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Marcus “Unsafe” Says Dee

Porn Valley- > After being blistered by Nicole London, interviews with DCypher today to set some records straight.

> Let it be known that a certain porn company tapes all its conversations between its employees and callers-in> In this multi-billion dollar business we call porn, I hear companies are now selling their DVD product for a whopping 70 cents.

> A couple of porn stars when in for the what-the-fu last night on KSEX’s Dee & The Fatmen, Dee talked about a shoot she did with Catalina. “She was bitching about taking a stupid toy up her ass,” Dee said. “It was a normal-sized vibrator, whatever. She was bitching about it. I’m like I thought you’re supposed to be this anal…” The Dago Bomber chimed in by saying that Catalina was bitching about deep throating him on one occasion. TDB noted that Mr. Marcus was supposed to be on the show. Dee said he called to apologize for not being on the show that he was spending time with the family. TDB then chimed in saying that Mr. Marcus did a PSA on a Shane’s World tape featuring Cytherea, Ashley Blue, Marcus and others on a road trip to Buffalo, N.Y.

“On the DVD behind the scenes it has Marcus giving a public service announcement about safe sex. Marcus himself couldn’t even spit it out. It’s a riot.” Dee said safe sex and Marcus don’t go in the same sentence.

“We were talking on the show one day about safe sex…I look over at Marcus and I go, you’re like the wrong person to be talking. He’s like, no, no, I meet girls who have condoms. He doesn’t follow through with his own thing.” On the other hand, Bridget the Midget got kudos for not being “a normal midget.” TDB said Bridget was like a person, only smaller. “Most midgets you meet are kinda nyaaaa. Fucked up. “She’s like this perfect person, only smaller.” The subject swung to how porn companies were shooting on the sly during the moratorium. TDB quoted Seymore Butts. “He sat there at one meeting, he said, I will NEVER shoot another scene, again, non-condom. The first scene he shot after quarantine, non-condom, ‘Well, yeah, but I had to finish up this movie I had from BEFORE’ Shut up.”

> After a couple of weeks of re-runs, Sports Swami is back on the air with some fresh material. He interviews Carina Taylor, among other people today on his show. Taylor, from what I’ve told has some interesting comments to make about Dick Nastyand other agents as well as her take on her recent Howard Stern show appearances. I asked Swami if his absence had to do with gay marriages being made legal in Massachusetts prompting him to go out and get one. Swami said not quite that he had just taped interviews with Summer Haze and Gen Padova that will probably be aired next week. [Swami tapes a week in advance]. Noting Summer’s feud with Amber Rayne, Swami describes his interview with Haze as being “very interesting” and the one with Padova, “enlightening” that they talked about her battle with cancer.


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