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Harper: Last 2 Scenes of Sin City Contract?

Porn Valley- Hannah Harper writes on

l I have had a busy week.

It started with me rushing from the L.A. Direct Models office to my house on Wednesday as I needed to supervise the gathering of several girls, two make-up artists, Playboy TV and High Society magazine for Mary Cary’s pre-birthday party. My main concern was getting everyone into the house without raising too much suspicion from our neighbors. We have just moved into a very peaceful, friendly neighborhood and of course we stick out like a sore thumb — “we” being me, Ben English and several young, hot and alternating porn stars! When we first moved in the neighbors kept coming by to welcome us, one lady even bought her two little boys and some home made cookies! We haven’t seen them since.

So, once in my house, Mary’s celebration began. We drank champagne, got our make-up done, took pictures and prepared for the main party which would be held at Ice. We actually managed to get out of the house by 9.20 pm which I think was impressive considering the size of the group.

It was a good party, a lot of cute girls and a lot of press, but all I could think about was the fact I had to get up at 5.30 am the next day as I was shooting the last two scenes of my Sin City contract. So it got to about 1.30 am and I rounded up some girls, kissed Mary goodbye, went home, and fell asleep about 2:00 am.

At 4.30 am I got a call from Mary, long time no speak!

And at 5.30 am Thursday morning I got up, a full day of shooting ahead of me that included dialogue and five sex scenes, two of which I was in. I drove to set and I was worried because I couldn’t keep my eyes open, not a good start. All in all, it was a good day though. I played the devil, which may have been some what convincing during the dialogue, but definitely not during the sex. As soon as the lead in dialogue was over I was my usual submissive self, allowing Evan Stone to gag me, choke me and fuck me in pile driver… and he was supposed to be playing a virgin?

Friday I spent the day in the Direct Models office killing time before the Sexz Pictures party at XES. I was with the usual suspects: Jamie Brooks, Lucy Lee and Mary Cary. We stayed up far too late of course but I didn’t have to sign at the Erotica L.A. convention until 6:00 pm on Saturday. I signed at the same booth as Ashley Blue, Aurora Snow, Ron Jeremy and Ann Marie. I like signing with other performers. It’s more fun to be with friends. I saw a lot of familiar faces within the fans too, and that’s the nice thing about signings in Los Angeles.

Another party Saturday night, signing again on Sunday, another party Sunday night – please make it stop!

I worked for Direct Models on Monday and then flew to Denver on Tuesday to host another party along with Mary Cary, Aurora Snow, Ashley Blue, Ron Jeremy and others. I hung around with Ashley and Mary, endless entertainment! We watched Mary feature dance and then Ashley and I headed out to a bar with two girlfriends of mine from Denver.

I had to be up early the next day to catch a flight back home so I tried to get some sleep. But at 5.45 am I awoke to a loud, high pitched beeping. Half asleep I thought it was my phone (my phone doesn’t make that noise), then I thought it was the clock in the room, then I figured out it was the smoke alarm, so I stood on the coffee table to try to rip it off the ceiling, wondering how on earth I could of set the alarm off, considering I was in bed asleep. Not once did it occur to me that the hotel might actually be on fire! It wasn’t in the end but the fire department did show up to check it out. I looked at the clock. I had an hour before I had to get up. What ever happened to sleep, my favorite thing?

I made my flight. I had to fly home early to do an interview with The Sunday Mirror, a mainstream newspaper in England. I guess if there are any gaps about my profession my family needs filling in, this will do it! The reporter came from the same area of England as me and we reminisced about my home town.

And now it’s Thursday at 6.45 pm and I’m sitting at my desk in the Direct Models office. I have just realized that this is not so much a column but more a lengthy excuse as to why Jason didn’t get this article a week ago!

I am waiting to drive some girls down to a shoot in Venice and then pick up a brand new model from the airport. Sometimes I wish for a moment to catch my breath but then I stop to think about this industry and what we consider “work,” i.e. hosting parties, signing autographs, shooting sex scenes¼ and then I can’t complain. I love my job!

And to top it off, I got the best news today; my best friend Rio [aka Mariah] comes back next week, who is in these photos with me. So I dedicate this column to her and I think I’m dedicating that Eminem song to her too because I do feel like I go crazy without her, but just when I think I can’t take it anymore she comes home to me and I get my baby back.

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