they take care of that woman.

If someone like Asa Akira makes Mark Spiegler, say $1000 a month, he can’t take 15% of that and take care of her health? How do you rationalize not paying for your talent’s tests?

And Mike Kulich’s answer is to give them product to barter.

I’ve been talking about a centralized talent database and a testing system that is not controlled by people in the business. To do that, a lot of agents and those associated with them will be without jobs. All of these people that I talk about are people who have a financial interest in having things stay the way they are.

In order for this business to run better, you have to get rid of all of this scum. Nothing’s ever going to change with the people that are in power now.

Guys, Free Speech Coalition needs to be done. They need to not be around anymore. You can’t do the same shit with the same people and expect different results.

If the system is fine the way it is, then why are people bitching? If it isn’t fine, then it has to be torn down and rebuilt.

Why put new paint on the same old shitty building?

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