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Lynn Lemay at X-Con-update

Porn Valley- I ran into Lynn Lemay at X-Con II Sunday. And Lemay after all these years is still busting my balls. Back in the Eighties, Lemay was dancing at a men’s club in Lower Bucks County [outside of Philadelphia] and I was supposed to see her that night only to stop off at a nearby 7-Eleven. And I got lucky. I met this girl who came back to my place, and I wound up fucking her in the ass. Lemay still grinds me about my standing her up that night intimating that we would have had sweet, blissful sex.

To which I casually remind Lemay that I got an ass-fuck in the deal and took the candy that was sitting on the counter rather than rely on vague promises of boxloads from the backroom. Then about five years ago I get a call out of the blue from Tonisha Mills. During the course of conversation, Mills is telling me that she always had a crush on me but never revealed it. Mills then tells me she’s coming into L.A. and that we should get together. In the scheme of things I meet Mills at Spago and she’s accompanied by Lemay. I discover the fact that they’re sisters which blows my mind. Porn star sisters. Did Mills and I ever resolve long dormant passions? That’s the funny thing of the story. Lemay stepped in, prompting a heavy Spago’s make-out session and leaving her sister in the dust. Lemay told me yesterday that isn’t the first time she’s done something like that. She also tells me she still has her tits from 1991; 1991, I assume, being a good year for implants.

Lemay’s not looking to make a comeback in the adult industry but was at X-Con as part of a year-long mission to generate some love for PAW, Bill Margold’s organization. Lemay was also at the FOXE Awards and Night of the Stars and says she’ll be at all industry functions in that capacity. “PAW- just in case the girls may need some help, this is the place that they can come. Now there’s health issues.”

Lemay said she followed the HIV story on TV. “I I have friends who are still in the business,” she points out. “And I called to make sure that my friends weren’t on the list. I found out was what going on and I just shook my head because no one’s taking responsibility. If everybody did what we used to do- which is pay a little attention to your own personal self and show up for work that way.

“Think of yourself but think of who you’re working with this wouldn’t be happening,” she continues. “But people are out fucking everybody and anything- hey, I’m a porn star. They walk into a club.” But Lemay is also quick to point out that she and Cassie Nova used to be pretty notorious in their own right. “We’d go to work so we could go shopping to buy clothes to go out at night so we had to go to work the next day to buy more clothes so we could go out that night. We’d walk into a bar and go, I got twenty bucks on him. We were terrible. But people weren’t dying then. Now, God. There’s 5,000 working talent? It’s just ridiculous. When I got in there was 30 people.

“Everybody knew everybody,” Lemay said. “If a new person walked through, we knew who they were in ten minutes because they were asking. Now they all look alike. You notice that? They’re either the busty blonds, or they’re the tattooed black-haired ones. I haven’t seen a pretty natural little brunette in ages. Frankly, I don’t see how these girls are ever going to make it as stars. They’re so many of them doing absolutely everything. But nobody can be great at one thing. I was a blowjob girl. That’s who I was. I came in when there weren’t any tall blonds. I came out of Hawaii and I had no boobs, and I had a second career when I got boobs. Then I had the extensions and I was more of the porno girl rather than the girl next door. So I had a few careers. Now there’s no way these girls are ever going to get like that. It’s sad because the business doesn’t have its stars any more. We have its legends- girls like me who come out of the woodwork every blue moon. But there are no stars. You wouldn’t know who these girls were. I know who Jenna is. I got to meet her for the first time at the Night of the Stars. We took our first picture together. I thought that was kind of nice.”

In going to Night of the Stars, Lemay said she knew everyone from her own era. “But no one from now- I stood against the wall and I just watched,” she says. “I ran into Nick East who looks great- very clean-cut and all-American. I used to love working with him. And Buck Adams? He looks hot. That gray hair really does a lot for him. He should have been old earlier. But he looks great, now.” Lemay says she also bumped, quite literally, into Keisha. Lemay said she also saw Jeannie Pepper at X-Con. “We sat together at FOXE.” Lemay said she’s amazed at the number of people who still remember her, though. “I recognize some of them- I know them, I know them. Have I had sex with them? I know it’s terrible, isn’t it?” Lemay said she’ll walk into a store and be greeted with the first thing going through her mind is did she have sex with the person. Do I know them from a bar? Did I make a movie with them? You look at them, and you know you know them in their eyes. But you just have to have sex with them again to make sure!”

Lemay, at 42, jokes about being a GILF. “I’ve decided to come back and tell everyone it’s okay to get older,” she says. Lemay, the oldest of ten sisters is a grandmother of five. “You can still be very sexy,” she continues. “I’m the best-looking GILF in West Hollywoord,” she laughs. “My fifth grandchild was born last Tuesday. And I still have big boobs!”

Lemay is quick to point out that in all of her interviews, she’s never denied being a porn star with kids. “Then my kids started having kids which was a shock to my system.” Lemay says she’s having a great time balancing porn and grandkids and kids and family and being single in Hollywood.” I asked her what she does for shits and giggles and she told me that about covers it. “That right there fills a lot of my time!” Lemay also talks about being a chaperone to porn newcomer Bunni Baker. “So she doesn’t get chewed up,” says Lemay. “I’m helping her go through the shark waters.” I make a comment about myself being one of the sharks. “You’re pretty harmless,” says Lemay. “You don’t show up for dates. That’s okay. You had a chance to fuck me silly and, instead, you fucked some poor girl in a 7-Eleven and left me hanging.” I hastened to remind Lemay that I did not fuck the girl IN a 7-Eleven.

