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Keith O’Connor: “I’d Hire Skeeter Anytime”

Porn Valley- Monday afternoon I had a chat with Keith O’Connor, my former webmaster, and now owner of Defiance Films. O’Connor’s name got tossed on the bonfires of controversy when Skeeter Kerkove,, stated that O’Connor had been tagging him not only as the Mr. Metro informant but had been systematically attempting to get Skeeter ousted over at Metro at the time O’Connor held court over there. Keith says nothing could be further from the truth, that he has the greatest admiration both for Skeeter and Bridgette Kerkove and has never branded Skeeter as a corporate rat.

“Anyone that would tell Skeeter Kerkove that I wanted him fired from Metro or tried to get him fired from Metro would be a liar,” O’Connor asserts. “I never asked for Skeeter to be fired. Ever. I always supported Skeeter. I’m the one that recommended and got Skeeter and Bridgette the big Cal Vista title Babes Illustrated 15 which is the biggest title that Metro has. Skeeter and Bridgette have always done gonzo and I recommended that they could do it. People thought I was nuts but I gave it to them and they did a great job on it. I have always supported Skeeter and I would be more than honored to have him come and shoot for me now- that’s how much faith I have in him. He’s passionate about what he does and I’ve always supported him.”

O’Connor says that before he left Metro, one of his last official acts was an attempt to get the ball rolling with Skeeter shooting the next Taboo title for the company. “That was something I wanted him to do,” says O’Connor. “But it just seems to be a pattern over the years that the cowardly thing to do is always put the blame on somebody who’s not there any more. It seems like, again, that’s what’s happening. People want to use my name, that the reason things didn’t go well was because of Keith. It’s real easy to say that when the guy’s no longer in the building. Try saying it in front of him. It’s very cowardly to make statements and accusations about somebody without somebody being there. That’s my thing. You want to accuse me of something regarding Skeeter or anybody else? Do it with me in the room. Don’t be a coward and do it after I’ve left. That’s the easy way out.”

I ask Keith if he ever told Kenny Guarino that Skeeter was Mr. Metro. O’Connor flatly denies it. “Let me tell you,” O’Connor answers. “I haven’t spoken to Kenny in over a month. Well over a month. I haven’t e-mailed Kenny. I haven’t spoken to Kenny. So if Kenny said oh Keith said you’re this- never. I never said a word to Kenny. Kenny actually thought I was Mr. Metro. Kenny actually accused me of being Mr. Metro.” I then asked Keith if there was anything tantamount to a Mr. Metro witch hunt.

“We all wanted to know who Mr. Metro was,” says Keith. “It was funny. Sometimes we’d all be sitting in the building and we’d find out things on your website before anyone in the building would know. We had no idea who it was. I think people made certain assumptions about Skeeter only because of how much press he gets on your site. There were assumptions made. When all that stuff went up about me quitting and everyone quitting Metro, I stopped talking to Kenny two weeks before that.”

For his part, O’Connor says he, frankly, doesn’t care who Mr. Metro is. “A lot of the things that are being said are true,” states O’Connor. “I could see if it was just Mr. Metro calling in with lies that would be upsetting. But the stuff that’s been posted is true. There’s nothing wrong with the accuracy. But if I was Skeeter, I’d be pissed off, too. Like the other day when he says he confronted me, I actually called him. I talk to people at Metro. I get at least three or four phone calls every day. I got a call saying that Skeeter was pretty pissed because Kenny told him that I wanted him fired. I called Skeeter. I told him, Skeeter, I want to go on record that I never wanted you fired. Not once. Never asked for him to be fired. Ever. To this day I support Skeeter and if he ever had the time to shoot a movie for me I would fucking pay him to shoot a movie for me. You need a fall call and whoever the last person in the seat was, that’s your fall call. Nobody wants to be a man over there and ‘fess up to stuff. They just want to be a coward and blame people that aren’t over there.”

I asked O’Connor why he left Metro. “I just didn’t want to be there anymore,” he replies. “I love the company but there were too many generals. There were too many people that had too much input. It just wasn’t a good place to work any more. They have issues over there. They had issues before I got there. And the same issues exist now that I’m gone. The turnover still remains high. And it’s a mentality over there. You bring somebody in to do a job. And then what happens is, two weeks later, somebody else comes in and has your ear. Now all of a sudden you’re listening to them. “Then,” continues O’Connor, “all of a sudden somebody else comes in two weeks later with another idea and you’re listening to them. All of a sudden you’ve got six people that are running the show. Or six people that each have a piece of the pie. You can’t do it. I love the company and devoted my life to it. Ask anybody. I was there six in the morning. But it just became an environment that was just hard to work in. I’m not going to blame anyone in particular because it’s no one person’s fault and I’m not going to give an interview saying how everyone over there sucked. What good does that do? I wish I was still over there. I wish things were different. But it just became impossible to work there. So Anthony Simone and I – we both left on the same day. He was the head of sales for all of Metro. And neither one of us could do it any more so we both left and we started our own company. This way we can do it the right way.”

If he has any problem with Skeeter, O’Connor says, is Skeeter’s penchant for listening to too many other people and too much gossip. “The only arguments Skeeter and I ever had was Skeeter listening to what other people told him,” O’Connor says. “I heard you said this; I heard you say that. I would tell him- Skeeter, never believe the bullshit people are teling you. Either people are trying to cover for shit or trying to hide themselves. There’s always a motivation behind what people say. I always told him- if you ever have a problem, walk into my ofice, shut the door and we talk. We always did that. And any time he ever had a problem, it always got resolved. If I have a problem with Skeeter I’ll tell him straight to his face. I don’t have to tell Kenny.”


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