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Kami Andrews: Pittsburgh’s Secret Seductress

Porn Valley- Kami Andrews, who recently signed with was a guest of Sports Swami Friday. Andrews is from Pittsburgh. Citing the 1970’s roster of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Swami said you don’t figure a porn star to hail from Steel Town. Swami also heard a rumor that Andrews had been swapping dresses and make-up tips with Cordell Stewart.

“He does like to borrow a couple of my outfits now and then,” Andrews laughed. “We wear the same-sized shoe. But I like my guys a little older than he does. We don’t have that much in common.”

Asked how she got hooked up with L.A. Direct, Andrews said they saw her through her modeling profile.

“They e-mailed me and said you can make a lot of money if you come out here to L.A. and do some movies.” Andrews had never done hardcore. “At first I didn’t know who they were. I didn’t know who Ben English was. I heard of Hannah Harper. I flied out to see what the deal was and it was wonderful. I took a big risk but it really paid off.”

Swami said he’s heard of girls getting jitters and crapping little green apples on their first shoot. Andrews’ first shoot was for Slain Wayne with Hamilton Steel. “I really wasn’t scared at all,” she said. “That was the only scene I ever did with him [Steel] and that was my first scene. I wasn’t nervous; I wasn’t scared, I was like, yeah, I’m going to get fucked!”

Andrews says she’s also shot a lot for JM Productions and Devil’s. “Those companies are really fun to work with.” Andrews has also been in Adam & Eve productions, West Coast and Lexington Steele’s new company, Mercenary. “I’m making the rounds.”

At 5′ 4″, Andrews also does S&M.

“Domination is something I started doing before I ever did hardcore,” she said. “In my real life I’m very submissive. I think you can see that in a lot of scenes I do. The one I did for Mason, I’m a complete submissive. The submissive in me wants to give people what they want. And there’s a lot of guys out there that just want the poop beat out of them. Who am I to judge them? If they want me to smack them around, I will.”

Swami heard that Andrews once beat a guy on the back so bad he was bleeding. “Another guy you caned right across the balls. I even heard you had a one-on-one session with Mike Tyson at the AVN awards. And you beat him silly and made him cry.” Andrews said it was her job to make sue that Tyson was in tears before he left.

“If they need a serious dominatrix, I’m there go-to girl every time,” Andrews states. “But I am a very sweet and nice girl. Like anything else, it is a job.” Swami was curious about the S&M lifestyle. Andrews said her customers, by and large, are in very control of their lives. “They’re in control of large businesses and corporations. They just want to let go for a little while. They want to have a little bit of it given back.”

Andrews says one of her sessions will probably begin with a little foot worship. “I’ll let them lick my boots; I’ll let them lick the bottom of my shoes. And, if they’re good, I might ride ’em around like a horse or use them as a coffee table or an ashtray. Then I usually progress to the flogging.”

Swami asked about Andrews’ relationship with Max Hardcore, . “Max is my friend,” she said. “I consider him a friend. He’s been very nice to me. He was actually the second scene I ever shot.” Andrews said she envies Max. “I hope one day I can do whatever the hell I want to little girls. I think that would be fun.” Touting Max as a great businessman, Andrews values Max’s advice and having him around.

In addition to working with Max on several occasions, Andrews said she also found Catalina very charming. “Actually I worked with Max at the AEE this year and Catalina gave me a little gift afterward. It was so cute.” Andrews went on to describe the gift which had a little bear, a nail file, nail polish, and some care bear stickers. “It was a sweet gesture. Catalina’s a really, really nice girl. She’s a girl after my own heart.”

Andrews was asked what it was like living among the morals and high standards of the east coast.

“Last time I checked Quakers aren’t big on adult films,” she replied. Andrews suspected if they made a Quaker adult film it would probably sell really well. Andrews said living in Pittsburgh is her way to decompress.

“If I’m in L.A. for a month, I just start to lose my mind,” she says. “You can only party so hard for so long. I need a nice, quiet place to come back to. And I really like my little apartment, my quietness and my normal neighbors. It’s refreshing. It’s predictable. I can’t take it for too long. I have to have that balance.” Andrews said she’ll sit around for a month then has to go back to L.A. and start all over again.

Andrews was asked the impact that Max, Mason and Hannah Harper have had on her career. Andrews said it’s more of a personal one.

“Hannah is a working girl like the rest of us,” she said. “The impact that she has had on me has been more personal in helping me to see how it can be and giving me a little bit of balance. Hannah Harper and Mason, two of my best friends in the industry, completely balance each other. Because Mason’s a very aggressive, very controversial producer. And then you’ve got Hannah who’s a sweet, wonderful, classy, well-spoken porn chick.”

Andrews said Harper’s agency gets her a lot of work. “They have really done right by me; they’ve really hustled for me and have gotten me a lot of jobs. I’ve done 30 films in just a few months which has been really, really good.” Andrews said she’s just started with Mason. “I think when that film comes out I’ll get more work based on when people see that performance and they see how tough I am and they see what a great scene that I do.” According to Andrews, the movie is titled Riot Sluts.

“I think it’s going to be a good movie for my career because it’s such an intense scene,” she says. And, according to Andrews it also features Ariana Jollee’s first interracial scene. “I think people will be really impressed with this movie.”

Andrews said hers was the most intense scene of her entire life. “Me and Brandon Irons, we went into the warehouse of Elegant Angel. They had nothing to do with it – we just rented out their warehouse for it. I got to drive Mason’s Mercedes around and it was unbelievable. The scene went for about an hour. It has everything.”

During the course of the scene, Andrews says there’s a lot of rough anal. “He [Brandon] picks up this flashlight from the warehouse. It was just sitting there. He picks it up and sticks it in my butt. Like out of nowhere.” Andrews said the movie should be out next month.

Andrews also said Hardcore is both a blessing and a curse. Andrews tried keeping it a secret for awhile that she had been working with Max.

“Because a lot of people won’t hire you if you work for Max Hardcore- then some people will.” Andrews also got a shoot with Skeeter Kerkove, because Max put in a good word for her and said she was great to work with.Swami asked Andrews about her website Andrews describes it as “a fun, little fan site.”

“You can go there read my guest book, read my diary, look at a free gallery of pictures. I have the members section down right now till I decide what direction I want to take it in. But you can link to get my videos there. You can buy any of the corporate videos I made.” Andrews said she’ll also be making the Max videos available that she’s done.” Andrews said there’s also a page that includes her whole filmography.

Asked if she runs the website herself, Andrews said just remember there’s a little girl in Pittsburgh who codes everything by hand.

Asked how her family views her career, Andrews said the people that know her in Pittsburgh would never guess her career.

“When I’m in Pittsburgh I live in my pajamas; I live in my sweatpants. I think a lot of people would never know that there’s this hidden little seductress inside me. But I think all women probably have a hidden seductress inside of them. If they had an opportunity to go to another state that they don’t live in- to fulfill their fantasies- I think a lot of them would do it. It’s definitely been a fun, wonderful experience for me. But you would never know it to look at me.”

When she goes into a department store, Andrews suspects that the first thought is, she’s probably a shoplifter.


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