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Inside KSEX at the Convention

LAS VEGAS, NV – So far, all has been going well at the big show in Sin City and it seems a good time is being had by most.

Here’s some misc. KSEX-insider shit I thought I’d share with you:

Mr. Fuck – Flamboyant, light loafered Jason Sechrest arrived Tuesday to sign for Apparently the popular Young and the Curious host has been a bit, as they say, “high maintenance.” According to MilitaryGuy sources, Sechrest asked for limo transportation everywhere [keep in mind, he’s staying at the Venetian where most of the events are held]. He showed up on the floor today complaining that the lights in the convention center didn’t blend well with his make up, only a short time later to relieve himself back to his hotel room to lay down after what he considered to be a trying day. Prior to all of this, Jason requested more copies of his autograph glossies to be copied off, fearing that 200 of them wouldn’t be enough for all his fans.

To top things off, when Sechrest tried to pre-register early for AVN’s Adult Entertainment Expo, the identification tag-necklace was printed and the name read JASON FUCK. Nowhere in any of the registration process was the last name FUCK presented, it was just a random screw up. Mr. Maintenance was not amused.

Not only was Sechrest hired to appear, is one of his public relations clients. The scary thing, in my opinion…I think only Jason could get away with this behavior. He’s too likable to all he meets and the situation is so laughable that it provides amusement for all involved. Most porn girls would’ve been fired already under the same circumstances.

KSEX PJs Who Did Mini-Shows Tuesday – Wankus and Kylie Ireland started the day off with Adam & Eve stars Carmen Luvana and Terri Summers. Chef Jeff and Lisa Sparxxx jumped up next, interviewing scattered guests including the beautiful Alexandra Silk, Sammy 4 U and many more. Flexx took the mic, also with Kylie and featured Victoria Givens as well as Ayana while the day closed out with Wankus and Kylie again.

KSEX has been doing 10-15 minute live, mini-shows and plans on continuing that schedule until Sunday. Other PJs expected to do live shows include Chris & Alana Evans, Don Hollywood & Brooke Hunter, Sierra, Felicia Fox & Tim Case, Cytherea, DJ Foothill, Tera Patrick & Evan Seinfeld, Dee & The Fat Men [Harry Weiss & Steve Seidman], Jason Sechrest [if the limo drops him off], Gauge, Ann Marie, Katie Morgan and Rebecca Love.

Don Hollywood Pounds Rhiannon Bray – After reading AdultFYI’s story about former KSEX PJ Rhiannon Bray bashing KSEX with unfounded accusations, Hollywood writes: Rhiannon Bray, the ‘what can I take from you girl,’ has no room to throw stones at anyone. In my entire professional careers as an attorney and as adult talent, director & producer I’ve never met a more “two faced” and ungrateful person. I do admit that I have met a few that are Rhiannon’s equal, thankfully very few.

Seidman Bribes Wankus – Steve Seidman was kind enough to treat me, Felicia Fox, Tim Case and Harry Weiss to an incredible steak dinner at the Horseshoe in downtown Las Vegas Tuesday night. When the meal ended, I told him, “Steve, you didn’t need to bribe me to get back on the air…your suspension is already up!” Sincerely, thank you Steve, it was a blast. Unfortunately, the night did end with a near regurgitation on the hotel floor as Seidman decided to show Weiss how much weight he lost by dropping his pants, baring a large and chillingly disgusting dumper for all to see. This thing was so big and white it looked like the star of the movie “Powder,” lying naked in a fetal position.

Scott Fayner/Taylor Rain Wedding – Saturday, Fayner takes the plunge into serious hell as he will A. Get Married and, B. It’s too a porn star. Taylor is a sweetie…but then again, aren’t they all until they lock you down and take over your fucking checking account??? The ceremony will be conducted by KSEX PJ, DJ Foothill.

Overall, everything is going great. Adam & Eve couldn’t be better as hosts and we’re looking forward to a long relationship with the company. Thursday night I’m hosting their Adam & Eve TV party at The Palms hotel [ya know, where Britni Spears stayed on her wedding night], and we’ll continue updating you on &

Other sites where you can find news coverage of this big week: [Well, DUH, this is their show],,,,, and [Of course, AdultBeat is Luke Ford aka DUC aka Duke Floored who is doing his typical cutting and pasting from all the other sites just mentioned].

Luke, by the way is at the convention going by the name “Matt.” Too many enemies?


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