Left for Dead in a Ralph’s Parking Lot After a Car Accident, Bobby Vitale Making a Comeback?

Posted on www.lukeford.com – @BobbyVitaleXXX tweeted …. Did u miss me boys n girls? BOBBY V is back in the game! Making a comeback!!

Industry veteran Bobby Vitale has decided to make a return to porn. You may remember him from movies like Country Comfort which was Devon’s first ever feature film for Vivid. He also worked a lot with Dasha. Well hell, he did a lot of movies – so really who hasn’t he worked with? He was previously married to Briana Banks but they divorced in 2006.

Bobby Vitale began his career in porn in 1995 and performed in over 400 movies.

Producers interested in working with Bobby can tweet him @BobbyVitaleXXX

From the AdultFYI files, January, 2004: Porn Valley- We ran into Bobby Vitale this morning at the same diner where we generally have breakfast with Porno Steve Seidman.

“Run into” is also a term that can be loosely applied to the situation involving Vitale on December 21 when a hit and run driver plowed him down and left him for dead as he was putting groceries in the trunk of his car.

The incident occurred in the Ralph’s parking lot on Winnetka and Ventura Blvds. And though there were eyewitnesses, “nobody saw nuthin,'” mutters Bobby who’s currently hobbling along with the assistance of a walker.

According to Vitale, the accident left him with a shattered pelvis and a smashed urethra. As a result, he’s wearing a colostomy bag and is scheduled for an operation. Vitale’s been told that it will be at least six months before he can start walking again.

Vitale, who thought he had bought the farm, said the accident has been written about by some “assholes” on other adult sites who don’t know what they’re talking about. Vitale, who’s showing remarkable courage, considering the extent of his injuries and the fact that it only happened a couple of weeks ago, is crediting a lot of his rehabilitation to an army ranger who’s been serving as his private nurse.

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