Kendra Lust speaks out about Kandace Kayne

Kandace Kayne

You remember how Kandace Kayne has been talking a world of shit about Society15?

I know, I know. She talks so much shit about everyone it’s hard to keep up but let me refresh your memory. After being with Society15 for only a few months Kandace Kayne skipped town in the middle of the night owing her agency apparently $1,100 as well as her coke dealer Randy (also of society15) $500. Oh and let’s not forget, she didn’t pay the model house the $1,700 she owed them either.

Then she goes on twitter saying she doesn’t owe her agent shit. Her contract was over for 90 days, it’s over and that was that.

Only that wasn’t that. Turns out the bitch lied yet again. Then again that shouldn’t surprise anyone when it comes to this dumb cunt Kandace Kayne.

Kandace Kayne next went on snapchat and twitter talking about how Kendra Lust and S15 failed her miserably.  They only got her I think like 2 jobs in the entire 3 months she was with them. All the other jobs were setup by her previous agent, which she also happened to skip town on while owing him money.

So remember when Kandace Kayne said she didn’t owe society15 shit?

Look at this tweet by Kendra Lust.


Ooopppppppppssssssssss! Guess that stupid bitch Kandace Kayne got busted lying again.



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