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Jason to TJ: You Some Kind of Cancer Patient?

Porn Valley- Holly Halston’s appearance on The Young & The Curious on KSEX hosted by Jason Sechrest,, besides the formal business announcement of her company hooking up with Amore TV, featured a lot of gossip tidbits as well. Halston was on the show which aired Friday along with her husband Troy Halston. The Halstons have been together 12 years and have managed to remain together.

“Despite the TJ Harts [pictured],” said Holly Halston, thus opening a can of Hart worms. Sechrest wanted to hear the story and Halston said there wasn’t enough time.

“Is she a bitch?” Sechrest asked.

“It was in our younger years,” said Halston. Sechrest assumed that Hart was trying to steal Halston’s husband.

“She had him first,” she said.

“Where do you think the name T.J. Hart came from?” Troy Halston asked. “TJ is me. And Hart is Adam Hart.”

“What a fuckin psycho bitch,” said Holly Halston. “And I heard that karma comes back. Because I heard some disturbing news- totally disturbing for other people but not for me.” She was totally vague about that comment. Sechrest said he hadn’t seen Hart for years and that he was hosting a show at Mickey’s one tiome and that Chi Chi LaRue was deejaying that night.

“And TJ walks into the club,” related Sechrest. “I haven’t seen her in years. She walks by.” According to Sechrest he made an announcement that Hart was in the room.

“I’m, like, look at that hair- it looks like you’ve got a wig on. What are you some kind of cancer patient or something? Chi Chi LaRue gives me the look of death and when we get off the stage says she IS a cancer patient. I was like, oooooooh. I was so devastated.”

Sechrest said he went to apologize and Hart accepted it coldly. ‘I don’t want to talk about it- I don’t want to talk to you.’ I’m, like, I’m sorry TJ.”

By the same token, Sechrest said he heard rumors that the cancer story was a total lie.

Halston said it wouldn’t surprise her.

“I think her existence is probably…”

“…a lie,” Sechrest said, completing the sentence. “It’s like a hologram.”

To which Halston said it would be better if it were.

“Then you could turn it off,” said Halston.

Halston said a lot of people got the impression that she was the home wrecker when it was TJ Hart who was.

“No, bitches- I already had a kid with him. The truth be told she came into my stomping grounds- and I’m okay with that. Because anyone who wants him, you can have him but you have to take his three kids with him and be able to give me some money.” All of that said, Halston wouldn’t have minded Hart in the picture if she went for threesomes.

“Give me something,” said Halston. “I was pregnant. Why not try pleasing me, too. I would have been alright with that.” Sechrest told a story about how Jason Adonis, one of the highest paid gay porn stars and gay for pay, wanted Hart real bad.

“I was hanging out with him but TJ was, like, I want him but I want only you with him- I need another guy in the situation. We all agreed to it.”

Sechrest said, consequently, they were all driving separately to a Day’s Inn.

“She’s [Hart] synonymous for that one,” Halston interjected. Sechrest said he went there and heard Hart and Adonis grappling in the room.

“I bang on the door and nobody answers the door,” Sechrest related. “I knock a second time and could still hear them. Nobody’s answering the door. I was, like, fuck you guys. I wouldn’t have driven out here. I didn’t need this. You told me that you wanted me involved. That was the only time I had ever been cock-blocked. TJ Hart is the only person who’s ever cock-blocked me. Goddamn cancer patient.” But Sechrest kept repeating that Hart’s cancer story was made up.”And she was supposedly pregnant by everybody in the industry, too,” said Halston. “Of course some of those people who supposedly got her pregnant were fixed. So it might have been a bit difficult.”

On another subject, Halston said her very first movie was a bi-movie for Chi Chi.

“As far as a mentor goes you couldn’t ask for a better teacher.”

“She [Chi Chi] wants the best possible product- it’s not like she’s taking you under her wings selflessly,” Sechrest responded. Troy Halston said Chi Chi and Holly had a great relationship.

“But Chi Chi’s head got a little too big,” said Troy. Holly Halston went on to say that she may have have words with certain people in the industry but when push comes to shove, she’ll be “the first fucking bitch to stand up for everyone.”Sechrest agreed that both he and Halston would be the first to come to Hart’s assistance.

“We’d be there like that in a heart beat,” he said. Troy Halston then got into some philosophies and brought up Jill Kelly’s name.

“She did treat as a couple with respect,” noted Holly Halston. Sechrest said he was on a completely different spectrum as the JKP publicist.

“One thing about Jill Kelly Productions and working with that company was that they were so unorganized,” Sechrest observed. “Not from Jill’s end, from the business end. “Everyone running the business was so unorganized that they couldn’t get their stuff together to tell me what to promote. They were constantly apologizing to me for two or three years, saying we’re going to get you this, get you that. At the same time they kept giving me a very large paycheck- the largest I’ve ever gotten in this business per month. And I was, like, you don’t have to apologize to me. If you don’t have anything to give me to work on, send me the check and I’m fine. No one told anyone what to do.”

Consequently, Sechrest said he would get shit from the contract girls because there wasn’t press on a specific shoot.

“How come no one informed me there was a shoot? How can I get press there if you’re not telling me when it is. If they did tell me when it was, they would tell me the day of. What am I going to do? Pull Tod Hunter out of my ass and drag him to your set? You’re not giving me notice.”

Holly Halston predicted that Kelly would be back.

“And she will have learned from it- just like we made our mistake with Halston Productions.” Sechrest said the smartest thing Halston and her husband did was not sell their content.

“You still have it to make money from.”

“I shot three movies back to back around this time last year and I haven’t released any of them yet,” said Sechrest. “Because I want a really good deal. I don’t want to be fucked over. And I’ll wait- until I have good distribution or the money to distribute it myself.”


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