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Jenna Gets It On with Jillian Barberie-update

Porn Valley- It’s been a take-no-prisoners week for Jenna Jameson who’s been on a media tour to promote her book, How to Make Love Like a Porn Star. Jameson was on Howard Stern earlier this week and it was mentioned today on his show that Jameson was apparently bleeped when she made a joke about the length of Stern’s penis. It was also reported to Stern that Jameson, in doing another radio show, told a story about having sex with TV personality and Janine lookalike Jillian Barberie about two weeks ago. Stern got Jameson on the phone to give an account of exactly what happened.

Jameson said she was trying to tell Stern the story the other day on his show. “I think you overlooked it,” she told Stern who thinks he was probably spacing out when that happened. Stern pressed for details. Jameson said she met Barberie at an awards show for video games. “We were partying after the awards show and we made out,” says Jameson. “She made a joke that I can’t wait until the [National] Enquirer gets a hold of this.” Jameson explained that she and Barberie were partying at a burlesque club in L.A. Jameson explained that they had first met at the video game awards an hour earlier with Barberie suggesting that they should go out and party. Stern was in agreement that Barberie was hot. Jameson said Barberie gave her her phone number. Then they met at the club. “We started dancing together.” Jameson said she and Barberie were on stage making out. “I love her to death.”

Jameson said she told Barberie she wanted to make Barberie her girlfriend. Stern was of the belief that Barberie has trouble having sex with men because of something that happened to her earlier on. “She might be a lesbo,” said Stern. “She told me that. Guys did stuff to her that was really bad.” From the stage, Jameson said they went to their own little booth. “We started going for it- it was like a free-for-all.” Jameson said Barberie was feeling her up. “She was really aggressive- that’s what I like.” Jameson said they didn’t get to the finger portion of the program but are setting something up for later.

“I’m hoping to see her when I’m in L.A.” Jameson said they have yet to taste one another and that Barberie’s all up for the pending tryst which could happen in about a week. “It was crazy because I’ve always thought she’s really hot. I watch her show all the time.” Stern wondered if Barberie would mind that Jameson’s letting cats out of the bag. “It’s funny- she didn’t seem to mind,” said Jameson. “The place was packed. Everybody could [see it.] Owen Wilson was sitting a foot from us.” According to Stern, Barberie has offered to do him [Stern], too.

Stern said he’d be damned if he’d wait a week. “That’s when you know you have a lot of sex when you can wait a week. I would be- we’re in the booth now. Let’s go somewhere and meet again.” Stern begged Jameson to call into the show as it happens. “Just put the phone on the bed. Call me up and do it.” Jameson said she and Barberie also have some pictures on Jameson’s website.


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