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Mike Albo- Luke Ford Row at The Lamplighter- update

Porn Valley- Ordinarily the afternoon matinee at Rob Spallone’s Star World Modeling,, is the best show in town. But Tuesday it was lunch at the Lamplighter, a popular industry hangout, where AVN staffer Mike Albo got into Luke Ford’s [pictured] face in the parking lot. And the irony was certainly delicious this time around.

That’s because Ford, who ordinarily points his camera of death from a distance- the recent Kurt Lockwood/Gram Ponante shoving incident comes to mind – was this time on the receiving end of fingers drilling into his chest. Supposedly. Ford said the incident happened around 12:30 when Albo who was apparently inside eating saw through the window that Ford was outside. Ford had gone for lunch along with Spallone, Ed Kail, Steve Austin and Adam Wood.

Probably the most incensed about the incident was Spallone who went into the bar looking for Albo after the incident.

“That’s why I smell like Scotch,” says Spallone. “We had lunch- Luke left the restaurant before we did. We came outside and I see two guys in the parking lot- one guy pushing another guy. So I’m standing on the wall, going, look at these two guys fighting. This went on for about a minute and a half. At the end I said that’s Luke and the other guy walked away. I said Luke come over here. What happened? Did you just have a fight with that guy? Luke said he was pushing me around and grabbed my camera bag. Luke paid $900 for the camera and this guy pulls the fuckin’ camera bag.

“I said Luke what the fuck was that?” Spallone continues. “He said that was Mike Albo. Who’s Mike Albo? He said the guy who used to work at Hustler. I said that’s the guy who threw you out of the car in the all-black neighborhood [Boyle Heights]. I said how old is he? 40- Luke’s age. I said okay. Luke goes he [Albo] works for AVN now. I said he works for AVN and goes to lunch and he’s fuckin’ beatin’ people up? I said come into the restaurant with me. Luke wouldn’t come. I was getting aggravated.

“So I walked in and said [to Albo] who the fuck are you to beat up that little cunt?” Spallone continues. “You a fuckin’ tough guy?”

According to Ford, Albo went back into the Lamplighter’s bar after the fight.

“I said [to Albo] let’s go outside right now you want to be a fuckin’ tough guy,” says Spallone. “He didn’t want to go outside. I said you got a lot of fuckin’ balls. You work for AVN, you’re fuckin’ out beatin’ people up? I said Paul Fishbein would like that. I said Paul better fuckin’ call me up. And he [Albo] had a drink. He wouldn’t come outside. He goes I don’t even know who the fuck you are. I said I’ll tell you who the fuck I am. I’m Rob Spallone. That’s who I am and here’s my phone. You want to call anybody, call whoever the fuck you want.”

Spallone then apologized to another woman who was sitting there then supposedly threw Albo’s drink across the restaurant.

“I had scotch all fuckin’ over me,” said Spallone. “That’s the kind of employees Paul Fishbein’s got- going out at lunch time beating people up and drinking?”

Ford was himself curious as to what Albo said to Spallone.

“He said he didn’t put his hands on you, that he [Luke] wrote about him- big deal- what did he [Luke] write that you’re a junkie? Big fuckin’ deal. Everybody in the business hates the guy [Luke]. They don’t go around beating him up- he’s a little fuckin’ girl.”

“It was wrong,” Spallone contends. “Paul Fishbein should fire him. Or pay Luke some compensation. That’s all I have to say and I like Paul. But I want to speak to Paul about this whole fuckin’ thing.”

Spallone also wondered what if Ford’s camera got damaged in the incident.

“That guy [Albo] didn’t look like he had ten fucking cents,” says Spallone.

Luke Ford publishes his version of the incident:

Lamplighter Restaurant. Chatsworth. 12:30 p.m. I walk out of the bathroom and outside.

I hear my name called. I turn around. It’s Mike Albo. He’s just come out of the bar. I assume he’s had a drink or two.

“I want to talk to you,” says Mike.

“OK,” I say.

Mike grabs my bag. “Come over here,” he says.

“Let go of my bag,” I cry.

He won’t let go.

I have my new videocamera in my bag.

“Let go of my bag,” I cry.

“Come over here,” says Mike.

I try to wrestle the bag out of his hands but Mike is stronger than I am. He pulls me out into the parking lot and pushes me up against a car. He pokes his fingers into my chest and shoves me back.

He says I’ve been writing inaccurately about him and that he does not appreciate it. I say I haven’t written about him in a long time but that if I have been unfair to him, we can work it out.

“That link from What Women Want? I am not a heroin addict,” says Mike. “Do you know that you are about an inch from having your ass kicked?”

I say yes. He leans into me and stares into my eyes.

“I want a retraction,” he says.

“OK, whatever you want. You know we can work it out. We’ve worked things out for the past few years. I’ll write a retraction.”

We shake hands and separate. Mike walks back inside the bar. I see Adam from DVSX, Ed Kail from Elegant Angel, and Rob Spallone.

“Was that guy kicking your ass?” asks Adam. “Are you OK?”

“I’m fine,” I say. “Everything’s OK.”

“What was that about?” Rob demanded.

“A couple of years ago, I wrote that Mike Albo was a heroin addict.”

“Who’s Mike Albo?” Rob asks.

“He’s an editor at AVN.”

“He can’t beat you up in front of me,” says Rob.

Rob walks into the bar. A couple of minutes later, he walks out smelling of Scotch.

“I took his drink out of his hands, scotch, and threw his drink across the restaurant,” says Rob. “I told him to step outside. He refused. He said he didn’t know who I was. I’m Rob Spallone.

“I told him he’ll get fired from AVN unless Paul Fishbein comes up with $5,000.

“He said that he punched out.”


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