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Lynn LeMay: Never Came Once During Her Career; Sex Would Ruin Her Scott Bakula Fantasies

Porn Valley- Zsa Zsa Gabor once played the Queen of Outer Space, and Lynn LeMay on PrimeTimeUncensored,, Tuesday nights, will rule the roost devoted to horror and sci-fi films. In the new show’s dynamic, LeMay’s the sci-film nut, while her co-host, Lu Bricate, is the horror film buff.

In a porn career that could rival a trip on a space ship, LeMay,, discussed some of aspects of her career. Veronica Rayne, who co-hosts the Breaking the Law show noted that her husband to-be Jack Vegas “retired” LeMay in the sense that he was the last one to work with her. Lemay said as far as she was concerned it would stay that way and no amount of money would coax her out of retirement.

LeMay’s now running her company, LeMayzing Enterprises, LeMay, hinting at a big distribution deal, mentioned that she was shooting a scene Friday featuring a guy doing a double-fisting scene. From the sounds of it, he was the one doing the fisting, and LeMay mentioned that she once got d.p. fisted on camera but the scene was never released.

“It was back in the Eighties,” she recalls. “I did it for Executive Video. I was the girl who would try anything.” In the same breath, LeMay said it took her ass a couple of days to snap back to normal.

In her first year of performing, LeMay did 98 movies.

“That was unheard of in 1988,” she said. LeMay was also willing to admit that she never came during any of her sex scenes. The show’s host, Michael Fattorosi suggested that too many girls nowadays are working to please themselves than play to the camera and fans. LeMay agreed that a female performer isn’t paid to enjoy herself.

“It wasn’t my job,” she said.

LeMay and Rayne got on a discussion about today’s current porn climate, and the haughty, kiss-my-ass attitudes exhibited by the newer generation of female performers.

“These new girls walk around like queen shit and no one will remember them,” predicts LeMay, saying that her attitude was to be famous [“I’m a flirt and a tease”] and do scenes that would be appreciated by the porn fan who was spending his hard earned money to buy her movies.

And Fattorosi wasn’t about to let the male performers off the hook, either.

“You see these guys on the boards bragging about all the beautiful women they’re with, but they don’t realize that girls are getting paid to fuck them.”

Fattorosi was also amused that American male performers find it necessary to make emotional connections with their partners.

“Girls prefer European performers because they’re all business,” he added. At the same time, Rayne conceded that male performers have very fragile egos and have to be coddled.

LeMay figured she would be best remembered for her blowjobs.

“It’s the thrill of the kill,” she described. “It’s powerful. You have all the power in the world when you have a guy’s cock in your mouth. You own them.” LeMay, who said a blowjob is all in the presentation, swallows every chance she gets.

Rayne was willing to concede that she, herself, wasn’t a “head girl.”

As the conversation veered more into Sci-Fi territory, LeMay confessed that although she used to bone Peter Deluise who directed episodes of “Stargate SG-1,” her real crush was on Scott Bakula from Quantum Leap.

“I was a fan from the time I saw him in Playgirl, the April, 1986 issue,” said LeMay. Asked if she would do him if she had the chance, LeMay said she wouldn’t.

“Sex would ruin the fantasy with him.”


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