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Jill Kelly Visits KSEX-update

Porn Valley- Up until Monday night there were two collectors rarities- Alfred E. Newman on a one dollar bill and a picture of Jill Kelly on a KSEX couch. Now only one of the two remains.

In what was basically a kiss and make up fest, Kelly made a very rare appearance on KSEX,

That’s because Kelly swore she would never come back on the station as well as any of her girls. But ever since JKP girl Tyler Faith acquired a Wednesday night spot, a detante between the two camps had been established. A picture was painted of a non-stop Kelly. “I’ll rest when I’m dead,” she told Wankus. When she does take a break, Kelly said she’ll stay home in bed, eat cereal, play with her dogs and watch TV, Kelly being a major animal lover. Wankus then referred to his and Kelly’s “head butting issue” of a couple years ago.

“You had it,” Kelly corrected him, noting that after the third call she received from one of her girls literally crying about something that was said on KSEX, Kelly told them they weren’t allowed on the show. Kelly said she was tired of hearing the complaints. “Like give me a break.” Kelly said she told her girls who cares what they’re saying about you as long as they’re talking about you. “That’s all that matters.” But Kelly was also willing to concede that it all worked out great as far as press was concerned. “But I don’t read any of the sites,” she added. “I don’t have time.”

Wankus said it wasn’t just a matter of those girls not showing up for their KSEX interviews. The part that got to him was the fact that they never called. “I know you guys are busy as fuck and there’s no way I’m going to tell you that a $1,000 scene or a free appearance on KSEX, which one to pick. Obviously you’d take the scene but just call.”

Kelly said it was no excuse where a contract girl was concerned because they know ahead of time when they’re shooting. But, even so, their scenes are scheduled for first thing in the morning. “So you’ve got to take it or what it’s worth and go whatever.

“But that’s not right,” added Kelly of the AWOLs. Wankus said by the time the stories would get to the gossip sites, the situation would become ugly: “Wankus says the Kelly girls suck! It was never said that way. Actually I was pretty nice about it.” Nevertheless, Kelly, actually siding with Wankus, said those absences were wrong and unprofessional and that there was only one time when she didn’t show up for a shoot- when she got snowed in. “But I was always there. I knew my dialogue. I had my tests. It’s business. Yes, it’s fun but it’s business.” Kelly went on to say that being late or not showing also screws up everyone else’s day. “That’s not right.”

In a funny aside, Kelly said a couple of the girls who had been complaining later voiced the desire to still go on KSEX, one noting that she had been offered her own spot. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” said Kelly. “The guy you’re crying, balling and wanting to slit your wrists over…they don’t know which way they’re going sometimes.”

Wankus went on to credit Kelly publicist Scott Hoover for salving some of the open wounds. “Fuck, let ’em go back- it’s publicity. Just take it.” Subsequent to that, Wankus said the JKP guests have all been punctual. Kelly saw it as a lesson learned. And Wankus joked about Faith, while having her own program, still has to be called 18 times to be reminded to show. “And she still thinks her show starts at 3 o’clock, by the way.”

Kelly said waking Faith up is the hard part and illustrated with a story about a recent party being held at her house with Faith sleeping through it. “You had a party?” Faith apparently had no idea that 20 people had been over. Kelly said Faith, who lives with her, generally picks the couch to hibernate.

“She’s just a fucking bear,” Wankus added. Kelly said she’s tried many methods to arouse Faith including water. But to no avail. That also includes the recent fire at Kelly’s house which, formerly, was Clark Gable’s hunting lodge.

Kelly said Faith did wake up, eventually, but it took Kelly screaming at the top of her lungs to do it. Again, dispelling rumors of a candle left burning, it was noted that the fire started as a result of an electrical problem. “I recently cleaned a vent,” said Kelly. “It was an old house.” Musing about Gable’s previous ownership, Kelly said often she’s heard things. Wankus wondered if Gable ever banged in Kelly’s bedroom, Kelly noting that there’s a secret passageway that goes to another apartment. “That’s where he had his mistress,” she conjectured wondering about old Hollywood stars and their secret rooms.

Kelly, according to her story, woke up with flames lapping her ceiling. Kelly said her dogs were all in bed with her and her room was glowing. Referencing the movie The Exterminator, Kelly said it was like the effect of a flame thrower. “That was the sound and that’s what it looked like coming out of my freakin’ bathroom. But it was a vent.”

