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Katie Summers vs. John Stagliano Stretch Class Lawsuit Update

We’re gonna discuss something that we haven’t talked about in a while. Some people thought that the issue was dead because I hadn’t talked about it. But, as I explained, court cases take time and have to run their course.

Are you ready?

Let me give you a little history. There is an individual who goes by the name of John Stagliano, also known as “Buttman.” His companies are John Stagliano, Inc., Evil Angel Productions, Inc. and Echo Alpha, Inc.

John Stagliano is a pornographer who owns Evil Angel Video. I gave you the list of his other companies because they are named in the lawsuit. In 1996, he went to Brazil where he engaged in unprotected passive anal sex with a transsexual. This transsexual was HIV positive. It was an incredibly reckless act. I have never heard of someone being so careless. It was like a father driving shitfaced with four of his kids in the backseat. An outrageously dangerous thing to do. Brazil has one of the highest rates of HIV infection in the world. The transsexual community has a particularly high rate of HIV/AIDS infection. It’s highly advised in any third world country to wear a condom while having sex, especially anal sex. This is very telling because it shows the type of person he is and his character.

John Stagliano got fucked in the ass bareback by an HIV positive transsexual and subsequently tested positive himself for HIV in January 1997. When he announced this news, there was shock and disbelief. People couldn’t believe that such a pillar of the porn community could be so irresponsible. It made people question his judgement and what kind of individual was amongst them in the adult business.

Evil Angel was at the time was one of the top companies in the business of selling gonzo porn. Evil Angel was put on the map by the legendary Patrick Collins and well as Bruce Seven, another legendary pornographer who has since passed away. Before John announced his HIV status, both Patrick and Bruce had broken away to form their own companies. Now HIV positive John Stagliano was solely in control of Evil Angel.

Before he contracted HIV, John Stagliano often performed in his movies. However, after acquiring the virus, he ceased performing because it would not be very responsible to perform in sexual situations with talent. He directed movies like Buda and Fashionistas in the years after. He also took AZT and other anti-AIDS medications, hoping to stave off the inevitable outcome of an HIV diagnosis, which is AIDS and death. His financial success enabled him to afford this medication.

He stayed out of performing for years. As far as any of us knew, he had ceased performing altogether. One would think that someone with HIV/AIDS would not be performing in the business anymore. It would seem to be a foregone conclusion that such a thing would not be responsible. Nonetheless, John Stagliano started putting himself back into his movies.

He did a line called Stretch Class, where he would interact with the female talent, being as close to the action as he could without literally being in the action. We thought that was the case. However, upon further inspection, we discovered that he actually engaged in sexual contact with the girls. We learned in our investigation that not only was he engaging in sexual contact, he was not informing the women of his HIV positive status. There have been numerous criminal cases of people who were convicted and jailed for doing the same thing, putting the health and life of their sexual partners at risk without disclosing their HIV status.

In the first volume of Stretch Class, he actually puts his bare penis between the naked buttocks of a Brazilian woman named Monica Santhiago and appeared to penetrate her. This is a woman who did not speak English, so it’s doubtful that she was aware of his HIV positive status. In fact, many women have come forward and said that they were not aware that John Stagliano was HIV positive. He was diagnosed in 1997, when many of the women that he was deceiving were small children. They had no idea of the history of a man known as John Stagliano, who was positive with HIV/AIDS.

As we investigated further, we were told by more and more women that he never told them of his HIV status, not giving them a choice of whether or not to engage in sexual contact with an HIV positive individual. If he claims that what he was doing was not risky, why would he not give that person a choice? One can only imagine that if John Stagliano informed a girl of his status, she would refuse to do the scene. By informing the girl, it would increase the chance of her saying no, thus ruining Stagliano’s fun.

We watched numerous volumes of Stretch Class and saw scenes of girls sitting on John’s face, with his mouth in contact with their bare vaginas and anuses. Some might say that the exposure risks for this act is minimal, which may be true. But why would he not give performers the option of whether or not to participate by disclosing to them of a potential risk, however small?

It has been confirmed by his own wife, Tricia Devereaux, who has posted on message boards and said that John Stagliano does not tell performers that he’s HIV positive. This is coming from his own wife’s mouth, who is also positive for HIV/AIDS.

As you watch more Stretch Class videos, you see John taking it further and further, upping the risk factor. It’s like a drunk driver who drives buzzed and gets away with it, then has a few more drinks next time and gets away with it and continues to drive drunk until he either gets caught or a tragedy occurs and someone get permanently injured or killed. That is what John Stagliano was doing.

John Stagliano would use metal speculums, metal clamps and other devices that could potentially inflict damage to the skin on these women’s bodies. He did not inform them and he did not use rubber gloves. He was using medical instruments that any doctor would use with protection on their hands. He, however, did not use protection of any kind. He even inserted his bare fingers into the opening of the speculums and into the stretched out rectums of the girls. He would put his bare face and mouth into the crevices of the women’s anuses after the medical devices were removed.

