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Jenna Trashes Brad Armstrong-update

Porn Valley- The reasons for never dating or marrying a porn star become apparent when you read what Jenna Jameson has to say about former husband Brad Armstrong in her autobiography. No Rods are spared, so to speak, and no children are spoiled in the two chapters that it takes Jameson to make veritable mincemeat of Armstrong in what’s a barrage of love/hate commentary. And reading what Jameson has to say about Armstrong only makes you wonder about the pasting in store for Jay Grdina down the road if a similar instance should ever occur.

Jameson begins by saying that she had no chemistry with Armstrong but began dating him out of a sense of obligation because he was the one who drove her to an emergency ward. Details of their first date also leave you with the impression that Jameson wasn’t exactly smitten with Armstrong’s wit and repartee [“whenever I made a joke or acted silly, he just looked at me blankly”] because she makes it clear that there was no love connection whatsoever. She wouldn’t even let him see her to the door their first time together. Subsequent dates, according to Jameson, were matters of convenience if she were bored or hungry. But giving the devil his due, Jameson acknowledges that Armstrong’s an “insanely talented” director. Otherwise, she saw him as a bland figure at best, whose shortcomings may have been due to his upbringing, she conjectures. As in the case of Randy West, Armstrong’s attire doesn’t exactly make a crease in her psyche, either. “He was always wearing a leather jacket with built-in shoulder pads that even Goodwill would have rejected,” Jameson writes.

Sartorially, things went downhill even from there when Jameson and Armstrong became an onscreen couple. Their first coupling on the movie Cover to Cover resulted in Armstrong apparently injuring Jameson’s cervix. She said it took her six hours to resume after she was doubled over in pain. And Jameson says even though she fucked Armstrong on camera she wasn’t ready for it off camera. And when the time finally came, Armstrong apparently insisted in sticking his finger up her ass during their lovemaking sessions. Jameson calls it an acquired taste that she had yet to acquire.

“As the relationship progressed, it became harder and harder for him to fuck me, because he was caught in a double bind,” Jameson writes. “It seemed like in order to get pleasure during sex, he had to humiliate the woman.” As the relationship teetered on near-celibacy, as Jameson puts it, the only advantage is that she never had the baby she wanted so badly. Finally when she did move in with Armstrong, Jameson rationalizes that it was probably more of a means of mutual convenience, that they were both riding each other’s wave.

Jameson tells of one instance where she was going to hire someone to do the drapes for the house that they rented but that Armstrong beat her to the punch by making the drapes himself. All but calling him a hairdresser, Jameson said that Armstrong would also sew and mend her outfits. [Armstrong made the costumes for the KSEX games.]

But the thing that Jameson particularly was enamored with was the doting attention that Armstrong showered on her. “I was confident that he loved me and, even better, he allowed me to be in charge.” Jameson admits, however, that her past relationships with men came to play here and she really fucked Armstrong up.

“By the end of our first month living together, we were fighting all the time. I would insult every aspect of his masculinity and threaten to leave, because I truly did not need him. Whenever I said I was out of there he would cry. And once a man cries it’s over. Show me any weakness and I’ll stomp all over you.”

Jameson said Armstrong would attempt -in a time-honored tactic practiced by men- to play off her insecurities to keep her under control. “He would walk into the room when I was putting on makeup naked and say, “You can tell the first thing that’s going to go is your ass.” According to Jameson, when Armstrong got angry, he’d call her a whore.

“If I hadn’t really cared about him,” Jameson writes, “I wouldn’t have responded to his provocations at all. So, somehow over the course of all this madness, I must have fallen in love with him.” Even though Jameson admits their sex life dwindled to nothing, a $45,000 wedding was set for December 21, 1996. Jameson writes that she had a moment of clarity by her third glass of champagne and told her father that she didn’t want to marry Armstrong, that it was a big mistake.

“Mind you, I was asking for advice from a guy who had been through five marriages.” Nevertheless, Jameson went through with it and adds this put down: “The wedding would have been a fairy tale if Rod hadn’t been waiting at the end of the aisle for me.”

As you might expect from that remark, Jameson didn’t have sex on her wedding night and spent what she pretty much implies was a disastrous honeymoon in Hawaii where it rained every day. “I couldn’t stand being cooped up in the hotel with him,” she writes. Jameson said she spent the better part of her “miserable” honeymoon on the phone with Joy King, and, by the time they returned to the real word, Armstrong couldn’t get it up for their on-camera scenes.


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