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It’s Neck and Neck Between Slim Pickens and Diane Duke in the Bullshit Derby

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The funny thing is, if you read Slim Pickens’ website long enough, you’ll observe he gets caught in his own septic tank of bullshit more often than not. Rob Black pointed out another instance of this on his Wednesday night show.

“There’s a story going around that Sofia Delgado worked with Rod Daily in a content scene and that’s how she got HIV,” said Black reporting the theory that was put out by Pickens.

“I have no problem with that theory,” said Black.

“It’s not about targeting a gene that’s mutating. We’re trying to solve corruption that’s affecting peoples’ health. Okay. Let’s go with that theory which blows this whole on set transmission theory out the water.

“When they [Free Speech] said there’s no on set transmission, then what is a content trade? Aren’t they on set transmissions? And doesn’t that content go to OC Cash? Doesn’t every scene that every talent shoots wind up on a DVD put out by a studio?

“When you work for OC Cash and are told you have to shoot 20 scenes a month, I’m not sure whether they consider that content, but I thought they wind up in movies. I know the Vivid channel buys hundreds and hundreds of scenes a day. They don’t give a shit where they come from as long as the picture quality is good.

“All this off-set bullshit- think about it when this girl [Cameron Bay] did a content trade. What are you talking about? The minute we walk through the door of the adult industry we are entering a facet of life where there is no on-set, off-set. Any girl who has stayed at the LA Direct Model house, Derek will knock on the girl’s door to fuck them.

“I guess that’s off set, even the girl is going to go the next morning with Derek’s hot cum inside her to do a scene with Tommy Pistol. And Tommy Pistol does 50 man anal cream pie gangbangs. Haven’t we learned by now there is no on-set, off-set? It’s our business. They tell you to fuck whoever you fuck.

“If you go with the theory Cameron Bay got it from Rod Daily, you have to go back to the moratorium and this crack team of scientific experts who said these are three separate cases of HIV. So if Sofia Delgado had contact, the moratorium should never have been lifted which means there’s a lot of horrific stuff we haven’t even heard about.

“And Derek Hay, where has he been? Think about this. Remember how LATATA jumped in during the Clover Syphilis crisis. Where is LATATA now? Where is the boss Derek Hay? I think he’s mapping out an exit strategy and how to get out of Dodge before all the Feds come in. Him and Fran. They’re plotting how to get out of Dodge. You think this business is going back to the way it was? Derek Hay, you have no idea what destroying is.

“I watched what they did to Chomos [prison slang for child molester] in federal prison. It’s very frightening. I know you’re planning a exit strategy. Will the talent hit up Mike South and ask the hillbilly where is LATATA in all this? During the syphilis/Clover, Free Speech wasn’t involved. It was Derek. Then it was Shy Love with Hep C and then Derek dropped off and we’ve got Mark Sphincter [Schechter]. I guess ATMLA is putting an HIV wing in just for John Stagliano.

Black then pointed to an amusing exchange between Slim Pickens and one of the keyboard warriors who challenged an inconsistency in Pickens’ reportage. It went something like this:

“Billy” writes Pickens using Pickens’ quote: ‘I am closing in on who the performer is, I am told that she is with a “Rogue Agency” not a LATATA Member and not licensed not bonded.” [– Mike South said this]

Billy adds: So if you knew who it was why would you write this?

Then Pickens’ response to Billy was: “simple…because at that time i didnt know who she was.”

Didn’t Pickens tell us he knew all along who the girl [Sofia Delgado] was but wasn’t saying. That’s because Pickens was bullshitting his readers. He didn’t know anything until AdultFYI made the revelation Wednesday morning.

Black added this to the thought heap: “Mike South said he was closing in on what? What are you closing in on? Shit? You just make shit up.

“Blogger South makes shit up and waits for us to tell you the real truth. When we get the information, we share it with you because there’s people out there who care about the talent. What we do care about is people who could die so our ears are to the ground. South is ‘closing in’ and she’s [Delgado] with a rogue agency. Then we find out that Sofia Delgado is a member of ATMLA which is licensed and bonded and part of LATATA. Mike South was closing in on shit.”


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