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> I heard that Banesca was allegedly “bribed” with $500 to come in and test. Up until Friday she supposedly had refused to come in to AIM. Banesca’s scene with Jay Ashley is what put him on the quarantine list in the first place and which led to the brouhaha in the Czech Republic with Ashley allegedly telling anyone who was within earshot that he was off it.

> I hear that a major player in the business has been giving girls in the business gonorrhea. A “modeling” agency has been sending this guy “escorts” and they’ve all got one thing in common after their escorting. The Big G.

> Ron Jeremy has been getting offers out the yin-yang to do a TV comedy sitcom.

> Rob Spallone mentioned that Tony Sexton had been in his office last Wednesday and Spallone apparently busted his balls about being outed on a website attempting to pass himself off as a woman. “I said what are you doing here, jerkoff. I heard you went on website and made like you were someone else and you gave yourself a great review and the found out it was you doing it.” Spallone says Sexton carries a little bag around with him. “He takes out an award from AVN with his name on it. ‘People can talk all they want; they can laugh all they want, I got this award.’ I was abusing him. I threw him out. He went into Jim’s office. Then Jim told Tony he wasn’t welcome here.”

> Now residing in Houston, Steve Seidman called KSEX Friday noting that for his birthday a young lady volunteered to give him a blowjob while he was taking a shit [termed a blumpkin, according to some]. Wankus wanted to know what person in their right mind would blow Seidman much less deliver a blumpkin. Wankus suspected that was three month’s rent also down the shitter. Seidman protested that it didn’t cost him anything. “It was a birthday present!” Seidman said he was off to Momma’s Cafe where he was going to play video golf then The Rhapsody for a blowjob. “Houston has a lot to offer like a lot of dick sucking,” Seidman stated. Asked what he was up to these days, Seidman said he’s the official Landmark Media sales manager. “It’s a combination of a lot of local magazines that cover the whole Eastern seaboard and we’re out as far as Texas, soon to be Phoenix and Las Vegas.”

> Vince Neil may have pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of battery for beating up Andrea Terry at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. But that’s not stopping Terry from suing him.Terry, who filed in Las Vegas, is seeking unspecified damages of at least $20,000 for lost wages and other costs stemming from the July 10, 2003, incident. She contends Neil grabbed her by the neck, pushed her against a window, and pulled her to the floor after she and another prostitute refused to have sex with him until he paid $4,000 for each woman.

Terry’s suit also accuses the brothel’s owner, Dennis Hof of negligence, asserting he didn’t call police. For his part, Hof says Terry made up the story.

> Devon Michaels, did a phone interview on KSEX, last week. Michaels told Wankus that it’s been two months since she’s had sex. Michaels has been busy starting up her club, Elliot’s in Peoria located at 7807 N. University. Michaels says they’ve been open four weeks. “It’s going really well.” According to Michaels, it’s the first 18 and over club in the area. “There’s been nowhere for the little 18 year-old boys to go,” she says. Michaels says she also gets an older crowd, particularly during the day what with car dealerships in the area. “There’s a lot of industry in our end of town.” But on the weekends is when the 18 year-old guys pack it in.

“What’s really hot is they bring their 18 year-old girlfriends with them and big groups of friends. There’s not even a teen club for them.” Asked if these guys tips well, Michaels says her dancers have been making really good money. “I was a little bit nervous about that. We have a private university [Bradley University] here so these kids tend to come from money.” Michaels says there’s a lot of hot, lesbian action on the stage. “Because they bring all these chicks in and they just get crazy. You’ve never seen so many women in a strip club.” No booze is served at the club. Michaels says she hasn’t shot a movie since the beginning of March, being busy with the club. Michaels also has features at the club. Michaels says the week that she opened she had 4 features coming in to get the club started right. “And I was going to be the fifth feature but I fell and sprained my ankle. I was on crutches for my club opening.”

> Hobbling on crutches, Ginger Lynn was on her KSEX show, last week explaining how she got on crutches. Lynn who injured her knee during a Tae Kwan Do session when she attempted to thrown a “flying roundhouse” said people were helpful and sympathetic at first but after a couple of days everyone got tired of helping her. As a result of her injury, Lynn said she has no ligaments on either side of her knee. “They’re both completely ripped, and I have like a rubber leg. I’m not a whiner but I’m handling it.” Lynn said when she hurt herself she went down and began screaming. “You’re not supposed to swear in the dojo but I’m crying and carrying on.” Lynn, consequently, had to go to the hospital. One of her girlfriends was going to drive her car and take her dog home. Lynn said her dog wouldn’t let them in the car thinking that she was being attacked [someone was carrying her]. “We’re standing there for a long time trying to get into the car.” Lynn said she had x-rays and was told to go home and rest. “I’m looking at it and it doesn’t look any different than it does now,” she said. Lynn said days later she can’t move and get up to go to the bathroom.

.> It’s been reported that Jessica Dee’s first series for Platinum X will be called Throat Yogurt, and will begin production in June. It’s an internal pop-in-your throat line which has been raising some serious questions among porners as to the kind of message that’s being sent out.


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