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Jill Kelly gets TRO Against Penthouse

> from Attorneys for Jill Kelly have succeeded in getting a temporary restraining order against Penthouse Digital Media, seeking to prevent that firm from using her trademark name and her websites until the court decides which party owns them.

“The order restrained all parties including Penthouse and Jill Kelly from changing the status quo,” Robert J. Young, Kelly’s attorney, told XBIZ. “A preliminary injunction hearing is set for Dec. 18, whereby we’re going to duke it out and determine who actually owns these assets.”

Penthouse had purchased Jill Kelly Productions assets for $1.765 million at a bankruptcy court auction last April, but Kelly maintains that the trademark on her name and her websites, and, were not part of the transaction.

“That’s wonderful news for right now, because we felt Jill would have been irreparably harmed if somebody got control of her trademark, because then it could be altered,” Young said. “I’m very pleased with the results. I’m just disappointed that Penthouse, which pretends to be a magazine that honors women, is choosing to dishonor and disrespect this celebrity. She’s a good person and she deserves a lot more for what she’s done for the industry. If we have to fight, we’ll be successful for her.”

Young also told XBIZ that his client had rejected an earlier settlement offer tendered by Penthouse.

“The settlement offer they proposed was merely a token,” Young said. “Jill doesn’t have any confidence or trust in these people. The way they have conducted themselves, I have to agree with my client.”

Kelly originally offered her assets to XGen LLC, affiliated with Pleasure Productions and International Video Distributors, for an opening bid of $725,000, but Penthouse outbid them and made the purchase.

“The motion for that sale [to XGen] specifically excluded the rights that are being disputed today,” Young said. “As in all bankruptcy procedure, when the sale comes in, somebody can overbid and take away that sale for themselves. That’s what Penthouse did. They knew exactly what was being offered for sale. There was a specific exclusion that the debtor [Penthouse] doesn’t own the rights to her name or her websites.”

Penthouse claims that it bought Kelly’s name and websites with their purchase last April.

“It’s nonsense,” Penthouse CEO Marc Bell told XBIZ. “It was an asset of the bankruptcy. For $35, people can file anything.”

> Gram Ponante is quoted on Eon McKai, writing from Berlin where his Girls Lie debuted at the Venus Fair, joined forces with Buck Angel in denouncing the United States.

“Fuck the U.S.A.,” McKai said. “I’m selling my shit here.”

“Germans are into shit,” I noted, all cosmopolitan.

Striving to make his point, McKai added that man-with-a-pussy Buck Angel agreed.

“Buck Angel feels the same,” McKai said.

“Feels the same what?”

I can’t tell you how many people try to convince me to do something just because Buck Angel has done it. It sucks.

“Would you like french fries?”


“Buck Angel, the man with a pussy, likes them.”


While in Berlin, McKai was interviewed by the German media outlet Der Spiegel about the sexual weltshmerz that is steveporn, and revealed that he joined Vivid for its college loan repayment program.

>Mastrick writes on ADT: From “Lack of Education Down South Still Aparent” – Wankus

You know, it really slays me how some melon head loudmouth from New Jersey has the audacity to slam people from an entire region when he can’t even spell “apparent.” But then again, we’re talking about Wayne Lewis, a man who produces fine shows where people piss on each other, a person who calls sadists like Max Hardcore his buddies. Yes, the very same Wankus who has headed up a radio station that never seems to grow – just visit the chat room, it never has more than 5-20 people and that’s the way it’s been since Day One.

Could it possibly be that KSEX is stagnant because of the person that heads up the operation? When you’ve got a “producer” that runs his mouth on overtime like that it’s no wonder!

> Bornyo replies: There is absolutely, positively nothing derogative under the sun you could say about that guy that hasn’t been said loud and proud. Go sign up and post it at the ksex forums, and post link to your thread here.

Honestly it’ll be the best thing on those boards since they banned Arthur the straight-porn-bashing queer.

>Wankus responds: It’s pretty pathetic that a deliberate misspelling to accentuate a story has to be pointed out to enlighten the less witty, but the headline was spelled incorrectly on purpose my friend. And out of curiosity…does it make you feel powerful to drop my real name into these little high school pokes? Do you think it’s something that will make your point that much better? I never shy away from my real name, although in the entertainment community, I go by Wankus. Would appreciate it if you’d stick to that while bashing. Thank you.

>ginger lee writes: It’s a generalization that is made about the South time and time again. If I had a dollar for every comment somebody has made to me about the fact that I am from the “Deep South” I would fucking retire.

Wonderful things about Ginger Lee:

I made it past the 6th grade.

I can count past 10…I have toes so I can make it to 20.

I can read well enough to know that there are people who do not understand things they have not experienced and a few bad apples cause the stigma. It’s just the way people are. I can’t even get upset about it, I just listen to whatever people say and keep on living.

My accent has made me serious $$ when I have worked in Northern states, so I will go ahead and keep it.

>mastrick adds: I hung out in the KSEX chatroom for a while. Everybody in the chat watched the video feed free, a third-grader could penetrate their security. You’d see all kinds of sick shit, women pissing on other women, I once saw one of them piss straight up in the air like a fountain, letting it land in her own mouth.

I’m not in favor of censorship but it’s dumbasses like Wankus that are causing government crackdowns on porners. If only the jizz biz still had real Cosa Nostra, that guy is bad for business. They would know what to do.

> Carmella Bing posts: So, my girlfriend and I are near finishing one of our weekend “Pornstar Experiance” bachelor partys. The guys were super nice and seemed shy at first. Once my girlfriend and I started to get down the guys really loosened up. Concidering they were all trying so hard to impress one another, it was obvious they were buissness parteners. When it was time for lap dances they all got the “boss” a dance. Ya know? My girlfriend went to the other room as I was doing “one last show” where “anal” became a popular topic. I picked up Pinky my 14 inch double whammy, to their suprise.

And fooled around with it on my tits for a minute and teased my precisely shaven wet pussy with it stroking back and fouth on my clit. I layed on my back faceing 18 men in suits and tommy bahama shirts with a smile. I shoved that fat pink rubber rod in my dripping wet pink pussy. I grabbed the other end, bending downdward and slowly pop the head in my ass. The room was way too quiet in perversion. So I stand up away faceing away and bend over as the dildo falls out of my pussy but stays tightly secure in my ass. A few pumps and the tips were flying. I went faster as hot anal lube dripping out all down my legs and on the floor.

The boss man suggests really getting it in there deep, and they kept throwing more and more money at me, so I went deeper and deeper. One guy said 1 inch more and ill give you a hundered, so I did, then another guy says yeah, shove it all the way in and blink, and Ill give you a grand. I smiled and took a deep breath as my arse loosened within. My two fingers slimey from all the ass cum and strawberry flavored anal lube pushed the 14 inch “pinky” double whammy all the way in. I then, released “Pinky” to a place man has gone before. Spreading my two fingers with juce dripping on the floor, I pulled my ass cheek aside, and blinked my brown eye. The guys were going crazy at this point. My girlfriend at this moment is stepping back into the room curious as to what all the fuss was about, as I look back and say ready guys? , now noticing my friend shocked noticing me, and shot/shat it out of my ass! I think that was the most fun I have ever had. I wish I could have seen it for myself! The look on their faces was unforgetable. Ive gotta do it again and get it on camera. * Muah!*

> There were rumors that she had gotten married, and Missy Monroe confirms that she did and is now retired from the business



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