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Crossover performer Michael Vegas pissed off agents won’t work with him

Michael Vegas performers in the gay world as James Oak.

In his gay porn, some of which you can watch on PornHub you’ll find Michael Vegas sucks cock, takes it in the ass and my favorite, licks another man’s ass hole.

That is the reason reputable agents don’t want to book their talent with him.

Michael Vegas feels that girls in mainstream porn should be forced to work with him, despite the fact that he’s done gay porn. Sorry butt fucker but girls have a right to say no.

Because he’s an active crossover, that puts him in the higher risk category and as a result some girls choose not to work with him.

What does he do? Gets all pissed off and starts calling girls that won’t work with him hookers.


Really? Because last I checked Darcie Dolce is with LA Direct and she doesn’t escort.

Last I checked Tori Black is with LA Direct and she doesn’t escort.

Last I checked Tasha Reign is with LA Direct and she doesn’t escort.

Last I checked Alexis Texas is with LA Direct and she doesn’t escort.

Last I checked Mia Malkova is with LA Direct and she doesn’t escort.

And even if they do, what is your point? Are you trying to slut shame them for being “hookers” because they don’t want to fuck a gay guy?

Let there be no confusion. Any male talent who also does gay porn is called a crossover and many many many female porn stars automatically put all crossovers on their no list for their own safety and well being. They consider their health more important than that.

Fact, men who practice receptive (take it up the ass), unprotected anal intercourse are at higher risk of contracting HIV.

Fact, 1 in 6 gay or bi-sexual men will be diagnosed with HIV in their lifetime.

Fact, gay and bisexual men are more severely affected by HIV than any other group in the United States.

Why would any porn chick knowingly have sex with anyone who puts them at a higher risk for getting HIV? That’s just stupid on their part. That’s why they put you on their NO list.  It’s because you let men fuck you in the ass. YOU ARE GAY.

Michael Vegas James Oak Gay Porn

Make no mistake about it, Michael Vegas does gay porn. Michael Vegas gets fucked in the ass by gay men.  As a result, that puts him at higher risk for HIV.


So since Michael Vegas seems to have such a big problem with “hookers” I say it’s time for him to put his money where his mouth is. We challenge him to put any and all girls who escort on his no list!

Maybe he man’s up and makes a public proclamation that he doesn’t want to work with any girls who escort – no matter which agency they are with.

I mean if you have such a problem with girls being hookers, do something about it.

Or is it really that the problem is with yourself? Are you really just pissed off because these girls you called HOOKERS don’t want to work with you because you put them at a higher risk for getting HIV?


Either you are trying to slut shame porn stars who don’t want to work with you or you take the high road and put all girls who escort on your no list.

Which is it Michael?



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  1. Wians did the same and took it even further and tried to wreck the careers of performers that wouldn’t work with him. he insisted that he wasn’t high risk and that a clean test proves that he’s safe but what if girls don’t want to work with these fags just because they find them gross? aren’t they entitled?

  2. wasnt Donny Long the one that publicly had a war with this faggot like he has with many and just like with many also threw this faggot from his closet exposing his gay porn name and real name and gay photos on PWL and had a war with him on twitter. I recall this faggot bragging that Donny couldnt hurt his work and that all girls loved to fuck him. LOL Guess God Long won again and kicked another faggot ruining his work just like he did to faggot Christianxxxx and all the other closet fags working in straight porn.

    1. They had many wars on Twatter. To Mikey’s credit, he stood his ground and made it interesting for awhile unlike faggy Wians who just blocks everyone without fighting back but I believe Donny got blocked by Vegas eventually, after he wore Vegas down and made him submit. Donny TKO.

  3. Dear Gene Ross this cross breed who was conceived when a neighbors chimpanzee and I decided to experiment. Sadly the Bi product of this diabolical shameful act was this perverted homosexual Michael Vegas and thats how he was conceived.
    He is long over due for a good ole time. ALL female talents should spread the gospel of his ways as a gay male prostitute who will sort after a good drilling by random faggots before his cross over porn scenes in order to pay for his much dreaded blood draw for talent testing.

    Please Santa rid this dangerous faggot from our midst by any means necessary

  4. It’s a double standard to be sure. “Mainstream” porn the females are expected to do a girl on girl scene but not the men. You de oratory label “faggy” is one of the main issues. Two of the most well know straight performers started by doing gay porn. Know I don’t think you should be “made” to have sex with someone,but where does it stop? I’ve heard many a female performer say they love men no matter what the color, but if studios find out that you’ve done interracial videos you get paid less and some studios won’t hire and certain performer won’t work with people of color!! Men/Women who have sex on film are a higher risk oh hiv/dtd’s just because of the sheer number of people they interact with. You take a job department store and say I sell the product but I not going to straighten the store. It’s part of your job. If you cant/won’t perform certain parts of it then you should change professions.The gay side many white male performers won’t with with black men.You are not thier for your exclusive pleasure. You are a entertainer and it’s part of your job. They are just as likely to get a disease from a partner who isn’t gay because again the sheer number of people your having sex with. People still think hiv is a”gay thing”. It’s not it doesn’t care about your race sex socialy economic background. I must say though your reference to him as a “faggot” certainly telling of your nature,upbringing.

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