Kelly went on to describe the back draft effect that was created. Kelly was particularly worried about the flames reaching a closet where she keeps two propane tanks. “It was like a movie, a cartoon. It was a nightmare.”

Wankus imagined that Kelly must have kept quite a wardrobe in those closets. “I had somebody come pick them up at the office,” said Kelly. “They had smoke damage. Some are unsalvageable but most of them are. They had to put a special treatment on them because everything smells like smoke.” The oddest thing said Kelly is that her dogs didn’t wake up whereas someone driving up the road a mile away will prompt them to bark.

“Or maybe they did wake up and I just didn’t remember. I was in shock.” Kelly said the whole scenario was a very scary dream. “It was my seventh time almost dying and I’ve got two [lives] left.”

Kelly also talked a little about her company’s new apparel line. “We’re hoping to make it really big,” said Kelly noting she had gotten a number of offers from companies but elected to go with Mad Engine

“They’re great- they get right to it. They’re amazing,” she said. Kelly said the company’s warehouse is 30 times the side of JKP’s. “They have 300 workers and a full room [of people] going non-stop. I was really impressed with their quality.” Kelly also noted that all designs are approved by JKP. “But right now we’re doing the basics of apparel. Then we’re going to branch off into some custom lingerie and cute, sexy jeans. We’re testing the waters and going slow.”

The situation was so new, that Kelly wasn’t even sure what the line was being called. “JK Ware?” Kelly wasn’t sure that was the name. “We were just brainstorming.” In passing, Kelly also mentions a cellphone deal.

It was also mentioned that her company went public and Wankus asked how does that work to make such a decision. Kelly, who never bought a stock in her life, said she’s still educating herself to that part of the business. “I guess it’s a matter of taking a chance and going here or going there I guess. Of course you always have bumps in the road and it’s scary. You have so much more control when it’s small. But when you start getting into a large number of people, there’s egos. It’s not money that’s the root of all evil, it’s power.”

Kelly said that’s the biggest lesson she’s learned in her life that power, not money, is the root of all evil. “I’ve watched it destroy people left and right. It’s disgusting.” Kelly seemed inclined to believe that men are more likely to succumb to the lure of power than women. “That’s why women are so smart.” Wankus told Kelly not to play that game. “You women get pretty rough sometimes, too.”

Wankus was curious as to Kelly’s relationship with Bob Friedland. “The man who hates me. He’s your partner I guess?” Kelly said Friedland was CEO of the company. Wankus was also curious whether Kelly was being used for her name or whether there was a good relationship extant. According to Kelly, Friedland comes off very hard. “But I’ve learned so much from him. He’s really great. He’s a pussycat. He’s just tough.”

By the same token, Kelly notes that every person the company has helped has screwed them over. “Every single one. Unfortunately the people I think that work hard, are true and honest end up getting the worst of it.”

Whereas Kelly concentrates on the creative end of the business, Friedland handles the business side. “It’s a great mix.” Kelly relates that Friedland looks at company operations from yearly projections and that Friedland’s hunches generally bear out. When it comes to business and friends, Kelly said she couldn’t fire any one but that situation has changed. “I have no problem. I tell them straight up, business is business and that’s how the way it is.”

Reporting that Kelly may have lost her favorite movie in the fire, Wankus presented her with a copy of The Wizard of Oz.

Bringing up the fact that Kelly tends to make poor choices in men, Wankus wanted to know about Kelly’s most recent marriage and break up with Cory Jordan. Kelly explained that she’s too independent and loves working. She dated Jordan after a month- the same situation that prevailed with her first husband Cal Jammer. Kelly said Jordan was a great father and she went through a stage where she wanted a kid, got pregnant twice and almost died twice.

“He wanted a wife that was home all the time, a full time mom, whatever,” said Kelly. “But I love my job and I don’t want to have to come home and do this and do that. I realized that.” Kelly said she had the coolest stepson in the world. But it was the husband that was the problem and needed full time maintenance. “I don’t have time for that.” Whereas Kelly said she needs a man who’s a rooting section. “Go for it. Not try to bring me down.”

