Leeanna Heart to Start Her Own Video Line

I spoke to Leeanna Heart this afternoon and neither of us exchanged death threats with the other. Although I did hear Leeanna mentioning something in the background about mozzarella and pickles which, I assume, could be constituted as a death threat. Leeanna was dancing in Florida (she loves it there) which is the land of death threats but didn’t put a damper on my questions, one bit. No siree. Leeanna explained that she was ordering a late lunch, and I didn’t feel threatened by that remark. In short order Leeanna tells me she’s become a Cuizno’s junkie. “They’re really good- better than Subway, actually.”

I also heard Leeanna was looking for a distribution deal. Heart said she wanted to start her own line, a road-type series. Her current schedule is two-weeks on; two-weeks off. “I’m doing my first one (video) on Sunday,” she says. “There’s a video guy and a photographer in Miami that I worked with the last time I was out here. This will be out first scenes. I’m going to have a boy-girl, a threeway, a girl-girl and a solo. The following weekend we’re thinking about doing a foot fetish video before I leave.” Heart credits her mom with coming up with the name for the line- Heart’s Desire. “It’s kind of catchy,” says Heart who really likes the idea of doing something on the road with her fans.

Heart said she’s considering auctioning off her implants. Old implants, that is. I asked her if she carries them around with her. “They’re at home, actually,” she laughed. “They’re in a contamination jar and everything.”

Gene: You keep your old tits in a jar.

Heart: LOL. I have them!

Gene: That’s very strange.

Heart: I know!!

Gene: You are nuts, aren’t you?

Heart: I wanted the doctor to give them to me so he did.

Gene: Aren’t you running for governor of anything?

Heart: LOL. No! Not this year.

Gene: You got to answer one question for me. Who’s The Green Lantern?

Heart: A friend of mine I’ve known for years. He’s doing a lot of my p.r. He’s taking care of all that for me.

Heart says the only thing that concerns her about her own video line is all the paperwork she can look forward to. “It’s getting everything right and proper.”

Heart says she’s hoping to get out to L.A. sometime in November. “But I really want to do this. It’s just trying to find people to back me a little bit. And get things going on the right track.” After her dance stint in Florida, Heart will be taking a week off then will head for Iowa and Nebraska. Heart says she has five new video titles to come out recently. She did those with Rob Spallone. Asked what prompted to do her on series, Heart says she was ready. “I’m ready to do my own thing and my fans want it. I had even thought of doing a mail order type of deal.”

Asked where her favorite areas to dance were, Heart said right in Florida, in Miami. that she’s tired of the snow. She’s from Pennsylvania. “I do really well in Florida,” Heart said. She tells me she chatted with Mike Albo recently and that they’ve mended some fences. I asked her what kind of fences. “It was maybe Sid Deuce that wrote an article on me one time. I don’t know either of those girls, personally. So I didn’t know why they wrote an article- know what I mean.” Asked if she was being trashed, Heart said, pretty much.

“It was about what happened to me in Hawaii about being robbed. They said I got into drugs and that’s why I never came home. And they didn’t believe I got robbed. Then I went on Howard Stern. When I was on Howard Stern somebody had called and said people had gone to jail over that. Here I am on the radio and this guy from Hawaii is saying that people went to jail. I’m going, oh shit, I’m on the radio- anybody could be waiting outside for me. I was like, oh God, this is all that I need. That’s where I said I love cops, they’re the best. So I go out of the Howard Stern building and there’s like 20 cop cars lined up: Leeanna, do you need a ride? It was a hoot.”

Heart said she’s hoping to go back on Stern, shortly, and auction off her implants on the show. “You know- there’s a lot of weirdos out there.”

Gene sez: Anyone who’s interested in doing a distribution deal with Leeanna can contact me at adultfyi.com and I’ll pass the word along to her.



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