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Jessica Drake Didn’t Make Duck Noises-update

Porn Valley- Unlike Aurora Snow, who was on Howard Stern making mating calls to wild geese, Jessica Drake, was on The Wanker Show, Monday night. But, while Drake didn’t make duck noises, she showed tits that any feathered species would be envious of.

Wankus also complimented Drake on her website. She said she did the design herself. “And that’s really my motorcycle on the site.” Wankus explained that Drake features an incredible flash demonstration. “You follow her on her motorcycle into this town where you can click on this and that. It’s very interesting.” Drake also mentioned that’s she’s spent her last six or seven months discovering her inner whore. “It’s like an inner child only better. Everybody has one.”

Drake explained that she shot her first d.p. for a movie called The Collector and did an anal scene the other day- only her second. Wankus laughed about having the perfect cock for anal. “It’s small!” Drake agreed that there’ such a thing as too much cock. “You don’t know what to do with it.” Drake said she had been someone with an extra large cock. “We made jokes about that all the time.” Drake said she would grab it, constantly keeping her hand on it. “So that much of it wouldn’t go in me.” Drake said she’s also pee’d (on camera} for the first time. “It was for stills.” Drake said she likes indulging in the combination of being known as the girl next door who loves to fuck.

Drake said people have told her that she does not look like she fucks the way she fucks. Drake loves the compliment, however. During the course of conversation, Drake said she was getting a boob job in November because the first time she got one, it threw off her whole center of gravity. “I have to get them re-done. I’m going to be like a D, that’s all.”

Drake also talked about another anal scene she had just done. “I was boning the director and let him put it in my ass.” Drake said the movie is called One Man’s Obsession, Drake being the obsession of Randy Spears. Wankus asked Drake if anything was going on between her and Brad Armstrong since they were seen together at the XRCO awards. Drake let that question fly right by. During one instance in the movie, however, Drake said Roxanne Hall comes out of the bathroom wearing a Jessica Drake mask that was constructed from photo editing. “It was unsettling seeing myself like that.”

On the personal front, Drake said she’s very happy right now, noting that it’s been going on seven months since she and Evan Stone had separated. “You know that you were porn’s couple,” stated Wankus. “You were the ones who gave porn couples hope.” Drake said she heard that comment from so many people. But Drake thinks it was the best in both her and Stone’s interests to call it quits. Drake said communication is the key ingredient, but as it came down to the end, it wasn’t working.

“We would have become just another porn casualty. I didn’t want it to get to that point with him.” Drake said she and Stone talk to one another all the time. “No one knows me like him. He taught me how to ride my bike and I really respect him.”

Wankus asked Drake if she had a crazy psycho-bitch side to her. Drake said no and Wankus told her she’s a woman. Drake said her quirk is that she won’t say what’s bothering her until until she gets mad enough to kill. “I’m so tolerant I take it, I take it, until, oh no, you’re going to die.” Drake said the breaking point will generally be over something small.

Drake and Stone were together from the time she got into the business- nearly four years, of which two they were married. “He was the first guy right after I said I would never date anyone in the business. And I fell in love with him, just like that after making that decision.”

The discussion swung to Drake’s school years where she describes herself has having been a nerd. Drake also noted that she was going to Columbus, Ohio at Columbus Gold for a dance gig this week. Wankus mentioned that Ohio is one of the states where the government completely hates porn. Drake said she’ll bank in an area like that. “I move so much product.”

Asked if she encountered jealousy from local house girls, Drake said she tries to take care of those instances the first night and by the end of her stay she’s attempting to bone most of them. “I take them up on the stage and get them naked. And that’s in my hotel room.” Drake wasn’t naming names but she heard that many features are bitches. “I’ve heard the worst horror stories.” For her part, Drake said because she fucks on camera doesn’t make her better than any of the rest of the girls.

But Drake said she has her own private dressing room which she reserves for her trysts and has been into women since the age of 14. Of her contract with Wicked, Drake said she almost signed with another company. But a last minute chat on a Friday afternoon with Jonathan Morgan and Armstrong convinced her otherwise. “By Monday morning I had signed with them.”