Kelly manages to meet men who attempt to compete with her, she said, indicating that she and Jordan had face offs about whose company was going to be better. “I just don’t do good with ownership papers,” she said. “I’m better off alone and happier.” To that extent, Kelly said it’s her animals who rule the roost in her house but that her second husband [Julian] didn’t want the dogs even looking at you while you were eating. “My dogs are my whole life,” she said mentioning how she moves in ways to accommodate her pets. “It’s the only thing that I know is true in my life.”

Kelly said in no way does her current single status offer an indication that she’s on the market or looking. “I just lock doors. I enjoy masturbating.” Wankus joked about that being the possible origin of her fire- from the friction of intense masturbation. Kelly agreed in that she hasn’t had six in six months. “Technically I’m on the market but the market is closed,” she laughed. “I’m available only if it’s a cowboy and he’s cool.” But contrary to her real likes, Kelly said she manages to pick guys “that are like wives”.

Her ideal man is completely the opposite, she says. “He can fix things. He does things. But I always pick wives. I don’t know why.” If the right cowboy comes along, Kelly said she’s open to discussion. “But I never met one. I never go to any of the rodeos. I always say I’m going to but I never do.”

Kelly grew up a city girl, in the ghetto [Pomona] whose tastes are still inclined to the simpler things. “I have four cars, why do I need four cars? That’s not what makes me happy.” Wankus’ suspicion was that Kelly was intimidating.

“You exude power. Your aura is elite.” Kelly agreed in that she hears the same things being said and that even her own girls hesitate to approach her. “Ask me,” she advised. “You can’t go through life being scared. If you want something done do it yourself.”

Even so, said Wankus, Kelly tends to make statements with posse entrances. “That’s a powerful statement. It’s understandable that you seem so untouchable.” Kelly said that might be so but the circumstances would certainly alter if she met someone with a country boy appeal like Matthew McConaughey.

Asked how she got into the business, Kelly said she started out as a stripper and did live sex shows with Tyffany Million in San Francisco. “She was fucking my boyfriend. We had a falling out and she called me up, guess, what? I’m a porn star.” Million, according to Kelly, wanted her to be her date at the AVN awards. “I was her date and met my first husband [Cal Jammer] there. A month later I married him.”

Kelly was under he false impression that she could do a couple of movies then feature. “Then you fall in love and he was, like, I don’t want you to work.” According to Kelly, Jammer would also cheat on her. “Finally you wake up and get strong enough and walk away.” Another thing Jammer would do, according to Kelly, is threaten to kill himself then play dead. “He would have a gun there and stuff like that. Then when he was dead, I laughed. I thought he was joking.”

Kelly imagined that Jammer had orchestrated his death with theatrical props which were only too real. Kelly said she used to blame herself for the tragedy but not any more. She also cautions those in similar situations to pay close attention to threats of self-destruction. “I’m living proof that it does happen. If someone is saying that it’s a big cry for help.”

Kelly remembers that through those first few months she wanted to die. “I don’t think I did anything. I didn’t care. It was like a haze.” Kelly said she relied heavily on alcohol for years and it’s only been recently that she’s eliminated it from her diet. “I’m starting to remember a lot of things.” She also credits Julian for helping her shed the guilt feelings. And she also remembers relationships where Jammer’s suicide would be thrown in her face. “Now I know why he killed himself.”

On the other hand, Kelly says Julian taught her that there are guys out there who have values. And Kelly also suspects that it was her inner drive finally kicking in that got her out of her funk as well. “I’m very driven. I was like that when I was a little girl. It is my therapy.”

Asked if she thought about a replacement for Ashton Moore, Kelly said there was a girl she was interested in. “She was at my house the other night.” Pressed for details, Kelly related that it was Katie Morgan. Wankus immediately got Morgan live on the air and ran the whole JKP-thing by her. “I got Jill to admit that she’s interested in courting Katie Morgan as the next JKP contract star,” Wankus told Morgan.

“That is very interesting and exciting news,” said Morgan indicating that she’d like to talk further with Kelly about it.

Mentioning that Kelly was at the Holliday memorial service, Wankus said he didn’t know Holliday but that Kelly must have been very close to him. “The wife he never wanted,” said Kelly. Wankus also imagined that Kelly was one of Holliday’s favorites, however Kelly was quick to admit that she, as well as many of the attendees that evening, had fallouts over the years with Holliday.


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