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Kelsie Cummings Admits Shooting an Underage Movie for Dirty D

I’ve been getting flooded with e-mails on this subject. This week there was something posted on Craigslist alleging that Michael “Dirty D” Storm a shooter in Florida, had employed underage models.

Kelsie Cummings writes me: When I was 17 I had a modeling portfolio on A guy named Eric from 350 modeling told me he was an agent and he wanted to meet me. So I met him at a dunkin donuts in Holiday and he took me to a hotel saying I had to audition if I wanted to be in porn movies because I’d make tons of money.

I told him I was only 17 and he said it was ok because I was married. So I went and had sex with him for like 10minutes for the “audition”. A few days later he called me and said he had a job for me. But he told me I needed to bring a friends i.d so they had it for their records.

I didn’t think much of it and did as he said. Dirty D and Eric work together often. Eric ditched another friend of mine of at Dirty D’s house once for videos. She was 20 though. anyhow, I went to dirty d’s place and their was like 5 guys there including Dirty D. He asked me to fill out a model release with the information on the i.d. He never said he knew my age he just said “Fill this out with the information on the i.d you have”

so that made me think he knew I was just 17 and Eric must of told him the situation. He never asked me my d.o.b or my name or anything. He just told me to fill out the form with the info on the i.d i was told to bring with me.

I look nothing like the girl in the i.d. Anyways, I did fill out the form then they sat around for a few hours smoking weed before we began shooting. We did a solo scene at his home & then they took me to some Adult Video store down the road to film the second scene.

I started doing the scene and then I found out all the guys they were using were random men off the street & nobody was tested so I said I wanted to leave.

Dirty D and his friends kept trying to tell me I had to stay and finish because I agreed to do the scenes. I kept telling them no I couldn’t do it. I went to walk out and Dirty D pulled me back by my arm and sat me on his lap.

He said it was normal to be nervous but everything was safe. I might of been nieve but no amount of money was ok for me to die of aids. I heard from others he was HIV positive and he shoots condomless all the time. So finally they let me call my husband and he came and got me.

I didn’t get paid what I was supposed to and a few months ago somebody emailed me saying they knew I shot porn at 17 with a friends i.d and they were gonna have me arrested. The email was from [email protected] They emailed me asking me to do a shoot and I said no the pay was too low so they began threatening to turn me in for shooting.

Then your friend Patrick emailed me today asking questions. i just don’t want to get in trouble for anything. I just did what I was told so I could make money to support my son. I was a teenage mom and young. I really had no clue at the time that I couldn’t be in films. I can forward you the emails from 3xcasting if you want. I don’t think it’s Dirty D but it must be someone whose trying to back him up. I just didnt think i did anything wrong.


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