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GQ Presents The James Deen Workout; “I have a ‘Jew Stomach'”

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from – Actors preparing for roles as superheroes usually pump iron and eat their vegetables to tone up for the big screen. So what about America’s favorite porn star? After all, this is a man who—by the very nature of his work—has to look good naked. So when Deen stopped by GQ headquarters, we listened raptly as he discussed his good genes, his “exercise” routine, and what his doctor thinks about his chosen profession. The key to having a porn star’s body turns out to be: Eat right and get laid. Easy enough!


Q: How do you stay so damn thin?

In addition to just naturally having that kind of thin build, my diet—from personal preference and choice—is lean. When I get my meal, I usually clear my vegetables first. Then I go to my proteins. If I am still hungry after I eat those two, I’ll eat carbs. So I pretty much live on a low-carb diet by just personal taste.

Q: So it’s just a matter of being conscious of what you eat, and passing on pasta or bread if you’re already full?

I’ve always been a fan of vegetables and fruits. If I’m going to grab a snack, I’ll have a piece of cheese or an apple. That also benefits my physique and health. In addition to that, I have what is commonly referred to as “Jew Stomach.” It comes with the religion. It’s just where everything goes wrong—you get acid reflux, IBS type of things. Go talk to a group of Jews, and I guarantee almost every single one is going to be like, Oh my stomach. I’ve got an ulcer. Acid reflux! I got Crohn’s. It’s always something. So because of that I have to eat low sodium, because it upsets my stomach.

Q: All that sex you have must be a solid cardio workout, right?

My doctor actually told me that sex doesn’t count as cardio and working out. And then the next time I saw him he had seen one of my scenes, and he told me, “You are OK.” In the film world, people don’t realize you’re not just having sex. Sex on camera can be anywhere from 20 minutes to four hours.

It all depends on the production and type of scene. It’s also not just standard sex, like, “Let’s just make each other’s bodies feel good.” It’s physical, entertainment-style sex. So while you might ride a motorcycle in a certain way when you’re driving to work, if you’re a stunt person and you’re going to ride that motorcycle on camera, you’re going to do a totally different style of motorcycle riding. My whole point is that because of the on-camera sex, I have this insane style of stunt sex. It actually is very physically strenuous. It’s a good workout. All the positioning and weird things. My doctor said so! Doctor-approved workout.

Q: Do you ever work with a trainer? Do you have a daily routine to keep you in shape for work?

Really just the work part of my work is what I do. That pretty much would be the workout.

Q: How often do you work then?

Every day! I’m on set every day. And also my routine daily is: I wake up at 5 or 6 a.m. and I get in front of my computer and do some office work. Then I realize I’m hungry and I just graze. I don’t gorge—I graze. I eat some berries and some fruit and then some other fruits. And then some yogurt. I do that and then I go back in front of my computer and do some more work, and then about 45 minutes before I have to be somewhere I freak out because I need to be somewhere in 45 minutes. I run around the house like a mad man. I’m basically a tornado trying to put clothes on and shower and get ready. Then I rush out the door.


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