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I Hear Things: The Swami’s Been Shanked by The Sweets

PORN VALLEY, CA – No sooner were we getting warm and cuddly with the notion that Madison McKnight was the new contract girl for Halston Promotions, we’ve been told that she was let go for being a flake and is being replaced by Desiress Fox [that’s the spelling we’ve been given] and her husband Brandon.

As a preface to the following it should be noted that we contacted The Sweets- Ryan and Summer- to get their comments. They did not return calls.

Meanwhile, the Sports Swami is saying he got shanked by The Sweets who apparently have been doing a lot of that lately to people in the adult business from what we’ve been hearing. Only last Friday, Summer Sweet turned down a $900 job to shoot a scene for Jake Jacobs in a series titled Teens For Cash. Summer’s reasoning? “I don’t do old men,” she says.

The Sweets not only fed The Swami bad information, according to him, claiming that they were now being repped by Adult Stars Management, they’re also running around the adult business bragging that they know how the game is played and are going to beat everyone at it.

They even told Swami as much. “They said they now know how to play this game so they’re going to be ready for everybody.” Porno Steve Seidman, the Sweets former manager, says they called him on Wednesday and told him, essentially, the same thing in an attempt to rub his nose in the dirt.

“I was given wrong information by them,” the Swami says swearing on a stack of old Sports Illustrateds. “They called me and said they were going to sign with Joey Serio [of ASM]. I believed them but I admit, I like the underdog.”

According to the Swami, the Sweet story took his ass to the woodshed. Swami also says the Sweets are claiming that Seidman lied to them and set them up in a crack house. To which I informed the Swami that Seidman may get erections around crap tables, but he’s not out to fuck the talent, either literally or figuratively.

It was also explained to the Swami that The Sweets began working Seidman under his very nose as soon as he got them out to California. In the ensuing drama, the Sweets went on KSEX and told their whole story. I’m now being told that the Sweet’s public contrition that evening was a framus and part of their whole baby-faced con job.

Swami claims he was suckered in similar fashion. “Hey, they made it look like they were getting screwed over. They portrayed Steve Seidman to be worse than Lawrence Taylor, Dennis Rodman and Rob Black. According to them, Seidman would say that Vandalia is fat and ugly, that he lied constantly. According to them, he’s the worst thing that ever walked into the industry.” Swami says the Sweets also told him that they had been warned both by Felicia Fox and Vandalia to stay away from Seidman that he was a ‘jerk’ and that Seidman’s partner, Steve Banan was incompetent.

“The Sweets insulted everyone,” said Swami. “There was no person they liked who helped them out.”

[Tim Case says the Vandalia comments are true, that she did warn the Sweets about Seidman but that Felicia Fox likes Seidman and no comments were ever made about Banan. “This is a big non-issue says Case. “These are a couple of stupid kids from Ohio- just like we were a couple of years ago.”

Regarding Seidman, Swami admits that up until his chat with the Sweets he had never heard of Porno Steve. I casually reminded the Swami that he might want to do a little more homework regarding the business before he starts inhaling the smoke that’s being blown up his ass.

Swami said he also told the Sweets that he wasn’t big on Cherry Modeling, the Sweets alleged new agency, because they don’t “get you out” publicity-wise. “But all of this is my own fault,” The Swami admits, claiming that he went so far as to recommend Summer Sweet to JKP.

“Then low and behold I find out that they’re doing the Texas two-step all over me. I should name an ‘I didn’t say that’ award after them. These two…I’m pissed; I’m annoyed…The Swami has been shanked. I found out that they were just using Joey as leverage.”

Swami said that during the course of his conversation with The Sweets, they denied having problems with anyone in the business, including Wankus. “And they mostly talked about how Hamilton Steele likes gay sex.”

Seidman admits to having made a big mistake by being pressured to take the Sweets back, if for only a couple of days. Seidman was asked the question point blank on KSEX, and said he’d give it a try with them. But it all became fait accompli the instant the Sweets turned down the Jake Jacobs job and then lying, according to Seidman, about how much money they were receiving from adultcon to appear there. Seidman said he wasn’t going to ask The Sweets for a commission for the adultcon appearance so there was no point in them fudging figures. “What? They didn’t think I was going to find out?” Seidman also suggested that if The Swami wanted an interview, he’d be more than happy to give him one.

And don’t it beat all. As I was interviewing Seidman this morning at a diner, who was sitting in an adjoining booth but Kevin Rubio. Everyone shook hands cordially and, anticipating the question I was going to ask about the blond he was sitting with, Rubio explained that she was just a friend. “I know you’re always looking for stories,” Rubio said. Just as I reminded him that he’s always looking for starlets.

Another rumor that can only enhance The Sweets’ already sterling reputation is the story that they were allegedly accompanied by coke dealers to Sardos this past Tuesday night in an apparent attempt to broaden traffic to include Porn Star Karaoke. Wankus immediately responded to the story by stating, “If those rumors are true, the Sweets will be banned from the building along with their new shady friends.”

Also on the rumor front, there are stories going around that Ashton Moore and Alexis Amore are leaving JKP. One of the stories has Moore going to Vivid because she’s in tight with Jenna Jameson.

Also in the rumor mill- the Halstons and Private being interested in Olivia O’Lovely.


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