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Kendra Jade Talks About Jerry Springer and Luke Ford

Let’s see if we got this straight. Kendra Jade was originally booked for Dee and The Fatmen Thursday night. But then Wankus invoked the KSEX flake rule which stipulates that those on the flake list have to appear on his show first for absolution. Jade did that Wednesday night but now it’s been learned that she won’t be on Thursday night because she got too fucked up Wednesday night or so she claims.

Wankus said he’s been reading on all the Kendra bios that she’s described as “top heavy.” Jade was saying that she was fucked up from Sardos which, if you add to the Wednesday night alcohol ingestion, might start shifting the top heavy balance of power down to her ass. “That was a crazy party,” Jade agreed, noting that Wankus sang the traditional good-bye song to her. “It was fabulous; I was laughing hysterically. It was the best thing ever. I never had anybody do that.”

Wankus noted that Tuesday night was the first Jade knew of her being on the flake list. And, unlike other girls who have cussed him out, Jade asked Wankus if he could keep her on it. “I enjoy being at the top of the list,: she added. “I’m the number one flake. It’s fabulous.” Wankus said Jade was one of the reasons why the station stopped making third party appointments and insists on booking directly through the performer. “Even with Jenna,” Wankus added. “I talk to Jenna now. I don’t even talk to her people. I can’t deal with this.”

Wankus remembered booking through some girl who told him a list of questions he wasn’t allowed to ask Jade and then enclosed a recommended radio interview. From a lot of gall standpoint, Wankus thought that particularly amusing and said he went through some additional drama with the assistant who told him that Jade, all of a sudden, couldn’t make it into the studio and that it had to be a phone interview. Wankus said the KSEX rule, as it normally applies, is that if you’re in L.A., you come to the studio, though Wankus said he agreed to the phone interview.

“I’m pumping you up all night long on the air and did a press release. No phone call. No nothing.” Wankus said he was embarrassed at the end of the night and called the intermediary who finally called him back claiming Jade tried calling seven or eight times that evening but that no one picked up the phone. Jade came clean and said she never called, that whoever Wankus talked to, lied.

Observing her new hairdo, Wankus complimented Jade on it. “I feel like a lesbian,” she said, though Jade was quick to point out that she isn’t one. “Right now I’m asexual.”

That out of the way, Jade said ask away and almost regretted it. Wankus asked about Jerry Springer and Luke Ford. Jade said she was dating Springer at the time. “It wasn’t like some random thing.” Wankus wanted to know about the videotaping incident. Jade ascribed it to having been with a bad crowd when she first got into the business and that she was kind of dumb. “That hasn’t changed much.”

Jade claims she was pulled into the caper and that a tabloid was going to run a story with or without her. But that if she cooperated, she’d be paid. Looking back, Jade said if she had to do it all over again, she wouldn’t have been involved, but has no regrets about it, either. “I’m kind of cold like that,” she admitted. Jade said a lot of emotional repercussions came with the incident, that Springer’s people hired Anthony Pellicano who called and threatened her. “It was a crazy, crazy time.” Though she got a lot of notoriety out of the story, Jade said she wasn’t prepared for the whirlwind that came with it. “But I kind of enjoyed it.”

Rather than be a one-trick Springer pony, Jade said she pushed herself on the media and was doing as many as 15 radio shows a day to keep her name out there. “Some people were very mean to me. They were very rude.” Jade described her detractors as mostly white trash. Jade claims she didn’t have sex with Springer but did give him oral. She describes Springer’s size as average. Asked if he shaved in sensitive areas, Jade remembers him as being fairly well groomed. Wankus also suggested that she was a bitch that fucked over a very nice guy. Jade was inclined to agree. “Nothing new- seems to be a tendency of mine for some reason.”

Jade was also questioned about rumors involving Gauge where they allegedly hated each other’s guts. During karaoke, Wankus observed that they behaved like best of friends. Jade said she lived with Gauge when Gauge first came into the business and was with Mojo.

“He was such a scumbag,” Jade continued. “He didn’t treat her good. Like this girl is so stupid, what is she doing. I felt bad for her because she was like me, this little girl, who didn’t know any better.” Jade said time basically resolved their immediate differences and they bonded, via alcohol, at Sardos.

“You have some dating history problems,” Wankus observed. Jade agreed. “You have dated some fucking idiots. I heard you dated Luke Ford.” Jade objected. “I did not,” she said. “Luke actually was a really good friend of mine for awhile. I actually talked to him a lot.” Asked if she had sex with Ford, Jade said she wasn’t answering which Wankus took as a yes answer. “He’s a really good friend of mine but we didn’t date.” When noted that Ford wrote about their relationship, Jade spoke of him as “a really conflicted guy.”

“He’s not crazy- he just as a lot of issues,” she added. Jade said they had the kind pf relationship where if she asked him not to print something, he’d go along with it. Wankus agreed that he’s been pretty good about that. “If you give him a certain amount of respect you get it back,” said Jade. “Did you fuck him?” Wankus persisted. “I’m not talking about that,” Jade replied.

Wankus also asked Jade about her stepmother [Kelly]. They appeared in a porno together. “She’s seven years older than me,” said Jade. “I think that for her she was trying to live vicariously almost through me. For her it was like this fun, exciting life that I was living at that time, and she was living back home where I’m from in East Bumfuck Massachusetts. She saw that I was making a lot of money and getting a lot of press but I think she realized it wasn’t all glamour when she stepped on to the set. Oh shit, this is scary.” For herself, Jade said she cried the entire time during her first five movies. “I’d be on the set balling my eyes out. I hated it.”

Asked if she were a Patriots fan, Jade said she’s not into sports at all. Wankus also noted that Jade’s face is seen all over the country on billboards advertising men’s clubs. Jade said one amusing aspect is the fact that she’d get compliments about a certain billboard on Sunset proclaiming her as a Vivid girl. “I was never with Vivid,” she says. “The picture was of Lexus. They said it was me, but it really wasn’t.” Jade said she doesn’t get any residuals from that advertising. “It’s kind of that way with porn, too. You shoot a scene and get paid. Then you see 500 compilations.” Jade said she continues to feature two, three weeks out of every month.” For a time, Jade was also performing with her ex-boyfriend’s band, The Stone Movement.

Jade also keeps busy shooting content for a new website of hers which is being run by ClubJenna. Jade said Jameson’s house is amazing. Her walk in closet is like the size of this room. “She makes a lot of money.” Jade said Jameson and her husband have been really nice to her. “She’s awesome but it wasn’t a fake-thing. She’s really cool.”

Wankus noted that Jade shows up frequently on escort sites. Jade said she went to the Bunny Ranch a long time ago but had a miserable experience. “They treated me nice but it wasn’t my thing. I’m not meant for that.” Jade said a lot of escort sites tend to put your picture on them without ever having spoken to you. But at the Bunny Ranch she was treated like a queen. “They were amazing to me.” Jade said she would book one client a day. “I made a lot of money there. It was more like a vacation to me. I was riding horses and they have a tanning bed. They have a cook who gives you breakfast, lunch and dinner. A maid comes and cleans your room. It was a good time. The thing is they really know how to treat the girls that go there. They’re not disrespectful.” Jade said she’s been on more porn sets where she’s been disrespected.



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