Drake said she gets along with all the other contract girls. “Sydney Steele is one of my inspirations.” Drake said she just worked for the first time with Julian Ann and thought she was phenomenal. Wankus said Julia Ann is the kind of woman who shows heart and displayed that at the KSEX Games. Drake noted that Julia Ann also exhibited that same ferocity during a fundraiser during the HIV crisis. “Tug-o-whore [at the KSEX Games] really changed my outlook towards Julia,” Drake said.

In one of the events which involved putting a condom on a dildo after barreling down a slip and slide, Drake fared badly although Wicked took the bronze in that event. “You’re the only one that day that broke her condom!” Wankus laughed. In her defense, Drake said she was coached to rip the condom open with her teeth. She demonstrated. But Drake said she wouldn’t normally do it that way.

Noting that Armstrong was Wicked’s coach, Wankus, again, tried to slide the question in about Drake and Armstrong at XRCO. Drake ignored him. Wankus mentioned that the message boards postulated that Wicked wouldn’t even show to the event. Drake said she ignored the first rude comment she read which put down contract girls as prima donnas.

In a conversation that got around to her crotch area, Drake said she’s been shaving down there since she was 13. “The first couple of hairs that grew out I was like, ugh, what is that? I didn’t like it.” When Wankus asked if the curtains matched the drapes, Drake admitted that her hair is naturally darker than Wankus’ and that she touches up her eyebrows to make everything match. Drake laughed about letting out all her dirty little secrets.

Wankus brought up the fact that a Wednesday night co-ho, Avena Lee, missed her KSEX show last week because of Drake, that she and Armstrong were fucking her in a scene. Drake disputed that. “That’s not true. We rushed production so she could get out in time,” Drake said. “She was on her way out the door. Then she called and turned back around and said her show just got cancelled. We got her out the door in the nick of time. I think we finished the scene right before 8 o’clock.” Wankus obviously didn’t want to get into the issue on air but it was apparent that someone was bullshitting someone.

Wankus then brought up the fact that there are a lot of people in porn who don’t like Drake. Drake said there are a lot of people in porn she doesn’t like. Nevertheless, Wankus said he didn’t get it because Drake has never showed him attitude.

“And there are people out there who say she’s a stuck-up bitch. I’ve never seen it.” Drake said she gets that from people who don’t know her or who have never been around her. “I’m not stuck up,” she said. “If I don’t have something to say, I’m not going to talk to you.”

Drake said she’d rather be that way than be fake- like a lot of people in the business. “It’s just like high school- I find a lot of similarities.” Drake said being a contract girl keeps you away from the main flow of the business. “Contract bitch is definitely a label that I get all the time.” Drake said she wouldn’t know who the hot new girls are, or who the fresh male talent is. To which Wankus informed Drake that Dave Pounder is hot right now. “He’s on fire.”

Drake concedes that she has a few enemies in the business. Wankus said he gets a similar thing from people who thinks he’s a dick from the KSEX sound bites that Gene Ross prints. “So they think I’m a dick.”

Drake acknowledged that she and Alana Evans made peace at the KSEX Games. Wankus said there was some weird hostility there. Drake said it was a strange situation in that it involved the company she was ready to sign with. But Drake wouldn’t say the name. “I was supposed to work in this movie with a bunch of different people and I have a short list.” Drake said she needed to add someone and chose Chris Evans. Drake said she knew both him and Alana relatively well. However Chris Evans at the very last minute cancelled on the scene.

“The night before- I’m not sure where the wires got crossed,” said Drake. “It was a huge budget movie and a lot of stuff was riding on the fact that I was trying to work with someone new.” Drake said she and Alana wound up in a clash. “She went on and on about how evil I was. I never refuted anything. I didn’t really understand the problem.” Drake is saying she has nothing against Alana Evans at all and ran into her at the KSEX games. Wankus said Alana has a big mouth and that’s the reason why she has a show at KSEX. “But I know she can be loud and crazy about things.”


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