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Kayla Quinn At Webmaster Access West

Porn Valley- This morning I talked to Kayla Quinn,, who was going to be one of the featured speakers at the Webmaster Access West show in Universal City Thursday afternoon. Quinn was going nuts trying to get some last minute matters resolved with Kinko’s due to a screwup with her graphics guy.

Quinn, who was talking a mile a minute, said she was stressed beyond stress, noting that she gave her graphics guy six weeks to get a job done relative to Quinn’s speaking engagement this afternoon.

“This has been my graphics guy for three years,” states Quinn.

“This morning I get a copy- it’s still nor quite right,” she said. Quinn then had to get a quote from Kinko’s on a replication job which she was told would be done in an hour. Later she found out they couldn’t have the job done until 8 pm, long after she would need it. So Quinn had some issues with Kinko’s as well.

Quinn later found out her graphics guy, instead of working on her project which was an IOU, took extra work that paid more.

“I guess he felt that was more important than my stuff,” says Quinn. Besides, she said, the artwork she was handed had hardcore images which couldn’t be used in a public area of the Sheraton Universal.

Quinn said she’s been generally turning down offers to speak on panels. But besides having the speaking engagement which was going to address the topic of how to build, maintain and promote porn star websites, she’s also one of the sponsors of a cocktail party afterwards.

However Quinn will be the first to tell you she isn’t a “porn star” and hates using that term.

“I’m a girl who makes a living doing scenes in adult movies,” she says. “I’m not a star, honey.”

Quinn also talks about the fact that she’s lost 52 pounds. At one time she was going 186 at 5’10”.

“I’m all but living at Bally’s- that’s my second home,” she says. Quinn also mentions that she’s ended her four year relationship, or, better yet, had it ended for her.

“My ex-boyfriend had his daddy come break up with me,” she laughs. What wasn’t funny was the fact that the relationship cost Quinn over $156,000 which she figures is what her ex wound up taking from her savings account. Regardless of the fact that he didn’t like her doing scenes.

“And then he had this passive-aggressive behavior which affected my doing scenes, and I didn’t realize it at the time,” says Quinn. “So we broke up or his daddy dumped me, however you want to put it, and now I’m reading my reviews. The ones I’m getting now are incredible. I can’t believe it. I don’t have that hanging over my head knowing I was with that piece of crap.”

As we compared notes, it dawns on Quinn the last time we chatted was at a reverse bukkake for JM Productions which starred Missy Monroe. Quinn said she won’t do those any more.

“Johnny Thrust calls me up and asks what are you doing on the 26th of October- I said nothing. When he told me it was a reverse bukkake I said no, but just because I’m not booked doesn’t mean I’m going to do your thing. He says why not. I said, Johnny, I don’t want to sit all day in piss. I don’t want to be knee-deep in piss. I just don’t want to do it.”Quinn said her gripe was she was always promised to be paid more but that didn’t happen.

“I told him it wasn’t worth it to me and I didn’t want to deal with it. He said fine, have fun sitting at home making no money. Now he’s all mad at me and won’t take my calls.”


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