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Lockwood Fires Back

Kurt Lockwood of replies to Hank Spain’s replies to his remarks

1. “Hank Spain” is lying thru his teeth.

2. Obsessed with the model? What a joke! I haven’t seen her or talked to her in over six months (ask her!), Some obsession huh?

3. My supposed second scene had been cancelled before I even got to his set so that’s b.s. too (ask Brit)

4. After 400+ scenes this newbie’s gonna tell me about shooting porn? Ask him about how as we are beginning to shoot the hardcore he decides to tear the whole scene down and completely re-light for an hour because he just got stoned on-set and now wants to see the girl skate around the room on fucking rollerskates (ask Naudia Nyce)

5. Bottomline: If the model was gonna suck off the camera guy before the scene the male talent should ALWAYS be made aware of that which he never fucking did. We have a right to know so that we can decide if we want to do it and also so we can check the appropriate paperwork for safety.

6. He can sue me all he wants, let him waste his time and make an even bigger ass of himself.

7. I guarantee you I will work as much as ever before, I also guarantee that there are definitely members of the ever-dwindling male talent pool that will only shoot for this unprofessional dirtbag now if it’s a last resort.


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