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Julie Robbins from Tar Heel Country

Porn Valley- In a phone hook-up that sounded like it was originating from outer space, Julie Robbins from Charlotte, N.C., was a recent guest of the Sports Swami and, because of the connection, we’re doing our best to relay what Robbins was trying to say.

Asked what was going on with her these days, it sounded like Robbins commented, “I like money. Who doesn’t like money?” Robbins has been in the business nearly five years, the last six months in adult video, but most of it in web work, according to her. In 1999 she saw an ad for nude models in a “local smut rag.”

“I guess a lot of girls do it that way,” laughed Robbins who admits to having met a few shady people in the web business. For the most part, though, she enjoyed what she was doing. “I didn’t have a problem with that. I found out it was for a hardcore line called Naughty Neighbors, a company which doesn’t exist any more. I did it out of curiosity. I’m an exhibitionist. I did it and did it well and decided I wanted to do it again.”

Asked if her age (24) gave her some decided advantages over an 18 year-old, Robbins painted a picture about the first time she was in California. “Picture a 24 year-old girl with no vehicle, no place to stay, no idea of where I’m going. That was pretty scary.” Fortunately for her, said Robbins she hooked up with L.A. Direct Models. “They gave me a place to stay and drove me to shoots which was wonderful.” Robbins said she loves having the opportunity of living with the other Direct Models. “We kind of formed this bond. It’s like being in a dorm in college, and I never got to go to college.”

Asked what she likes about Direct Models, Robbins said, “They take care of us. They do all the negotiating which I’m not good at.” What Robbins also likes is that everything’s explained to the girls ahead of time before they go onto a shoot. “You’re not thrown into a situation unprepared. And that would be pretty scary. And if we have problems, whatever, we can talk to them. Hannah [Harper] is really good about talking to her for all the girlie stuff.” Robbins said she has yet to get homesick and so far has been experiencing a family-type relationship.

Asked how her family from Tar Heel country relates to what she does, Robbins said her mother’s crazy but in a good way. “She just got married, and her and her husband travel a lot.” And because of that, Robbins said she’s pretty sure her movies are going to surface on a hotel pay-per-view one night. “She’ll probably sit there and watch it.” Robbins said while her mom’s pretty gung ho about it, her grandmothers probably don’t know what she’s exactly up to other than nude modeling. “But all of my immediate family- they know about it. And they’re okay.”

Robbins was asked why she decided to do adult films. Robbins remembered a time when she used to “screw like a jack rabbit” but when she turned 18, she decided to cut all that out. “It’s very dangerous now. You can’t do stuff like that.” By the same token, Robbins said her new career has given her a way to express herself, sexually, in a safe environment. Plus the fact that she’s a show-off.

With about 30 scenes under her belt so far, Robbins was asked who she might be signing for at AEE. “We haven’t really decided on that,” she said. “I’m not sure about my availability right now. We’ll see what happens.” Robbins, to hear her talk, isn’t much for gossip. “I hate people that talk about other people,” she continued. “I can’t stand to sit around and here someone bad-mouth someone. And like the money we make, it’s nobody’s business. We’re all out here together and in the same business. I hate rumors.”

Robbins, who loves to cook, said she hopes to be able to take some courses and have a business of her own. “I don’t know how well I’m going to age. I may not age as gracefully as Nina Hartley and some of the other ones. It might all go south.” Robbins said the only regret she has so far is not having come out to L.A. sooner. “I would have learned that much more earlier on. There’s a lot to learn out here.”



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