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Michael Raven pissed her off Fox says

Porn Valley- Michael Raven and Julia Ann are scheduled to be on Ksex’s Dee and the Fat Men, Thursday afternoon at 5 pm.

Perhaps uber director Raven would like to respond to comments made by Felicia Fox on her show this past Tuesday night when she said Raven, upon their first meeting, called her a racist for not wanting to do interracial. Raven says that Fox’s story is not true and that she must have him mixed up with someone else.

Tim Case and Felicia Fox broke their unblemished string of consecutive KSEX, reruns by airing a new show this week. [Their last live show was March 23rd] The couple has been spending time in the backwoods of Ohio, improving the show, according to Case. Case explained that he and Fox “fled” Los Angeles at the end of March.”Then the next week all hell breaks loose,” he noted, referring to the Darren James story.

Accompanied by Case’s Fun House chortle, Fox again had provocative things to say particularly about the industry’s HIV situation. Case continually poked at the assumption of the doctor’s mantle by an unnamed individual in the business and Fox mentioned that she had been a certified nurse’s aide at one time.

“That’s a professional ass wiper,” Fox explained. Fox said she had to go to school for six weeks to learn how to wipe an ass whereas Case pondered whether the “doctor” in the industry could do the same. Fox said if you ant to consider yourself just a home health aide you would have had to work in a nursing home for at least a year. “I’m not a doctor but I play one in porn,” Case replied in mock, somber tones.

Acknowledging that the HIV story had been done to death on KSEX, Case said he and Fox, nonetheless had some opinions on the subject. Case also mentioned, that, on their flight to LA from Dayton on Tuesday they saw Mary Carey in the Atlanta airport. Case claims Felicia heard the Mary Carey laugh.

“Sure enough there’s Mary and her no-necked husband carrying her bags heading the other way.”

For her part, Fox said it was hard being on the road and to have the HIV story break as it did. “People look at you like you have the fucking plague.” Fox had been dancing in Albany and Chicago, one week each. Case mentioned that in one instance Fox held a sucker between her teeth and when she leaned over the stage towards a fan to presumably stick it in his mouth, he got up and ran. Fox told girls on the road to expect having the fact that they work in the industry to be shoved in their face.

Fox shot her first-ever scene in September, 2000 and, according to Case, has been known since as a picky performer.

“Thank God,” states Fox who said that she works on her own terms and that she had been condom-only.

Fox also states that she and her entire family for that matter come from a medical background, laughing that she’d be 60 by the time she qualified to be a real doctor. “You and somebody else I could mention,” Case laughed. With that background, Fox was well aware that she was getting into a risky business.

“I thought there were certain ways to take a risky business and make it less risky,” she added. “I did things like stay condom-only for the first 2 1/2 years. When I got really comfortable with a certain amount of talent, I would do non-condom scenes.” To date, Fox estimates that she’s done 15 non-condom scenes out of maybe 100 features and has yet to do anal.

“I’ve been offered many times,” she said. “People want my first anal- never done it, held off.”

Fox said she had directors from very big companies, agents and companies telling her that she wasn’t going to get any work that there was no way she could make a name for herself for not doing interracial, anal and non-com.Before she had ever shot a scene, Case remembered Fox walking into the Sin City offices and talking to Raven.

“He flat out told you, he said if you’re condom-only, no anal, no interracial, you’re not going to work. He said if you’ll drop all that then we’ll consider offering you some type of a contract. And you weren’t willing. He even went so far as to call you a racist at that meeting. And that pissed you off because you’re not a racist.” [Raven denies all this happening.]

Fox said certainly not, and that the meeting really pissed her off. Fox said she had friends in the industry and they told her how to handle her first anal and interracial.

“People make a big deal out of that,” she said. “Don’t ask me why. It’s like your first facial. It’s how people react to it.”


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