Jason Hosts Kaylani and Johnny

Wicked Pictures contract star and former Roy Garcia girl, Kaylani Lei was a guest on Jason Sechrest’s Young and The Curious Friday night. Kaylani stands 4’11” and Jason said he had a thing for people who were either really short or really, really tall.

“If somebody’s like five feet you can lift them up and down on your penis. It takes no effort whatsoever.” By the same token, Sechrest said he played Jack and the Beanstalk with a 6′ 5″ basketball player [male] the other day. “He comes over and he has to duck his head down to come through the door of my apartment. I was immediately pre-cumming in my pants. Anyone who has to bend down to come through a doorway I drop to my knees immediately. I just took the cum all over. It was all in the hair. I looked like a Golden Girl by the time the whole damn thing was over with.” Sechrest also suggested that KSEX Intern BooCocky would suck cock under the right circumstances though Sechrest mused if BooCocky would take a dick up his ass.

Sechrest was bowled over by Lei. “You are stunningly gorgeous.” He wanted to know if she was just as gorgeous as a kid. “I was adorable when I was a kid,” she said. Lei described herself as “bratty” in high school and didn’t have sex. Lei said if she has to act like a slut, she will, but you get the impression that she’d prefer not to. Lei said she has a special somebody [a boy] in her life but prefers to keep that quiet and apart from her work. She was reluctant to lend details about her current amour only to say that he was “big” and might possibly have to duck through a door which is what Sechrest wanted to hear. “I like big guys,” Lei responded.

Instead of going on to college, Lei said she pursued dancing in Vegas. But before that, she did makeup in jewelry stores while living in Massachusetts.

Lei’s first time was when she was “barely” 18. “It was a guy named David; it was in Ireland.” Lei said she was there for a year because her parents moved there. But under further grilling from Sechrest, you got the impression that Lei may have actually lost her virginity at the age of 14. “They’re not going to haul you off to prison, girl” said Jason. Lei said her first time was unbelievable. Lei’s introduction to porn came by way of another boyfriend whom she describes as a porn freak. Lei said he would talk about Jenna Jameson but she had no clue. “He looked at me like I was crazy so he introduced me to some porn,” she said. “We ended up trying some stuff.” Sechrest said Jameson has really mellowed out and is now one of the sweetest people in the industry. Lei’s never met her.

Asked if she likes gay clubs, Lei said she does and tends to get hit on more by women than men. She didn’t know why. “The guys are really, really goofy guys,” Lei said. Sechrest observed how Bisexual Britni had been coming on to Lei in the KSEX green room. Lei said same thing happens to her all the time. “When I go out it’s mostly girls and they’re cute little girly-girls.” While she’s never watched gay porn, Lei said she wouldn’t be adverse to having two guys working on her simultaneously. “It’s beautiful to see two beautiful guys together. Gay men are so adorable.” Asked if she might masturbate to gay porn, Lei said, no, and that she probably wouldn’t masturbate to regular porn, either. Otherwise, Lei claims she loves sex and being in front of the camera.

An exhibitionist, Lei said she’d like to try out freaky things in public places where the chances of being caught were pretty good. According to Lei, Angel X was her first major production. Her latest, a ripoff of Black Rain, Blue Rain, will be out shortly. She works with Mr. Marcus who plays a dirty cop that she’s sent out to investigate. Sechrest thought Lei’s breasts at 32A were perky and beautiful. “Enjoy them now before the year’s up,” she said. A caller-in pleaded with her to reconsider.
Sechrest’s other guest for the evening, described by him as a “twink sensation” was Johnny Law. If you were just listening to the show at home and not in the KSEX members’ area, Steven. St. Croix came on pretending to be Law. As Law, St. Croix said Lei reminded him of his little sister. Sechrest said Law looked bigger in person than on camera. “Honey, I’m so big- in more ways than one. They say that the camera adds ten pounds but what they forget to say is that the camera adds six inches.” Law/St. Croix said he got started two years ago in the business. Law/St. Croix described Lei as a “Mexican jumping bean” – “and you’re not even Mexican!”

Law/St.Croix said he had sex with a woman in his sophomore year of high school. “I was cramming for an exam. Lucy Hendrickson offered to tutor me for my Social Studies test. She had brought over a bottle of Mad Dog 20-20- we drank a little bit of that. I never cried so hard in my life. Her pussy hair was matted like a rug. Like it hadn’t be cleaned for a year. I didn’t munch.” Law/St. Croix said he was now into Central American boys and has a pool boy, Minola whose 14. “I don’t know if it’s the salsa or the food… they’re just really, really, hooooot. It’s all about the tacos.” Law/St. Croix said he loves Richard Gere. “His name should be Richard Rear. I’m done with your rear, go away.”

The real Law had a tough act to follow though Sechrest noted that his hole tastes good. Law said he loves doing promo and one day he’s got to bring his mother on set. When the discussion of Kaylani’s boobs came up as it would all evening, Law said he wanted to eat pasta off of them. Law said he’s a total slut off camera evidence the fact that he accepted Sechrest’s invitation at a club the night before to have his ass eaten out in the bathroom. “I jumped to it.” St. Croix said he was jealous in the sense that gay men are able to get it on-the-spot. “I wish it were that easy between women and men.” Sechrest explained that with men, there are no inhibitions. Lei said she’s capable of having random, unemotional sex but that she’s picky about it.


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