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When Kayla Quinn Threatened to Sue KSEX; Jason Sechrest Down to One-Show a Week

Porn Valley- There was a couple of hours to kill at KSEX Friday night, and here’s the first story.

Jason Sechrest cancelled yet another show. Usually he claims it’s an audition or something like that, but this time Sechrest offered the excuse that his guest, a model from Foxxx Modeling in turn cancelled.

So Sechrest elected to scrap the show. In the beginning, Jason had begged management for three nights a week. But in the mean time he got more and more outside gigs which precluded making his KSEX obligations- in, effect, biting off more than he could chew which in Jason’s culture takes on a whole different meaning.

I’m told that a lot of the audience wasn’t thrilled with the fact that Sechrest was on three times a week in the first place, but that his humor eventually won them over.

“He’s a funny fucking dude but he lost the audience he won over by never showing up,” I was told.

From what I’m gathering, future plans now are to schedule him once a week, although he’s got guests lined up for two shows this week. In fact, I’ll be taking over Sechrest’s Wednesday 4pm to 6pm slot until, I guess, KSEX can come up with another format. And that’s only because I’ll be doing a show with Lynn LeMay which should be airing Tuesday afternoons, 4pm to 5pm.

The Foxxx Modeling angle is also interesting because Mike over there apparently feels his girls were getting a trifle overexposed, as it was. I’m told that Mike was extremely cooperative and was sending his girls to a number of shows but now will work with KSEX in doing a once-a-month Foxxx Modeling Night on Powder and Heather Pink’s program. That one airs Friday nights at 8pm. As this development was unfolding, Lorrainiac, the station manager, kept referring to Powder, on air as Captain Foxxx.

> Will former KSEX stalwart Kayla Quinn ever be heard from again? At least on KSEX? Maybe, but there’s a really strong maybe not. And the way this came to light was the fact that Baadmaster, on his program Thursday night, had on as a guest another Kayla. Except she was getting confused with Quinn. Baadmaster announced that he had Quinn coming in to the studio, but Lorrainiac said she didn’t think so and offered a quick recap of the Quinn drama and the fact that she’s been banned from KSEX.

This goes back several months but Quinn had guested with Lorrainiac when Rain was still doing the 10 to midnight slot.

As Rain explained on air, Quinn came in that night “annihilated”. During the course of her apparent annihilation, Quinn literally proceeded to touch a live wire to her tongue, jumping back in obvious shock and, in the process, spilled wine on a white circular bed that was in the studio.

Quinn was told she had to leave. Later Quinn promised that she would have the bed cleaned. In eventuality, she never did.

Along with a conciliatory bottle of vodka being offered her, Quinn was later invited to come back on air and recap the events of that evening. During the course of the show, Quinn was taking heat and a whole lot of ribbing. Finally she announced that Cuzz Fucker, Rain’s co-host, had to go “5% easier” on her or she was walking out the door. Rain, in turn, offered Quinn the last half hour of the show for rebuttal. Rain said you want to roast me, go ahead, you have the floor.

At the end of the night, Quinn left. But it didn’t stop there. Apparently Quinn made some calls to the station’s upper echelon claiming she was slandered and libeled and wanted an on-air apology or she was going to sue.

“I don’t apologize for unnecessary things,” Rain explained as she re-told the story on air. “She [Quinn] tried to turn a light-hearted evening into a lawsuit.”

Besides, said Rain, she had security tapes to back up everything she was saying including some off-air nonsense with Quinn spitting in Soxxx’s face. Then, according to Rain, Quinn later asked for a spot on the KSEX website. Enough was considered enough at that point.

> This of course is not to say Rain doesn’t have drama of her own. Friday she learned that her husband, who’s doing life without parole in Fulsom for killing a drug dealer [he bludgeoned the dealer with a hammer 26 times], was shot three times by a prison guard. He’s apparently in the prison hospital.

According to Rain, her husband had been sharing a jell cell with a child molester and the prison code is you take care of these guys in a terminal way. Except her husband didn’t carry out his assignment and was now considered a punk. When her husband attempted to shiv a guy who was trying to ass rape him, the guard open fired.

> Dic Tracey of ClubJenna made his debut Thursday night and from all reports, Tracey saw what it was like dealing with an uncooperative guest. Tracey had Priscilla Milan of Gold Star Modelong on and Milan kept the conversation going like a lead tennis ball with one and two-word answers. I was told Tracey hung in there and stuck it out.


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