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Keith O’Connor Explains the Shy Love Feud- Her “Crooked, Bloated” Invoices

Earlier this week I wrote about the feud between Keith O’Connor and Shy Love at the time Love was directing for Defiance Films, and O’Connor was running the show over there.

Scott Fayner at runs the following interview with O’Connor.

Fayner: So why do you have such a dislike for Shy Love?

Keith: It goes back to the movie Fanta-Sin from Torrid Entertainment, not Justine’s Red Letters. I had Mike Adams shoot the first two scenes. One with Anita Blue and the second was a three way lesbian scene with Celeste Star, Holly Morgan and Paola Rey. After that I had to put Mike onto a Defiance Films production the next day. Defiance took precedent over Torrid.

To finish off the Torrid title I asked Shy Love to complete the final 3 scenes. She shot the three scenes in one day at mine and Anthony’s house in Studio City. Nothing elaborate, just 3 scenes, 8 hours, finished.

A few days later I had to head to New York for a few days. While I was away Shy submitted her paperwork and ‘Directing Invoice’ for the 3 scenes to Anthony, knowing I was gone. Mike Adams did the same for his two scenes. Mike Adams (industry veteran, AVN award winner, feature director) submitted an invoice for a $1000 directing fee for the 2 scenes. Shy Love (no directing experience whatsoever) submitted an invoice for a $3000 directing fee for the 3 scenes.

However in her Invoice to Anthony she made it appear as if she had directed an entire title, leaving out the fact is was a mopup job of 3 scenes in 1 day. Anthony approved the invoice and left it on my desk with all the other invoices along with all the checks for talent and crew.

It was no coincidence that Shy waited until I was gone to submit this crooked/bloated invoice to Anthony. Shy and Anthony’s girlfriend Kelly Erikson were dance partners and good friends and the 2 couples frequently spent time together, so Shy took liberty with that friendship and gave the invoice to Anthony playing on that friendship.

When I got back from New York I signed off on everything until I came to Shy’s check. First I thought it was a combined check for her Directing and performing, until I saw another check made out to her for performing and another check made out to her husband for ‘co-directing’ – so now the directing fee totaled $4000 for 3 scenes.

I went into Anthony’s office and told him the discrepancy, he was shocked and as pissed as I was. He was under the impression the fee was for a full and complete movie, not 3 scenes. I called Shy and asked her why she would have the audacity to submit a $3000 directing fee for 3 scenes (not even mentioning the ‘co-directing’ fee) and her reply was, “I put a lot of work into setting up those 3 scenes, I made a lot of phone calls and did a lot of preparation, so I worked just as hard as if I did 5 scenes over 2 days.”

After hearing that moronic excuse, I OK’d the payment and when she came into the office to pick up her check I told her she was fired and to enjoy the money she just stole, for it was the last dime she would ever see from Torrid or Defiance as a director or talent.

Fayner: What a lying bitch

Keith: Think so? Does it surprise you?

Fayner: What about your problem with Eric Hunter?

Keith: My problem with Eric all stems from Shy. Without Shy in the picture I have no problem with Eric.

Fayner: What do you think about all these stories now surfacing about Shy, from her bogus mail-in degrees, her stealing from partners, money problems, foreclosures, does it give you some satisfaction?

Keith: I could care less, it’s Shy Love, who cares. I have no ill will towards Shy, I wish her the best with her Talent Agency and her career. I’m happy she recovered from cancer.

Fayner: Can we talk about the Defiance Films debacle?

Keith: Not yet.

Fayner: Does that mean we will someday?

Keith: Maybe, maybe not, maybe I’ll just give you all the tapes I have that I recorded during every meeting we ever had at Defiance from the first meeting to the last, all on tape. You can listen to those and then you can decide for yourself who’s telling the truth.

Fayner: Tapes? That should be a good listen, can I have them now?

Keith: Good listen? They’re boring as hell. No sex, no screaming matches. Just every meeting that ever took place between the 4 partners, lawyers, plus a meeting I had over at the other building with a guy discussing emails between myself and Norman. Boring stuff to you.

Fayner: Some James Dond recording shit?

Keith: Nope, just an Olympus DS-2 digital recorder that fit in my pocket and I had with me every day. When I started at Metro in 2003 Kenny always taught me to cover my ass, so I always have.

Fayner: Has anyone heard them?

Keith: Yes

Fayner: Why not make them public?

Keith: I have no reason to, yet. If there ever comes a time I truly have to defend myself and Anthony, I will.

Fayner: You’re no fun anymore!! I bet if we were still doing Lukeford you’d release it!

Keith: Nope.

Fayner: Speaking of people you hate, what about Norman Bentley?

Keith: I don’t hate Norman. Norman was my best friend, I’ve known Norman since 2001. When I first came out to LA for Metro I was with Norman every day. What happened between myself, Anthony, Norman, Defiance, it was business. It wasn’t personal. Norman is very close to Ron Levy, hell Ron was just best man at Norman’s wedding and because of that relationship Norman had to choose sides which is completely understandable. Norman is a great person, and will always be a friend to me. I miss his friendship, I miss going to the driving range with him.

Fayner: Lame!!! I wanted some east coast fireworks!

Fayner: Ron Levi?

Keith: Brilliant and shrewd businessman. Grateful for the fact he believed in Anthony and I enough to parter with us in Defiance and fund it, disappointed that he ended it the way he did.

Fayner: Fucking lame! What are you now a politician?

Fayner: Metro?

Keith: I spoke to Kenny on the phone a few weeks ago. I apologized to him for not listening to him. Truth is he was 100% right and I was 100% wrong. I should have never quit my job at Metro, and Kenny warned me that ‘the grass isn’t greener on the other side’. He was right, he was always right.

When Kenny moved me out to LA in the summer of 2004 he told me if I followed his lead and teachings I’d be one of the most powerful people in adult. I did everything he told me, I stayed under the radar as GM of Metro, my name was never anywhere and everything was great. Then I stopped listening, and made bad decisions. Decisions Kenny warned me of. Kenny was like a father to me. I’d eat dinner with him and his family at his houses in Rhode Island and Beverly Hills, do things with him and his family, and I blew it all because I wouldn’t heed his advice.

Fayner: Regrets?

Keith: Every day of my life, but it’s in the past, I made amends with Kenny and Les Rich and that’s that, it is what it is.


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