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How Do You Get a Playmate Girlfriend? Have Money

Howard Stern reported this morning how fans were complaining that they couldn’t get a clear view of the pic that was being run on of Playmate Echo Johnson. [Here it is, if you want to check it out.]

Stern had Johnson on his show yesterday along with her her boyfriend P.J. who claims to be a race car driver. Stern was particularly curious about the guy who got to fuck Johnson and what kind of schtick it takes to do so.

“What’s this guy do?” Stern wanted to know. Stern then presented the couple as Echo and the man who bangs her. Asked how she got to be a Playmate, Johnson said it was by chance, that she was 18 and just out of high school. “I never even thought about doing it,” she said. Johnson said it was 11 years ago that she was discovered by a photographer. “I was a baby; I’m a woman now.” Johnson said she was discovered in Santa Fe where she grew up. Stern asked P.J. if we was a multi-millionaire or independently wealthy to get a woman like Johnson. P.J. said he drives race cars. “They do pretty well,” he told Stern. “The highest paid athlete in the world is a race car driver.” P.J., a sprint car driver, said the highest paid race car driver gets about $75 million a year. Asked how you get into that line of work, P.J. said there’s definitely some talent involved. “And some backing.”

P.J. was also inclined to believe that being a race car driver helps pull girls. “But in this situation it had nothing to do with it.” P.J. said he’s not into the New York scene and spends most of his time in the middle of the country. P.J. said a friend of his with a modeling agency invited him to an after-party for a fashion show. Stern said he can’t get invited to hot chick parties to save his life. Johnson asked Stern where he was for Playboy’s 50th birthday party last week. Stern said it was too late for him and that he has to get up early.

Getting back to how he met Johnson, P.J. said he was waiting in line, in the cold, to get into the party. “All these people are dropping the name Echo Johnson.” Johnson claims that it’s her real name, by the way. Johnson said she had hippie parents. P.J. said he had no clue who Johnson was but that she must be pretty hot to have her name being dropped all over the place. P.J. said he got inside the party and began talking to a bunch of gay male models and by the time he had a flower behind his ear, thought the party was going down hill. “And in comes a couple of girls.” Johnson said she was wearing jeans. P.J. said one of the girls just leaned over, grabbed him by the top of his head, pulled him across the table and bit the flower out of his ear.

“She puts the flower into her mouth and starts French kissing me over the top of the table.” P.J. said it wasn’t Johnson doing it but her best friend. Asked why her friend did that, Johnson explained that she’s just off-the-cuff. P.J. said the friend was way-hot and smokin’. Stern said P.J. went in a flash from being the dude in the corner with the gay guys to the dude who can get hot chicks.

P.J. said Johnson, meanwhile, was talking to some mutual friends across the way when she leaned across the table and introduced herself. Johnson said they later ran into each other, through happenstance, at another place where she was staying and P.J. was in the bar. “Het got my number,” Johnson said, claiming they didn’t have sex the first night. Asked why he didn’t try to do the friend, P.J. said she was too hammered. For her part, Johnson said she doesn’t do chicks but has experimented. Johnson said she wouldn’t bring another girl into the relationship.

Not an accomplished story teller by any stretch, P.J. said they progressed with a series of phone dates, and in the mean time had masturbated occasionally to the thought of her. Johnson explained that she was scheduled to go to Cabo to do a Playboy Angels on the Fairway promotion. P.J. said he got a call from Johnson asking him if he wanted to go along with her and 50 other Playmates on a chartered plane. When pressed, P.J. admitted that he nailed Johnson that weekend.

A caller-in knew P.J. and related that he comes from a rich family and didn’t get his money from racing. “I come from a very good background.” P.J. was very evasive about what his father did. “My sisters aren’t like the Ramada twins.”

With all that being said about P.J.’s wealth, Stern in the future wants to talk to regular guys who land hot chicks.



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