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Item in Ron Jeremy Book Stirs Debate on Stern

NYC []- Howard said he was having Ron Jeremy in the studio because there was a show-related controversy in his new book, “The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz.”

Ron began by acknowledging that AVN has named him the most recognizable name in porn, before also saying he has never taken Viagra during his career, although he acknowledged he knew why some porn stars needed it given the pressure of the industry. Ron added he had money, but that it was mostly because of his business endeavors and not his work in porn.

Howard turned to the matter at hand, which was Ron’s allegation in his book that he, Taylor Wane, Tabitha Stevens and Crazy Cabbie shot a porno in his old KROCK studio. After getting Cabbie on the line too, Howard said he thought Cabbie was the one who got Ron and Tabitha into the studio, but Ron insisted Cabbie wasn’t in the studio while they shot the movie. Cabbie then claimed he once asked Howard if could film the porno in his studio, and that he had said yes, but Howard told him that statement “insulted his intelligence.”

Ron reported he and a man named Brett had sex with Taylor in Howard’s chair, but that they didn’t “finish.” When Howard pointed out his studio was always locked, Ron responded that the fact someone had a key to get him in led him to believe Howard was behind the project. Howard then asked Cabbie to describe his involvement in the porno, and he said he was “the Steven Spielberg of the movie” because he produced it.

Gary came in and stated someone who worked there had to let Ron and company into the studio to film the porno, and, since Cabbie was the only employee from Infinity who worked on the movie, he thought Cabbie was responsible for it, but Cabbie insisted that wasn’t the case. As Cabbie again compared himself to Steven Spielberg, Gary pointed out the two weren’t the same because Spielberg always got the appropriate permits prior to shooting his movies, which was why he believed Cabbie snuck people into Howard’s studio behind his back.

Cabbie went on to apologize for his actions, and claimed he “shelved” the porno and didn’t release it simply because he didn’t want to, while Artie thought it might have been shelved because of bad lighting.

Artie noted he thought Cabbie was “digging the hole deeper” and advised him to fess up to his true involvement in the porno, but Cabbie wouldn’t reveal anymore details. When Howard asked Ron if he would’ve been in the film if he’d known he hadn’t approved it, Ron responded, “No, not a prayer.”

Cabbie then complained that he didn’t think Ron needed to put this story in his book, but Artie pointed out it wasn’t Ron’s fault given his innocence in what happened. Cabbie proceeded to apologize again, and referred to himself as “young, dumb and stupid” when the movie was shot.

As Cabbie continued to insist that Howard gave his permission to shoot the porno, Artie yelled the excuse was making Cabbie sound like “a retard.” Howard then asked why, if he did approve the porno as Cabbie claimed, he wasn’t told about its filming, but Cabbie didn’t have an answer. Cabbie added “there were some things you don’t tell,” and wouldn’t reveal whose idea it was to shoot the movie in Howard’s studio.

Howard took calls from listeners, who all noted how ungrateful Cabbie was to Howard, despite all the support he’s given him throughout his career. Irish John, who noted he was good friends with Tabitha, then called in and reported Tabitha refused to do her scene in the studio because she didn’t think Howard would approve of it, and added that she accused Cabbie of putting the whole thing together.

Ralph next got on the line to say he wasn’t surprised by Cabbie’s behavior, especially given his “Crazy” moniker, but Artie replied that wasn’t a good argument, and Fred said even people who weren’t smart would’ve known not to shoot the porno in Howard’s studio.

Howard also took a call from Angry Black, who claimed Brett once showed him the porno, and thought he had seen Cabbie having sex in Howard’s studio in it, but both Ron and Cabbie insisted that didn’t happen. Cabbie proceeded to say he didn’t want to talk about the movie anymore and asked Howard if he could talk to him off the air about it, but Howard said he wasn’t interested in doing that.

Howard acknowledged he had “a weird personality,” and that, because he now felt betrayed by Cabbie, he’d never be able to look at him the same way again. Howard then wondered if anyone else he knew was involved with the porno, but Cabbie refused to answer. Because of Cabbie’s reply, Artie guessed there were, in fact, other people Howard knew in on it, which led Howard to thank Cabbie for allowing him to trust even more people who didn’t deserve to be trusted.


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