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Sin City’s Hannah Harper on Sports Swami

Sin City contract girl Hannah Harper- – was a guest on the Sports Swami show Friday. Swami was asking Harper- about the Ben English-Mary Carey situation. “How lucky am I?” asked Harper. Swami was saying he couldn’t get two people in his studio, how did Harper manage this sharezies relationship?
“Is there a secret? Did you hypnotize them, drug them?” he wanted to know Harper’s mating tips. Harper said Carey and English set it up between themselves. “They shot a movie together when I was back in England,” Harper continued. “Mary Carey was asking Ben English about me how I was. She was saying I love Hannah. I wish we could hang out more. I want to be Hannah’s girlfriend. Ben was like, sire, I’m sure she she’d love to be your girlfriend.” According to Harper, English told Carey to set something up and go on a date when Hannah got back from England.

“And we did,” said Harper, though she admitted she and Carey don’t get to spend that much time together. “She’s busy- she’s got such a hectic schedule. She’s all over the place with her dancing and running for governor. Ben gets me most of the time.”

Swami noted that Harper at the beginning had a very thick British accent which has modified. “A lot of people loved it. Some people like myself who are slow, couldn’t understand it. Here you peak better English than most mainstream movie stars.” Harper, kind of puzzle where Swami was going with that, answered, “You just tend to lose your accent. I’m around a lot of American people. When I go back to England my family says you sound so American. But I hope I don’t lose it completely, though.”

Swami noted that a few adult companies were after Harper for a contract but signed with Sin City. “What was the deal breaker? Why did Sin City get your services.” Harper said she had never shot with Sin City before so it was interesting that they put in a offer. Harper said she was going to be shooting anal, possibly d.p. scenes. “Maybe I’ll work for Aurora Snow and do her more hardcore line. I like that mix,” she said. “I like the fact that I can do these feature movies and can shoot the dialogue; then I can do some hardcore anal scenes as well.” Harper speculated that perhaps with other companies like Vivid or Wicked she might not have been given that opportunity.

Asked if she might be producing or directing her own films for Sin City, Harper said nothing’ come up yet. “In my own mind I was thinking whether that might be something I’d be interested in, in the future. But I’m not sure whether that’s something I want to do or not.” Swami noted that Snow has seemed to make the transition to behind the camera whereas others have failed miserably.

Harper said she was more willing to concentrate first on feature dancing- something which she has not tried as yet. Get that started, get that going and get out around the country, meeting people and performing,” she suggested. “Maybe after that I’ll be looking for the next challenge, the next thing to do.”

Swami asked Harper how her parents reacted to her adult career. Harper said she comes from a very small fishing village. “I always did my hardest at school and always got good grades. I was really quiet.” Harper said it was printed in the town newsletter that she was doing adult movies. “This is how small this village is.” Harper said when she goes home now, people that went to school with her cross the street to avoid her. “They just don’t understand me anymore. They knew me as this really quiet, sweet, innocent girl. Now they don’t know what to say to me. Maybe they think I’m going to jump on them or something,” she laughed.

After he digressed, Swami asked how Harper’s parent were handling the whole thing. “They probably get the brunt from all the gossipy people in your home town. They have to answer the questions. But from what I’ve heard, they’re supportive of you and love you.” Harper’s sure that questions have been asked.

“They’re very proud of me in a way,” Harper said of her folks. “They’re very proud that I had the guts to come over to the U.S. to leave my family, my friends behind,” Harper said. “I’m making money. I’m being smart. Ben and I own an agency together. So they’re proud of me in that way. They were proud when I got into Penthouse.”

Swami suggested that Harper might consider running for Prime Minister of England. Harper laughed at the notion. Harper said she went to the premier of Club Carey. “I went obviously as her girlfriend and there was a lot of press there,” Harper observed. “I know it sounds weird but it’s not the kind of thing I find easy to do. I admire her. I think she’s done tremendously well. I think only her could have got this far.”