One day, a woman by the name of Katie Summers was sitting in the offices of Rob Black Studios in Glendale. This was before I had started a relationship with her. During our conversation, she informed me that she had done the movie Stretch Class. I looked at her and said, “Are you serious?” She said, “Yeah.” I said, “You know he’s HIV positive, right?” She said, What?” I said, “John Stagliano is positive for HIV.” She said, “Nobody ever fucking told me that.” I said, “Nobody ever told you?” She said, “No, I even went to a luncheon where John, Joey Silvera and my agent at the time talked about how Evil Angel was the greatest company in the world and not once did anyone inform me that he was HIV positive. And I worked with him.” I said, “Do you have sex with him?” She said, “No, but he poked me and put his fingers in me and did everything that I would NOT let someone do if I knew that they were HIV positive. I didn’t even know he was gonna be in the scene. He just started interacting during the shooting. I was booked to do a single girl masturbation scene. I would never have thought that the owner of such a prestigious company would be HIV positive and do something like that.” I said, “That’s fucked up.” She said, “You’re damn right it’s fucked up!” I said, “You might want to speak with a lawyer.”

So what happened was Katie Summers went and talked to a lawyer. During the conversations with this lawyer, they decide to file a lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed many months ago and when it happened, there was a media firestorm. TMZ wrote about it and Tricia Devereaux aka Karen Stagliano went on message boards and did interviews trying to smear Katie Summers’ name. Karen Stagliano said that John Stagliano did in fact NOT inform Katie Summers of his status and that her agent should’ve said something. Or she should’ve known.

So talent today should know someone’s medical status of a disease that they acquired 14 years ago? Talent that was 4 or 5 years old at the time should know of the HIV status of John Stagliano? She should’ve been told when she was sitting in a hotel room with him while he was poking and prodding her.

The bashing of Katie Summers continued as the lawsuit proceeded. It was quiet for a while and many thought that the case had been thrown out.

I am here to tell you, “Contrare mon frere.” Nothing could be further from the truth. I explained to you all that these things take time. When you’re dealing with multi-million dollar companies and you’re dealing with lawyers that charge 7-800 dollars an hour, these things will drag out.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to announce that Katie Summers has gotten her official paperwork in the mail. On the 9th of April, at 9:30 in the morning, Katie Summers aka Katherine Howard will be engaged in a deposition with her attorneys and with Paul Cambria, Esq. and with Jonathan W. Brown, Esq. of the law firm of Lipsitz, Green, Scime and Cambria, LLP.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Super Money Lawyer Paul J. Cambria and his associate will be packing up from 42 Delaware Avenue, Suite 120 Buffalo, New York and will be getting on a plane and heading out to California. At 800 an hour, I figure this little trip is gonna cost John Stagliano, Inc., Evil Angel Productions, Inc., and Echo Alpha, Inc. at least 20 to 30 thousand dollars. They will be in a deposition with Katherine Howard and her attorneys in the case against John Stagliano. Yes, the case that you thought went away is proceeding.

At 9:30 AM, on April 9, 2014, formal depositions will take place. The attorneys will be able to question Katherine Howard. John Stagliano will be engaged in depositions. Joey Silvera, Karen Stagliano and all the people involved in the case will be deposed. Hopefully, Christian Mann will also be involved if he is well enough to attend. I’ve been told that his cancer has returned. I don’t believe it, I think it’s a ploy to gain sympathy. I fact, I bet that he will be around longer than six months. Tom Byron is less optimistic. He said the cancer has metastasized to his spine and the prognosis is not good. Christian Mann has said that John was told that the Stretch Class series was a bad idea. Sheena Shaw will also be deposed because she had a relationship with Stagliano where she took dildos and put them in John Stagliano’s asshole and those dildos were then used on girls in the Stretch Class series.

So you see, ladies and gentlemen, this process is going to start to get really exciting. Very exciting. Because at the end of the day, there really is no defense for what John Stagliano did. He never informed Katie Summers that he was HIV positive. Never. Karen Stagliano herself confirmed this to be the case.

You are now going to see the ultimate downfall of the most evil motherfucker in the adult business. A man who goes by the name of John Stagliano. This will open a Pandora’s box of many lawsuits to follow. More girls are going to come forward and seek redress against this piece of shit for putting their lives in danger. What he did was criminal. Take a look at other cases where people were engaged in sexual contact without disclosing their HIV status. Some were convicted and some were jailed. And these were people who met in a nightclub.

We’re talking about a work environment. We’re talking about an industry where people signed model releases. John Stagliano had to sign a model release because he was engaged in sexual contact with Katie Summers. Did John Stagliano sign anything to show that he was clear of HIV? John Stagliano was not supposed to be in the scene. Katie Summers was not aware that he would be interacting with her until the camera was rolling. Only John Stagliano and Katie Summers were in the hotel room. Young Katie Summers was taken advantage of and her health was put in danger by a leering 60 year old creep who was infected with the deadly HIV virus and never bothered to tell her what he would be doing and never bothered to inform her of his condition.

John Stagliano is a piece of shit criminal. You will hear more details as we update you on the case as it progresses and this scumbag gets outed. He is a piece of garbage and a lying sexual predator. He needs to pay for his crimes and he needs to be exposed for the dangerous reckless monster that he is.

John Stagliano is going down.

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