Leeanna Heart Wraps Up First Video for New Line

Leeanna Heart just wrapped up her first production. She’s calling it Trading Heart. But is still tinkering with a name for her company. Possibly, Desired Heart Productions. “Something like that,” she said. Heart, who started Sunday, said everything went smooth and she wrapped up yesterday.

According to Heart, there are five scenes including two boy-girl scenes, a solo, a girl-girl. Heart says the storyline has her being married with her husband coming home, asking about her day. She provides the graphic details. There’s a second girl in the video, a stripper named Angel who plays Heart’s webmaster.

For herself, Heart says she’s in four scenes of the movie and can’t wait to see the whole thing put together. “They’re finishing that up today.” Heart considers this more of a trial run to bigger ventures, depending on what feedback she gets. The guy who shot the movie for her is graduating from pee videos. “We’ll see how he did with this and where we can go with it.”

Gene: It’s a quantum-leap from pee videos.

Heart: I know! LOL. I wasn’t able to see if he really got in there and got the hardcore [it was shot sans monitor]. They had a small camera with a screen. Kind of a small time deal to see how it was going to pan out. So we may have to do another one. I’m hoping to come out to L.A. in November and get some new promo.

Gene: Angel’s a stripper.

Heart: She dances at The Booby Trap in Pompano Beach. A nice girl.

Gene: Is this how you’re designing your series with you doing most of the scenes?

Heart: At the beginning, yes. I did a radio show Tuesday called the Smut Drs. A lot of my fans were listening and I’m basically trying to do what my fans want to do. I’ve never done anal in any of my videos.

Gene: That cute ass of yours has never seen man helmet?

Heart: LOL. Never. This may be a new line.

Gene: A Leeanna Anal Video line?

Heart: Possibly…that’s still in question. But in my show the other day I put a lollipop up there and the guys freaked out. They loved it.

Gene: You’re opening up a whole new line of questioning. Ms. Heart.

Heart: Yes, I am, right! LOL.

Gene: You’ve never done this in your personal life. Leeanna: I have one time but that was an accident. It was sort of an in and out deal where I thought I was going to go through the wall! One time it was an accident.

Gene: Such an adorable unused ass. I am floored.

Leeanna: Really? If I can get somebody to distribute and shoot this thing the way it’s supposed to be shot…

Gene: Who were the guys you worked with.

Leeanna: One was Alfredo who does his own videos. He was putting this together for me. The photographer is Mario and he shoots for a lot of small time magazines down here.

Gene: Mario and Alfredo- sounds like you were working with two restaurant guys.

Heart: LOL I know! That could be our next video.

Gene: What were some of the questions the Smut Drs. were asking you.

Heart: Oh- well, I’m in public right now. I can’t answer that.

Gene: You managed to talk about anal.

Heart: I was getting out of the car. Now I’m in a building.

Gene: And in Florida you can get arrested for thought crime.

Heart: LOL. Right! We’ll chat later about the questions they asked. Right now I’m in a tanning salon.



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