After sharing other reminiscences in which we both laughed about the fact that we shared brain farts and couldn’t recall instances with Jeopardy lightning round speed as we used to, Lemay points out that she did her first porn movie on Easter Sunday, 1988. “In Corona Queens, N.Y.,” she adds. “I was dancer and living in Hawaii. I wanted to shoot for Penthouse and they said I needed boobs. I got a letter from Guccione from my test shoot, it said get big boobs. So I went to New York to work at Show World. One thing leads to another. I went out to Connecticut and worked at some little club there. I made a fortune. On my way back to Hawaii I stopped in New York and went to see Dave Copeland from Vidway. My movie was the first of the Vidway line.” I remembered the company shoot Lemay a lot. “”They did,” she said. “I was there for only two months. But they shot me a lot. That’s where I met Ron Jeremy, Porsche Lynn and Bunny Bleu.”

On the subject of company’s with the name starting in “V”, Lemay also recalls having shot a movie for Vivid with Barbara Dare, Sex in Dangerous Places.

I asked Lemay to name some of her favorite male performers. She told me she tried not remembering them. “I didn’t like the drama. I didn’t like to know them. That way I had no guilt. He wasn’t your friend. You didn’t have to be nice to them.” Lemay said she made a point of never dating anyone in the industry although she confesses to having romanced a few dozen directors [“I think I hit them all, actually”], particularly Frank Marino, with whom she shared many a story that wound up in my gossip column. “Part of the business was getting in that gossip column,” Lemay explains. “They didn’t talk about you, you weren’t famous. And that’s just how I looked at it.” Explaining her Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf relationship with Marino, Lemay said she had a tendency to sleep around.

“I was a porn star- God forbid,” she says. I liked to have sex. But I never fucked anyone outside the business. And I really didn’t cross over lines in a relationship. If I was in a relationship, he was the one I fucked at home. But I’d go to work and fucked whoever I was told to. But I never took a guy off the set and fucked. And my relationships were pretty much 8 months at a time- 8 months here, 8 months there.”

Although she only did 298 actual films over a span of 9 years in the business, Lemay thinks there must be at least another 1500 compilation titles that feature her. “That’s 1500 movies I didn’t get paid for- that’s kind of cool,” she says sarcastically. In order to find her films, Lemay says she’s Googled herself to discover that her name appears on over 5200 websites even though she doesn’t have one of her own. And, for the record, Lemay notes that she appears as a brunette in only one movie- shot by Roy Karch who she also ran into at X-Con.

I asked Lemay if her and Mills were just busting my balls at the time at Spagos or are they really sisters. “Yes, but we never told anyone,” she states. “Everyone in Europe knew because they kept our passports. And when they had us scheduled to work together, we kind of had to skate around it.” I mention that the resemblance between her and Mills hardly fits into the astounding category. Lemay, showing me a pic of Tonisha, starts drawing imaginary circles, indicating where Mills had facial PS. She draws a lot of circles.

“And being that she was one of the company’s [Video Exclusives at the time] little dolls, Mark [Carrier] paid for a lot of work. She’s had six boob jobs.”

I asked if the still keep in touch. Lemay says she can’t find Mills but suspects that she might be in Colorado. “She was married and had kids. She stole a guy from me. I went to a concert- I met him, I gave him my phone number. She was at my house. And before I got home she was sitting on my couch talking to him and they stayed together three or four years.” Asked how she felt about her sister stealing a guy from under her nose, Lemay said she stole the next one fro her. “And being that no one knew we were sisters, they thought we were best friends that fought a lot.”

Lemay said the first time she had sex was at age 17. “I went out to get laid,” she says. “I was on a mission- Ronnie Graham- you never forget them.” I tell Lemay that’s surprising judging from the porn stars I talk to who try to. “If he ever found out who I am now he’d probably die,” Lemay says of Graham. “he lived down the street from me when I was in high school,” she remembers. “I was on a mission. I was the only virgin I knew and it wasn’t right. It last a whole three minutes. Then I didn’t do it again for awhile.” Lemay says the next guy she had sex with, she married and was with him for 8 years. “Then I got divorced and got in the business. I had three kids to raise.”

I asked Lemay what could possibly turn her on sexually at this stage. “I have a problem with that, actually,” she says. “We’re at that stage where I’ve done absolutely everything I’ve wanted to do. The first time I might not have liked it for a reason so I tried it again. Now I’m looking for something new.” I asked Lemay about anal. “I tried that,” she says. “But guys just don’t know how. You don’t stick it in but they think so. They find a girl that will say yes and they just aaaargh. Guys just have no tact when it comes to sex. And most of them don’t know a damn thing about what they’re doing any more. They just lay there: show me.” My suggestion is that guys are watching too much porn and picking up wrong impressions. Lemay agrees.

“Nobody’s participating,” she says. “I think they’re not showing people how to have sex any more. They’re just shocked. The porn they make now is not about sex. It’s basically all shock value. It’s not about how to make love to your wife better or your girlfriend better. We used to have romance and set up scenarios and have a little foreplay. I haven’t seeen foreplay in a movie for so long. Nobody know how to give head. It’s all about the camera. And the girls can’t suck dick to save their lives. That’s what made me famous. I always took the time and the effort. Guys don’t know what they’re missing and girls don’t know what they’re doing.”

Lemay says she finds the girls in the business different now. “Girls don’t try hard enough.” Lemay also says she’d get correspondence from guys who’d complain that their girlfriends didn’t know who to give them head. “Nobody ever talks to their girlfriend,” she states. “Nobody ever says I like this, I like that. Nobody ever talks any more. Maybe it’s too much stress to say, hey, I like it like this. Me, personally, I don’t quite like the way everybody else has sex. I want you to learn how I like it. But no one wants to take that extra five minutes. And I will not do two hour-long blowjobs to a guy that goes thanks, it’s so over.”


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