Slim Pickens Does It Again: Escorts Should Be Weeded Out of the Business; Which of Course Is Almost All of LATATA

Rob Black took a quick roll call of escorts in the business on his Friday show.

Most of them, coincidentally, belong to agencies that are a part of LATATA. Slim Pickens, as we know, has a special place in his heart for LATATA so Black pointed out that Picken’s urge to rid porn of the scourge of escorts is built with enormous inconsistencies. Not to mention the fact that the woman pictured in the hooker ad on his site isn’t Sofia Delgado.

“When I was gone on federal vacation, there were people doing bad things,” said Black.

“These people continue to perpetuate lies and misrepresentation which causes death, mayhem and destruction. At a time when our business is going through turmoil Mike South posts pictures and a story of what’s not true.

“Mike South is part of Manwin, Derek Hay and LATATA. During the last outbreak of Hep C, and HIV with Cameron Bay, Mike South posted a picture of the 50 Man gangbang- no one in the industry knew who it [Mope #3] was, and South said it was Xander Corvus.

“He gets called out on it and he’s, my bad, sorry everybody. Then he tells everybody he was hot on the trail of the next HIV girl who was with a rogue agent. Then we found out it was Sofia Delgado who’s with ATMLA.

“Which brings us to this post where he posts a backpage ad from August 31, 2011 of ‘Sofia Delgado’ and proceeds to tell everybody that hookers in the business are all dirty hookers but that his hooker-friend in Mississippi is a good hooker unlike the dirty porn hookers in LA.

“How do you look at that girl and go that’s Sofia Delgado, yeah, holy shit. The voice of the business, that is the mouthpiece of information, he now does a story about how all these porn girls are dirty hookers and need to be thrown out of the business.

“He’s telling us his Mississippi hooker is the best hooker in the world and here’s a picture of Sofia Delgado. It’s not the girl. It’s a backpage ad for a hooker in San Francisco! I’m not sure how Mike South has the audacity. But yet LA Direct is his butt buddy- Derek is his butt buddy.

“Mike South you’ll remember did this story on how the business needs agents. Mike South, how do you exile this girl who’s not even in the business? Why do we exile Sofia Delgado, but we’re cool with Allie Haze or Amy Brook [both escorts]?

“If we exile Sofia Delgado why are we cool with Sarah Vandella? What about London Keyes? Brooklyn Lee even admitted to a few escortings but they were very, very safe she said. Brooklyn Lee, your buddy, who’s a real genius, she’s escorting. Gracie Glam escorts. Every girl in the fucking business escorts.

“Samantha Saint, the Richard Nanula girl, the Wicked Contract girl is a hooker. Do we throw her out? How can any of you look at our business, look at the people who are speaking for us and then tell me I’m a dummy. Do you understand what Mike South is saying?

“We wouldn’t be having this debate if everyone put a condom on. We’ve all had sex with strangers, and there’s a 50-50 shot that person had something funky. Mike South puts an ad out of a girl that doesn’t exist and tells you that’s why we’re having the problem we’re having- not who houses one floor of gays who everybody in the business knows is the root of all evil.

“If the gay side of this business spoke up, the entire business would be fucked. You’re getting misrepresentation of our entire structure.

“Wicked Pictures, they use about 70% escorts and everybody wears condoms- what’s the point, what’s the problem? They’re tested. They use condoms in their privates. The only time they don’t is when they fuck the buddies of producers.

“How anybody in this business can go to this asshole’s site. Mike South and the people that he represents are disgusting. Whether Mike South is getting paid by Free Speech Coalition, I don’t know.

“Wait a minute, hold, the phone, stop the horses!” he screamed.

“Charity Bangs [pictured]- isn’t that the performer who Mike South said was a fucking genius? She’s the girl that wants to do the special testing procedure where everyone signs a paper [an oath] and farts in the wind. ‘Charity, you should get together with Michael Fattorosi, the other genius and create a new talent system,’ South said. South was going Charity Bangs, one of the geniuses, but he’s exiling all the escorts.

“Mike South, you dirty piece of shit, every girl that’s part of LATATA is an escort. You promote Derek Hay the biggest pimp, and you put up false pictures saying this is why we got HIV. Enough is enough.

“All of these girls are escorts, and they’re all with agents that belong to LATATA. Now Mike South is saying all that talent are diseased whores, and if we get rid of them the business will be good. Are you guys insane? If this is not just utter lunacy, I’m telling you this is The Truman Show.

“You have industry leaders condemning the girls that make them thousands of dollars. But Mike South calls them diseased hookers. Mike South takes money and does business with the pimps, then Mike South does an entire post of a girl who doesn’t exist then condemns every single porn star that do escorting as AIDS ridden hookers. That’s how ludicrous this business has become.

“This is what we’re about now? We’re going to condemn our own talent? Think about it. This is who Wicked runs to, to post their lies.

“You realize that Misty Stone is a Wicked Brad Armstrong girl. Should we throw her out as diseased and the other porn stars that he claims are diseased? That seems to be where Wicked sends their letters to and South posts them. The fact that these girls aren’t going crazy and losing their minds on these motherfuckers, I don’t get it and why nobody says nothing.

“People just let them lie. When we let people in our industry speak and tell lies and we go along with it we’re part of a problem rooted a long time ago.”


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