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Porn Valley- Kevin Blatt paid a return visit to Dee & The Fatmen,, Thursday night. Blatt is basically the in-the-know guy on the celebrity sex tape scene today and has been quoted often in the mainstream media, particularly with the Paris Hilton explosion.

Maybe explosion ain’t the word. According to Blatt, the tape so far has sold 380,000 copies to date [at $22 a pop for Red Light District]. Blatt was quick to point out that the Red Light people were the nicest guys he’s ever worked with. Harry Weiss pointed out that the last time Blatt was on the show there was a lot of controversy about who owned the tape. “But Red Light District swooped in and made a deal.”

Blatt said thay at the time he was embroiled in a controversy involving and Marvad situation. “That was because the company who retained me to do the publicity- they ill-gained a copy of the black & white- which is like the collectors edition of her in the dark wih the infrared vision. It was later deemed that Rick Salomon’s roommate Don Thrasher sold it. He did not own the copyright. After a myriad of court dates and a lot of deliberations it was finally deemed that Rick is the sole copyright owner of the tape. Lo and behold he filed a $10 million lawsuit against Marvad. Another lawsuit is placed against Consumption Junction, Traffic Cash- a bunch of these companies are infringing. Everbody is saying let’s see what happens.” Blatt said the prevailing notion is that Hilton’s going to come out of the woodwork and sue everybody.

“That’s why Red Light initially had a little bit of a situation. When they signed the deal with Rick there was a lot of trepidation as you might imagine. But as we’re finding out there’s no trouble.”

Weiss said he heard that a photographer had snapped a picture of Hilton coming out of Hustler Hollywood with a copy of the movie. [The photo was snapped outdoors so I don’t know how that jibes]. Blatt said that was part of the behind-the-scenes marketing. Blatt said he received the photo from the German tabloid, Bild. Blatt said an LA photographer was at Hustler Hollywood and snapped the picture of her holding the DVD. “The best part was that she was with her little brother when she bought it.”

Blatt said he sent that picture to every single tabloid you could imagine. Blatt also mentioned that Hilton just settled her litigation with Salomon. Blatt notes that as part of the settlement, it was played up in the press that Hilton was going to donate $400,000 to a charity of her choice. Blatt said he called Salomon to ask what the deal was. “How come no one’s telling the p.r. guy over here- the mouth- what’s going on.” According to Blatt, Salomon told him that it was news to him, too.

“This is a clear example of spin at it’s best,” Blatt chuckled. “With these people in Hollywood, there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Obviously they like to manipulate the public.” And Blatt’s point was well token by observing the big time commodity that Hilton has become since news of the tape first became public. Blatt also mentioned Hilton’s appearance on David Letterman. Blatt said Salomon called him that evening during which time he was berated on the show and called a scumbag. The irony, said Blatt, was that the more Letterman berated Salomon, the more tapes Red Light District started selling.

Dee asked how it was determined that Salomon was the sole owner of the content.

“This is groundbreaking territory,” Blatt explained, noting that an owner of a camera shooting a consenting person on tape pretty much has property claims to the tape. Blatt said Hilton knew that she was being taped. “Does she know that it’s being used for commercial use later on down the road- most likely not. However Rick was the copyright owner of this particular tape because of the fact that he owned both pieces of equipment.” Blatt said the more he’s gone through these litigations the more he’s learned that rights of publicity are one thing. “Copyright holders are another.”

Harry Weiss pretty much asked the same question Howard Stern had asked Salomon. What does Rick Salomon have that makes him such a babe magnet. “Looks, money, big dick?” Blatt said that’s a great question and explained how his path first crossed with Salomon’s.

Salomon had been shopping the tape around and was told by, presumably, Paul Fishbein that if he wanted to market the tape on the Internet he had to call D Money, Blatt’s brother Darren. “Rick calls D Money,” Blatt related. “This is about two weeks into this whole fiasco of me getting papers from attorneys. I had to get a deposition.”

According to Blatt, Salomon talked about how he wanted to market the tape. It was then that Darren informed Salomon that KB was his brother and suggested that Salomon drop all the legal bullshit against KB in exchange for the help to market the tape. Salomon was informed that KB had no legal stake in the issue.

“Rick hemmed and hawed but we set up a meeting with David Joseph [of Red Light],” said Blatt. It was mentioned that the choice to market the tape came down to either Blatt or Scott Stein.

“I said Scott who?” Blatt commented, wondering if anyone has heard of Stein lately. Weiss said he wasn’t aware that Stein was still living. Blatt said he and his brother went to meet Joseph unbeknownst to him that Salomon was also there. “I come in there and I’m dumbfounded. We both sat and looked at each other like a deer in the headlights.”

Through the meeting, Blatt said he was assessing Salomon’s attire noting that Salomon was basically dressed like a doofus- wearing a porkpie hat backwards along with a ripped T-shirt and powder blue sweatpants cut off at the knee. “He was a goofball with this little goofy smile and stupid little laugh.” Blatt thought the same thing to himself- what is it about Salomon that chicks find attractive. Blatt said he and Salomon are now on a 20 phone call a day basis.

According to Blatt, Salomon has a lot of famous friends that he hangs out with. He just got back three weeks on the road with Tobey Maguire. “That’s his best friend that he gambles with. They were just in Spain and England.” According to Blatt, Maguire took Salomon with him on a Lear Jet, all expenses paid, as a hang out buddy. “Tobey’s a really nice guy by the way. He’s really cool.”

Blatt told another Salomon story about how they went to the Four Seasons to do a BBC television interview. “We walk in and there’s this beautiful, beautiful black girl behind the front desk.” Blatt said Salomon and the girl exchanged looks to indicate that there had been some past fucking in their history. Salomon then confirmed it by telling Blatt she was the best piece of ass that he’s had in the past three weeks.

Blatt said he and Salomon then walked into the dining room. “There’s three people sitting in the whole dining room- there’s Larry Flynt, Adrian Brody and me and Rick Salomon. Rick’s dressed the same way he’s dressed the first day I met him. But he’s got more juice than anybody I know in Hollywood. He can walk in any bar, any club. He knows not only the doormen, the bartenders or the owners. He knows everybody.” Blatt confirmed that Salomon also has a big dick which might help his cause. “I don’t know if you’ve seen the video but it’s very impressive.”

Blatt lent the impression that Salomon was the kind of guy who loves pussy and would fuck anything that walks. “I go for the elevens, not the tens,” Blatt said on his own behalf. “One out of a hundred maybe I’ll land one. But you got to try those 99 times.” Weiss observed that Blatt tends to land all the psychos. “But if I had the money Rick Salomon had I’d probably have a different level of psycho.” Blatt also suspected that Salomon being a professional gambler is very attractive to women. “Because he’s a bandit. He’s a rebel. He’s a renegade.”


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