Swami also threw out the notion that her shyness may be hindering Harper, that she isn’t boisterous in her interviews or as quick-witted at time. “You almost seem, dare I say, avoiding the spotlight.” Harper was inclined to agree but credited the people working behind the scenes.

“I have Sin City; I have the publicist at Sin City. I have Ben English; I have Mary Carey. Because otherwise I would never do anything. I would never do any interviews. I would never go to any events because I have the tendency to want to do the movies then hide away. And it’s stupid. Because once I start doing an interview or once I’m at an event or convention I have a really good time. I’m just very lucky I have people pushing me.”

Swami claims to have heard rumors that Harper had a romance with Lennox Lewis and that David Beckham before he got married was smitten with her. Harper said she wouldn’t mind having a threesome involving the soccer star and Posh Spice. “I think that would be great.” But Harper discounted the rumors Swami presented. Swami also wanted to know what English had that others didn’t. “He’s very dominant,” said Harper. “I’m sure that anyone who’s ever met him or watched him in a movie can see that; I’m very submissive. We work on that level immediately.” Harper said English was also very supportive and doesn’t get jealous over what she does. He pushes me to succeed and to do interviews and go to events.”

Swami wanted to know how they met. “He wined and dined me in Chelsea in London which is very romantic,” Harper said. Swami asked about her future projects with Sin City. Harper said her project with Steven St. Croix titled The Bachelor is out already. And she just shot three movies this past month. “That’s a lot for a contract girl but I love making movies,” Harper said. “I had a great time.” Among the movies were Angels with contract girls Aurora Snow and Shay Sweet. “It’s a great movie, a very fun movie to do,” Harper said. Harper described her role as playing the girl-next-door, albeit it an incredibly violent type. “I was the one always pulling out the gun.” As she was talking to Swami, Harper said she was on a set- a ranch outside of L.A.

“We just had to re-shoot an ATV chase sequence,” Harper said. Asked if there was a rivalry between her and Snow, Harper said there wasn’t. “Which I’m really happy about. To be honest, I can’t stand that. I was just at the Nightmoves convention in Tampa and there was a lot of that there. Some girls were winning awards and wouldn’t take photos with other girls. It’s ridiculous. I hate that. But the three of us get along really well and we all bring something different to the table. We’ll all got our own different quality and fans, really.”

Because she tends to be a bit prudish, Harper said she’s managed to keep her nose clean, literally, of drugs. And I just turned 21, too, so I really couldn’t be out drinking. and all the rest of it, partying.” It’s also Harper’s suspicion that people put up less with the carousing and carrying on. “The days of partying, doing drugs and dragging yourself to sets are almost over. You have to be professional. Especially when you’re a contract girl. You only do so many movies. You want to put 100% into each movie. Party on your own time.”

Swami suggested that, with that ethic, porn stars might become Republican and start voting. Harper aid hers is a job that’s very easy to do because she loves sex. “I can do it sober without the drugs and the alcohol. I’m having a great time, anyway.” Swami then asked Harper a loaded question. He wanted to know who she thought among girls like Carmen Luvana, Kelly Erickson, Aurora Snow, Gauge and Ann Marie who, in his opinion are dominating the airwaves and publicity, was the next big star. Harper said Luvana. “I think she is the next new starlet. She definitely has the face and the potential. Aurora Snow is already big- she’s been around a little awhile; now she’s directing. I think she’s going to make a huge impression but in a different way that Carmen Luvana, if that makes sense. I think those are definitely the two.”

Asked if she got a mainstream break, would she reconsider her position in the adult industry, Harper said she’s always going to be Hannah Harper and never try and hide what she’s done. “I wouldn’t want to be put in that position where I’m lying about my background,” Harper said. “I’m not ashamed of what I do. This industry has given me maybe the life experience and confidence to go into mainstream movies or to bring something different to mainstream movies.”


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