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Hey Lady, There’s a Tick on Your Ass

Waukesha – Criminal charges were filed Tuesday against a man accused of telling females they had a tick on them, touching their buttocks and in some cases, pulling their pants down, a criminal complaint says.

Michael F. Knurr, 39, faces five counts of fourth-degree sexual assault for incidents that occurred last year from June to November in Muskego, New Berlin and Waukesha. The Town of Mukwonago man is the co-owner of a tree service company and is accused of twice assaulting potential customers.

Knurr will make his initial court appearance in Waukesha County Circuit Court on Feb. 26. The maximum penalty for conviction on each misdemeanor count is nine months in jail and a $10,000 fine.

In one case, according to the criminal complaint:

A New Berlin woman, 32, called Knurr for an estimate to remove a tree. While they were walking, Knurr told the woman about the “tick.” She told him to get it off and pulled her shorts down slightly.She felt a pinch on her left buttock. He said, “I got it.” She looked at his hand and didn’t see a tick.

Back Story, November, 2006:Police in Waukesha and Milwaukee counties are looking for a man accused of telling women they have a tick on them, then grabbing them in the buttocks, and sometimes trying to pull their pants down, police said.

The man struck at three places in Waukesha, two in Muskego, and at least one in Franklin and Hales Corners, police said. He favors places where a female, age 17 to 30, is working alone, such as tanning salons and small retail establishments.

“We’ve got a good lead on a suspect,” said Muskego Police Sgt. Craig Simuncak. The man operates a truck with the name of a tree service written in yellow or gold letters on the side of the vehicle. One woman said the man was also wearing a jacket with the business’ name.

The women describe the man as white, between 45 and 55 years old, about 6 feet tall, and unshaven with gray hair.

In Muskego, the man entered GNC, W189-S7823 Racine Ave., and Sundeck tanning salon, S74-W17061 Janesville Road, between 4:30 and 5 p.m., Monday, Simuncak said. He approached the women working at the businesses and told them there was a tick on them and it was moving to their backside. In one case, the man grabbed the woman’s belt loop and attempted to look down her pants, he said.

In Waukesha, the man is accused of entering Sunset Tan, 143 E. Sunset Drive, at about 5:30 p.m., Monday and approaching the female employee, said Capt. Mike Babe. He tried to pull down the woman’s pants, telling her that there was a tick in her pants. She stopped him and he left.

Then, he entered Carriage Cleaners, 145 E. Sunset Drive, which is adjacent to the tanning salon, Babe said. He tried to coax the female employee into the bathroom, touched her buttocks and told her that there was a tick in her pants. The woman stopped him and he left.

The man is also accused of entering Paradise Tan, 2140 W. St. Paul Ave., in Waukesha and telling the female employee that there was a tick on her backside. She ran to the bathroom and took off her clothes, attempting to find the insect. When she exited the bathroom, the man was waiting right at the door, Babe said. Police learned of this incident on Tuesday but it occurred about 3 p.m., on Oct. 30.

A similar incident occurred on Aug. 14 in Franklin, said Capt. Clark Groen.

A woman, 30, was walking about 1:15 p.m. near S. 116th St. and Rhoder Ave., when a man driving a truck with the name of a tree service business on the side and towing a trailer, pulled alongside her. The man got out of the truck, leaving the door open, and asked the woman for directions, Groen said.

He then told the woman that there was a tick on her back. She attempted to brush it away, but he said it was lower and asked her if he could brush it off for her. He then said the tick moved down into the back of her shorts and he motioned for her to get into his truck so she would have privacy in removing the tick. She said no and walked away.

Groen said the woman did not want to file a complaint but wanted police to be aware of the incident. The man never touched the woman, she just felt it was odd, he said.

“It’s pretty strange,” Groen said.

A Franklin officer attempted to locate the tree service business but could not find a listing for it, Groen said.

A female employee was approached by a man at a tanning salon on Monday in Hales Corners, said Lt. Steve Murphy, adding that the incident is similar to what occurred in Waukesha, Muskego, and Franklin.

When caught, the man could be charged with fourth-degree sexual assault or disorderly conduct, police said.


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