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Kami Andrews Signs with Extreme -update

Porn Valley- AEE gossip was rife on Kylie Ireland’s KSEX show, Thursday night including the info that Kami Andrews [photo courtesy of Python Pictures] had signed an exclusive contract with Extreme Associates and was now using the name Salome.

Ireland, who was something of the red carpet persona non grata last Saturday night, lugged back tons of AEE gossip. Co-ho Daisy complimented Ireland on the way she looked and dressed throughout the show. “You were a hot bitch.”

“We got into all kinds of trouble at the show,” said Ireland. “They didn’t broadcast live from the red carpet did they?” According to Ireland, “bring your own blanket” was the slogan to describe last week. Particularly in the case of Julie Night who decided to sign for Extreme Associates at the show.

“It was probably a mistake to begin with,” said Bryn Pryor, Ireland’s boyfriend who now uses the name Eli Cross as the situation warrants. “Julie’s been in the business long enough- she probably should have known better. Rob Black talks a good game and when he first talked her into it it was, you know, it’s going to be great, we’re going to have a big booth, we’re going to have suites at the Treasure Island….” Pryor was doing his rendition of Black.

Reality was, said Pryor, Extreme had a tiny “little fucking booth” tucked way against a wall somewhere. “They really wanted the girls there partly to sign and partly to hock DVD’s for which Julie got $20 for helping out selling DVD’s on the last day. That was her commission. They can’t pay her and they didn’t.” Whether Night got any money for signing has yet to be determined. “The suites for The Treasure Island turned into rooms at The Wild, Wild West Hotel & Truck Plaza,” Pryor said.

Andrews apparently called Night to inform her that she would have to bring her own blankets, according to the hotel’s web site. Night apparently then called Ireland in a total panic. “Nothing could be worse than bring your own blanket,” said Ireland. Pryor said it was his understanding, however, that Wild Wild West had $1.99 spaghetti every night.

“Clean rooms and plenty of truck parking. That’s where Julie got to stay.” Pryor said the place offered amenities like trucker showers and a crap table. “One.”

Ireland said they didn’t stay at The Venetian. “There was a screw up with all that going on. We wound up staying at a much better place- The Extended Stay America.” Pryor said had they elected to stay at The Venetian they would have had to share a room with Isabel. “That would have been fine but we’re both in our Thirties and over the rooming with stranger over the weekend-thing. She’s young and likes to party and we’re old and boring.”

Daisy that the KSEX crew did a similar thing by getting their own place with a kitchen, etc. “Not realizing it was a good thing. We just did it because we were bringing a fucking kennel with us to Vegas. We had three dogs. Katie Morgan had five dogs then Austyn Moore had a 90-pound Lab. There were nine dogs and I think the dogs outnumbered the people that were staying at the house. Daisy said the hope was to get the same house for next year so they could set up live cams.

“It was awesome,” she said of the accommodations that also included a big screen TV. “It was the best Vegas trip ever.” Daisy said there was a bar near the house which was a Dolphin bar. “Wankus was in his fuckin’ glory. They gave him this big banner and this Dolphin wind sock and the girl got in trouble for giving the big banner.”

Ireland said Jewel De’Nyle was especially great for lugging back gossip. “Jewel without makeup was a lot more entertaining than the show itself,” Pryor added. Ireland said De’Nyle had catfights in the booth last year, Corina Taylor being one of them. De’Nyle, according to Ireland, put out an edict this year that there’d be no fighting or getting drunk, and proceeded to circumvent her own rules. “But there were no catfights.” Ireland said De’Nyle for a blunt way of putting it, is a practicing witch.

“We got off on subjects of witchcraft and strange things. There’s rumors of her and other girls sprinkling strange pixie dust around the Wicked Booth a few years back.” Pryor said De’Nyle regaled them with stories of all the people in the industry she’s put curses on in the last few years including Jonathan Morgan, Ireland’s ex boyfriend. According to Pryor, De’Nyle had lunch with Morgan a few weeks ago. “He told her some story about how he got married to a girl [Nikki Fritz] who used to work at AVN. I guess they came home from their honeymoon and found this voodoo curse-thing waiting for them on the doorstep. Jonathan is incredibly superstitious and he was totally freaked.” The story Ireland heard was that Morgan was carrying Fritz over the threshold when they freaked out.

Pryor said equally strange is that Morgan has dated two girls in the business who are known to be Wiccans. “And they very vocally can’t stand him.” Ireland said she once read a book on Wicca and immediately Morgan thought she had something to do with the curse. “I told him I’m not that kind of person. I’m not that mean.” Pryor also referenced another story where someone took a chunk of Tera Patrick’s hair to put a curse on her.

Ireland notes that not only were the girls signing for Platinum scared to death of De’Nyle but that De’Nyle’s mother has been an active industry partyer and drinker lately. “She’s been drinking running and around kissing all the girls. Which is fine because Jewel now lives in New York and doesn’t see this. But she’s hearing all these rumors about her ma sucking on boobies and stuff.”

At the mention of Mari Possa, Daisy said that’s one girl she’d like to taker home and lock in her cellar if she had one. “I think she’s fucking hot- she reminds you of a little Latin pixie.”

With a fate worse than death acquiescence, Ireland decided to talk about the red carpet incident. Ireland said interviews were being conducted when she arrived. She was told sorry, the show was going to start. “Which is fine but up walks Seymore Butts and Brad Armstrong and Jessica Drake. They’re nominated for things and Seymore is being inducted into the Hall of Fame just like me. They allow all of them in. I go to follow them. The guy sticks out his arm and he totally stopped me by grabbing my boob by pushing on it.”

Ireland said she explained that she was being inducted into the hall of fame and that KSEX was waiting to do an interview with her. “And he just kept saying, sorry. He would not let me in. Finally, I just lost it and went all Irish on his ass and started screaming and yelling and getting totally out of control.” Daisy said not knowing what was going on, she assumed Ireland was getting the boot because her nipples were showing. Ireland said the guy didn’t like her for whatever reason. Ireland said when she decided to speak up, the guy threatened her with security.

“We’re going to have you removed. I’m like, bring it on. What don’t you go get Paul Fishbein. Have him remove me.”

Pryor, agreeing, said not only was the guy out of line, that the company who was running the p.r screwed up by telling people that the red carpet started at 9:30 and that it took a half hour as it was to walk it. “It was a cattle call.” Ireland said people were marched along like cows. According to Pryor, another problem is that the red carpet people were ignorant about whom they were dealing with. “I said to the guy you’re making a really bad call. The guy was not willing to listen to anything other than he was going to do what he was told to do and he’s not going to listen to a bunch of stupid fucking porn people who don’t know anything about how to do p.r.”

When alll was said and done, Ireland said she started to cry and walked into AVN in tears. “That kind of sucked.”

Pryor said another highlight was Katie Gold passing out at their table.


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